Wilson Hyper Hammer Racket Review


If you are scouting for a smart tennis racket that gives you that perfect swing and stability to get your shots just as you would want it, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racket is worth a buy! There is a multitude of tennis rackets available in the market. This review is aimed at highlighting the details of the racket to enable tennis enthusiasts to make a comprehensive choice of whether or not to purchase it. 

FeatureEditor Score


  • It’s a lightweight racket 
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Can be used by all both beginner level and veteran tennis players
  • Offers a large sweet spot
  • The closed string goes well with players who prefer hitting flat shots. 


  • For new players who are yet to develop gusto in their swings, the power could send the ball out of line.
  • Not the perfect racket for players who prefer hitting the dink shots.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racket Review

The Wilson Hammer Tennis Racket is designed as a light-weight racket that and can be easily manoeuvered according to your style of play. This is one racket that can be used by both beginners as well as advanced tennis players. Intermediate level players who want to take their skill to the next level; this racket offers a combination of power and control.

The head size of the Wilson Hyper Hammer racket offers a delightful sweet spot. Encased in a light frame, the racket provides a lot of power even in its trifling package. The power is controlled and you will see all the serves and volleys easily coming through giving away a lot of pop. 

For beginners at tennis, it might be difficult to generate power on their own and this is where the racket can help. However, the design doesn’t go well with players who like to play longer swings as hitting a top slice shot could appear challenging. On the contrary, players with full or medium swings who prefer knocking the flat balls, the Wilson Hammer Tennis racket is just the right pick. Be it a short and high backswing or high follow-through, you will appreciate the way this racket can swing to your style.

Hitting a top spins isn’t difficult and this racket does allow players the control required for it, but it might just get hard to get them. So if you are looking to improve your playing techniques, the Wilson Hyper Hammer is a good choice to make. 

Features of Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

Find out more about how this racket is structured. It has a head size of 110. While this a little oversized, the handle and the shaft, on the other hand, are rather short. It is this large head size that offers a better sweet spot to the racket. With these, players don’t have to struggle to find the appropriate spot to hit the ball. The shots can turn out increasingly precise not only from the baseline but also at the net.

If you are playing against an advanced player, the off-centre shots can seem like a challenge on the Wilson Hyper Hammer racket. 

The Racket Length

An average tennis racket measures 27” in length while the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 provides an additional 1/2”. This provides extra leverage along with a better reach than any other standard tennis racket length would offer. 

If you think this makes the racket long, well, that’s not how it is. So you can manoeuvre it as required. 

Wilson Hyper Hammer: Weight, balance and string design of the racket

Yes, the weight of your tennis racket matters as it impacts the performance of your equipment. Heavier rackets offer more power and stability; thanks to the swing it provides. They also absorb more shock than the rackets that are of lighter build. This allows a better feel for the players. Players can enjoy better pace and depth as they play their preferred flatter strikes. 

If you like to handle volleys around the net, toss or generate positions that dip inside the line, a lightweight racket works in enhancing the manoeuvrability of the racket.

The Wilson Hyper Hammer tennis racket weighs 9 ounces. Unlike other stiffer frames, this is lighter but can give those a competition. The weight of this racket along with its oversized head and a little extended length improves its overall power.

The racket is designed especially for players who enjoy playing slower and shorter swings as this can enable more power generation.  

You can’t overlook the comfort it extends to the player’s arms and this is vital for players who like to play long sessions. It also works well for beginners who indulge in longer practice sessions. Playing with heavy rackets can lead to poor performance and also increase chances of injury and this racket handles this very well. 

The extra mass in the racket’s head allows the Wilson Hyper Hammer tennis racket to dispose of some weight without compromising on the power. A marginally larger head allows a greater hitting zone. 

The Hyper Hammer is patterned with a 16×20 string design. This makes it slightly difficult to generate substantial topspin. However, there’s an advantage of this as the closed string design works well with players who prefer hitting flat balls. It also enables amplified control of the tennis ball. The best part is that this pairs well with the slightly oversized head on the racket.

For doubles players, this racket is quite a forgiving one at the net. This also contributes to the extra power with which you can hit and return an explosive shot. 

Concluding Thoughts

Since ages, Wilson has been a prominent sports brand catering to tennis players from across the world. Their premium quality and innovation are evident in the Hyper Hammer tennis racket. Overall, this racket suits players of any age and level. The weight and balance of the racket attribute to its popularity. An affordable racket, it offers value for money.



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