Yonex ASTROX 88 D/Y Badminton Racket Review 2021


ASTROX 88 is one of the latest offerings from Yonex. It has been uniquely designed to benefit doubles players. The makers claim that 88 D aims to assist the backcourt player and 88 S is targeted at enhancing the gameplay of the frontcourt player in a doubles match. 88D allows the backcourt player to dominate their opposition.

Despite being aimed towards doubles players, this Yonex racquet is also being preferred by singles players. Kento Momota, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo are smitten with this badminton racquet for its incredible design. Yonex ASTROX 88 utilizes a new dimension graphite material Namd. In the racquet, nanomaterials have been used to adhere to the graphite fibers directly. This produces a flexible shaft and promises explosive force while hitting shots.

ASTROX 88 features Rotational Generator System. This assists the players in delivering powerful smashes in the game. It can be used by both doubles and singles players owing to the heavy nature of the head. If you want to deliver smash after smash, then this racquet has been designed just for you.

Yonex ASTROX 88 D/Y Dominate Review


  • Offers more accurate control
  • Has more flex in the upper part of the frame
  • Transmits more power and enhances power and accuracy during attacks
  • Features a new shape that permits the shaft to flex
  • Weight is distributed uniformly throughout for maximum control
  • The transition between shots is smooth
  • Nanometric technology improves the bonding between the carbon fibers
  • Revolutionary lightweight racquet


  • Slower counter attacks

FeatureEditor Score
Net Play8.2/10
Drop Shots8.2/10

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Design Considerations

Yonex ASTROX has become a top choice of many of the leading badminton players in the world. Its specifications are quite desirable. It features good looks with half red and half black colorway on the head. It has a shiny finish.

The feel of this racquet is pretty interesting. It has a heavier head. However, the weight has not been restricted to the top of the frame. It has been distributed more evenly around the head. It is easily maneuverable and hits fast and strong. You can hit cool shots with this racquet without having to exert much pressure.

You can deliver shots time after time without feeling exhausted. The swing is fast and clean. You can generate good head speed without putting in much effort. Each shot carries a certain level of precision. Smash with this racquet is pretty decent but not comparable with heavier racquets. It shines when it comes to mid-court hitting. Flat drives are really easy to deliver.

This Yonex racquet has a solid feel and is easy to maneuver. The grip is pretty comfortable. You don’t have to exert much power to deliver great shots. It is well balanced with its Rotational Generator system technology. ASTROX 88 Dominate is exceptional when it comes to defense.

  • Rotational Generator System (RGS)

You don’t have to complain about the head-heavy balance with this racquet. RGS controls the transition between movements. You can instantly transition from one shot to another owing to this technology.

  • Namd Graphite

Namd is engineered graphite that makes this racquet much flexible. It delivers powerful swings. The innovative Namd graphite ensures extra flex and gives more power to the player. You are in complete control while using ASTROX 88. It flexes at the midpoint thereby allowing the string bed to transmit more power to the shuttle. If you are looking for accurate control, then this is the badminton racquet you need to opt for.

  • Nanometric Technology

This technology has made Yonex deliver a thinner shaft in comparison to the conventional sizes. This enhances the swing speed. The strongest players can feel the difference while hitting shots with this racquet.

Nanometric technology enhances the bonding strength between the carbon fibers used in designing this racquet. The racquet has been designed to be 60 percent thinner from any conventional racquet with this technology. The stiffness has been retained in the design for power hitting.

  • Isometric form

ASTROX 88 D has been designed considering back-court player in mind. It has a stiff shaft and features a head-heavy balance. It promises attacking power to players who love hitting powerful smashes. It features a 10mm long shaft that offers unparalleled power to the players. This racquet also features the new EB cap that enhances energy transfer from the player to the racquet by flexing the shaft in a single direction. This also reduces energy loss and twisting of the shaft.

The unique shape of the shaft enables it to flex. This stabilizes the racquet and also prevents the twisting of the shaft. The weight is distributed evenly for ensuring maximum control. The transition from one shot to another is smooth and effortless.

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Yonex ASTROX Performance

This racquet has been designed for backcourt players. The design is practical and doesn’t require the player to exert much effort. The design is clean and seems comfortable. Despite being less flexible, it is easy to maneuver with this racquet. It is perfect for delicate shots. The only thing with this racquet is that you need to be aware of the techniques to channel it well. Hence, it has been recommended for intermediate and advanced players.

This racquet has been designed to demonstrate stellar performance when it comes to smashes. A doubles game is pretty dynamic and requires a player to hit powerful smashes often to derail the opponent. This racquet has been designed for doubles play.

Who Can Go for ASTROX 88D?

This revolutionary racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players. It has been designed specifically for doubles players. It is versatile and promises better control while hitting shots. Power hitters would also love the feel of this racquet from Yonex.

In summary

If you love playing doubles, then you need to add this racquet to your collection right away. It feels great to use and is a pretty well-balanced racquet. It delivers exceptional performance whether you use it in the front, mid as well as in the backcourt. The thinner shaft stabilizes the racquet and ensures maximum control to the players. Yonex ASTROX 88 Dominate would make a great choice for advanced and intermediate players who have an aggressive style. Power hitters would absolutely love this racquet.



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