Wilson RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet Review – Should You Buy?

Wilson RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Co-designed by one of the greatest tennis players in the world, Wilson RF97 Autograph exudes a classic feel. It has been meticulously designed with unique textures and paint finish. The laser engraving and chrome touches make the design quite sophisticated. This racket comes unstrung.

RF97 is quite impressive when it comes to control, feel, and stability. It is believed to be one of the best volleying racquets available in the world. Despite having the heavier feel, the returns and serves with this racquet are quite exceptional. If you are looking for a blend of power and stability, then this is the racquet you need to consider.

Wilson RF97 features a vibrant mix of black and red colors. This will make your racquet stand out in the court. It is perfect for aggressive players. Its heavyweight and stiff frame don’t make it a suitable option for players with joint issues. RF97 has been specifically designed for advanced and intermediate players.

Wilson RF97 Autograph Racquet Review

FeatureEditor Score


  • Sophisticatedly engineering racquet design
  • Better control and stability
  • Classic, solid feel can improve the net game significantly
  • Volleys are easy to control and crisp
  • Enlarged sweet spot


  • Heavyweight
  • It requires a certain amount of practice to maneuver this tennis racquet effortlessly

Wilson RF97 Design Considerations

This racquet has been designed by the tennis legend, Roger Federer. This is available in two basic colors: Tuxedo Black and Black velvet. The racquet has been coated with an absorbing material and has laser engraving of the player’s signature. This product has been engineered in Chicago and designed with Roger Federer in Switzerland.

This racquet has a stiff frame which makes it transmit vibrations while hitting the ball. You can feel the vibrations as soon as you make a contact with the racquet. If you are used to flexible frames, then you will need some time in getting adjusted to this model.

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Advanced technologies used in designing

RF97 has been designed by using advanced and innovative technologies for amplifying the gaming experience on the court.

  • Amplifeel technology

This racquet promises an enhanced and cleaner feel to the players. It also comes with a customized handle system providing additional comfort to the players. The feel is solid.

  • Braided Graphite+Kevlar

Designing of Wilson RF97 ensures a consistent and solid feel that the players cherish. The construction is pretty sturdy. It also enhances touch and dampens vibrations upon making a contact with the ball with this racquet. It also promises greater control to the players.

  • Pro Staff Technology

This racquet has retained its classic Pro Staff technology noted in Wilson racquets. This offers a well-balanced approach to the design rather than sacrificing a particular desirable feature for another. This would tremendously benefit advanced tennis players who love control and consistency throughout in their game.

Head size

This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while investing in a tennis racquet. This model has a head size of 97 sizes which is one of the smallest sizes available. Usually, tennis racquets have a head size varying from 95-110 inches. The head size of this racquet offers more control to the players.

The length of his tennis racquet is 27 inches. This is the standard size available amongst tennis racquets. The weight is the most defining characteristic of Wilson RF97. It weighs 12.6 ounces. It is heavier in comparison to other tennis racquet models.

In this tennis racquet, you are generating power with your moves. You need a little practice to learn to swing with this racquet and to derive its full potential.

Balance and string pattern

Wilson RF97 doesn’t feature the traditional string pattern. It consists of 16 main strings and comes with 19 crosses. This pattern is considered to be partially open. The strings in the center make a pop when the ball makes contact with the racquet. This string pattern also imparts spin to each shot.

The focus of this racquet is on the control offered to the players. The head of the racquet has been kept light. This ensures easy to maneuver and control. This balance is perfect for any heavy frame.

Who Should Opt for Wilson RF97 Racquet?

Wilson RF97 has been primarily designed for intermediate and advanced players. Such players can easily upgrade their game by relying on this beautifully engineering racquet. RF97 offers complete control to the players. This enables them to upgrade their game in no time. Complete control is what makes RF97 a perfect racquet for aggressive baseline play. The heavyweight also assists in smashing the ball and in returning volleys.

If you are a beginner, you should probably rely on racquets with larger heads. This will help you play shots confidently and will also help you manage the handle with much ease.

In summary

Wilson RF97 is a great racquet for a strong attacking player who has mastered the techniques well. This is because it requires a certain amount of practice to channel this racquet to make spectacular power moves. This top-notch tennis racquet is perfect for intermediate and experienced players who want to level up their game.
Overall, Wilson RF97 Autograph tennis racquet is a classic offering that promises solid feel and optimal control to the players. The features are quite impressive.

This racquet is well balanced and promises a great performance to the players. It has been designed to assist the player during every facet of the game. This would prove to be a great choice regardless of whether you love to drive smashing shots or love to impart spin to your shot. It would prove to be a great companion on the tennis court.



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