Yonex Voltric ZForce 2 Badminton Racket Review


Voltric ZForce 2 is the successor to one of the most popular badminton rackets in the world. It was released in 2014 and is a favorite of many seasoned players. It was a racket of choice for Lee Chong Wei in 2014 while playing All-England Super Series. He even went on to win the title thereby skyrocketing the popularity of this racket.

Voltric ZForce 2 is a great replacement for its older version. It has a heavy-head which makes it suitable for advanced players. It features a slim shaft design and cuts through the air quickly. It promises better responsiveness to the players. It is still popular amongst singles and doubles players 6 years after its release.

Various special editions have been launched by Yonex owing to the popularity of this badminton model.

Yonex Voltric ZForce 2 Badminton Racket Review

FeatureEditor Score
Net Play8.4/10
Drop Shots8.1/10


  • Aerodynamic design and unique shaft head
  • Has the thinnest shaft offered by Yonex ever
  • Features tungsten grommet strips
  • Elegant design in a full black frame and blue decals
  • Swings fast and ensure solid smashes
  • Smooth and effortless maneuvering
  • Offers tremendous power to the players


  • Is not a budget-friendly option
  • Harder to hit sweet spots
  • Controlling becomes trickier while hitting high speeds

Material and Construction of Yonex ZForce 2

The noticeable feature in this Yonex racket is that it features an extra-slim shaft. Nanometric Carbon Technology has rendered this possible. It improves the shaft aerodynamics and promises stronger shots. This product is also known for being a sturdy offering.

The Control support cap also renders this design exceptional. The surface area has been increased by 88 percent in comparison to other competing rackets. This design also shines in terms of improvement of speed and grip while swinging the racket.

Various materials have been employed in the design to cut down the impact of soundwaves. The racket makes a loud wound when a contact is established between the shuttlecock and the badminton racket. The sound filter cuts down the vibration that may result in undesirable effects by 31 percent.

ZForce 2 is also equipped with Tri-Voltage System which is commonly noted in Yonex rackets. Owing to this technology, the speed is never compromised despite the head being heavy. You have better control and don’t end up losing your hitting power.

Key Features of ZForce 2

Voltric ZForce 2 is available in two versions. One version weighs 83 grams and the other weighs 88 grams. Both racket versions feature a G4 grip which is usually seen in Yonex rackets. This racket is stiff and is on the heavier side.

  • Cutting edge technology

Yonex rackets are known for their being designed with advanced technologies. The revolutionary tri-voltage system ensures faster swing and powerful shots.

  • Outstanding shaft

The shaft is stiff owing to the use of Nanometric carbon technology. This brings out a strong, ultra-thin and aerodynamic shaft. This enables you to deliver quick and strong shots. Voltric promises speed, power, and excellent shock absorption.

  • Superior accuracy

The tungsten infused grommet ensures superior accuracy in ZForce 2. It retains the shuttle on the string bed for a longer time. This enables the players to enjoy more power and precision.

Overall Performance

Yonex Voltric ZForce 2 badminton racket works smoothly and delivers superior performance.

  • Drives

This is where ZForce 2 actually shines. The cutting-edge technology employed in designing the shaft ensures quick drives. This makes it a great option for attackers. The stellar aerodynamics and design promise great drives to the users.

  • Smashes

ZForce 2 demonstrates its potential when you use it to smash. You can hit this shuttle violently with much ease owing to the great construction, heavy head, and incredibly designed shaft.

  • Net Play

Due to its superior power, this racket ensures outstanding net play. The net shots and net kills are delivered with accuracy and plenty of power.

  • Drop shots

The small head of ZForce 2 enables it to cut through the air swiftly. The shaft is stiff and helps the players feel the shot while making a contact.

Who can go for Voltric ZForce 2?

This racket is ideal for seasoned players who are looking for an advanced offering. This would make a perfect bat for aggressive players who desire excellent control and great smashes. It would also work if you love to swing fast. ZForce 2 is heavier and helps in delivering a powerful return.

This racket would also prove to be a great option for heavy-swingers. This is because much of the weight in this design is on the head. With the right gameplay and strong wrist, you can swing effortlessly with ZForce 2. If you desire superior power and speed from your badminton racket, then this is the design that you need to go for. The right use of advanced technology and superior designing offers an ultra-powerful and super-fast racket in the form of ZForce 2.

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In summary

Yonex has done a great job in designing Voltric ZForce 2. This badminton racket is simply powerful and is easy to maneuver. It is an ideal option for hard-hitters. This offering has been specifically designed to target advanced players. It is no wonder that it is a preferred choice of many seasoned players.

It has been in use despite 6 years since its release. This is a clear indication that it has the best features desired by an experienced badminton player. Despite being expensive, it lives up to the expectations of the players. The distinguishing features, aerodynamics, shaft design and use of advanced materials promise an incredible overall performance to the players. It is indeed one of the best badminton rackets available.



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