Wilson Burn 95 Racquet Review


Wilson Burn 95 is one of the popular tennis racquets among all skill level players, but in case you sure whether to opt for it or not, then we have a complete Wilson burn 95 racquet review with editor scores, pros & cons.

FeatureEditor Score


  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Promises a unique feel
  • String pattern makes it quite responsive
  • Well-rounded racket
  • Easier to make contact with the ball
  • Promises comfort during the gameplay


  • The small head is perfect for advanced players but not for beginners

The Wilson Burn 95 Racquet: Introduction

Wilson Burn racket range has been designed for modern players who prefer hit backhands and forehands effortlessly. All the rackets in this range feature a black frame with orange highlights. It is ideal for a player with a counter-punching and attacking style. Most of the models in this series are fortified with spin effect technology. This makes it easier to hit powerful shots.

The Wilson Burn 95 is an ultimate tennis racket for players who are fond of control and versatility. The design has a solid feel. The length further translates into greater maneuverability and power. The head size ensures increased power and optimal control during the gameplay. Overall, it has a well-balanced set of features that promise better control, strength, and power.

Wilson Burn 95 has a conventional look and is seems comfortable to hold. It provides a standard grip to the players. The length and head have been designed to offer better power and control over a hit. This limited tour model has a consistent string pattern thereby promising good depth while hitting shots.

The flat beam and small head size promise increased power and optimal control to advanced players who prefer faster swing. The use of Basalt Fiber Technology ensures a consistent response from the string bed. The narrower shaft offers a secure grip. The frame is ideal for a baseliner who doesn’t want to sacrifice control but want to derive easy power from a racket.

Overall, this racket promises precision from the baseline. It is an ultimate combination of control and power. The balance point generates a lot of power while hitting shots. It is no wonder that it has been a racket preferred by Kei Nishikori.

Key Features of Wilson Burn 95 Racquet

  • High-performance carbon fiber design

The frame of this racquet has been designed using high-performance carbon fiber. This implies that it is strong and light at the same time. With this kind of design, your shots can be powerful and the racquet doesn’t feel heavy while playing the game.

  • Ease of comfort

The best thing about this racquet is that it promises a great level of comfort. Players tend to develop shoulder issues over time while playing tennis. The combination of frame design and the weight of the racquet play a crucial role. This is because if the combination is not convenient, then a player can develop aches and tennis elbow. Hence, it is essential to look into the design aspects before going with any design.

  • Greater precision

All expert players in the game of tennis will claim that accuracy is the most crucial factor for them while deciding on a racquet. There is no point in a racquet promising power if it doesn’t assist you in hitting accurate shots. Precision is an area where Wilson Burn racquets shine. This racquet gives complete control over the shots in the game.

  • Head size

Most of the tennis racquets are either elliptical or round. The shape of a racquet directly impacts your performance in the game. Elliptical racquets promise better control over the game. The shape of this racquet promises greater accuracy and power. The head size of this racquet is 95 inches and the length is 27.25 inches.

  • Balance and weight

This racquet has been designed from carbon fiber. It has a balanced weight and promises a unique feel to the players.

  • String pattern

Wilson Burn 95 racket has 20 horizontal and 16 vertical strings. This feature coupled with other aspects makes it a well-rounded offering. It is easier to make contact with the ball with this string pattern. The pattern renders the racquet quite responsive.

Who can go for this racket?

With its optimum weight, well-designed frame and small head, the Wilson Burn 95 racket is a great option for intermediate and advanced players. Beginners should go for a racket with a larger head. This is because such rackets come with large sweet spots. It delivers ultimate power and precision during gameplay. This is also a great racket for players suffering from joint pain.

This racquet is comfortable to use and also promises accurate shots. It has a great balance of accuracy, feel and power.


Loaded with accuracy and power, Wilson Burn 95 is a great tennis racket for those players who love to be in complete control. This bat is endorsed by Kei Nishikori. The slightly longer handle makes it convenient to hit strokes. It promises greater maneuverability. The racket is stable and a perfect midsize racket.

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