Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet Review


Wilson is one of the most renowned brands out there that produce amazing tennis racquets. The Blade 98 Countervail model is one of the best selling racquets along with Wilson RF97, Burn 95, etc.. The new countervail technology does deliver everything that it promises in words. Unlike most other brands that fail to deliver on court what they propose, Wilson gets this one right with Blade 98 model.

This racquet is a go-getter and pretty much everyone would be happy using it. Beginners might struggle a little due to a slight lack of power. This racquet is sure to please intermediate and advanced players who like to win. The racquet offers good stability, comfort, and durability. It is lightweight and a balanced combo of power and control. 

Here is the complete review of the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet.

Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Review

Overall, the Blade 98 Countervail is an amazing racquet. Here are the key good and bad features of Wilson Blade 98.


  • The racquet is surprisingly lightweight to play fast swings.
  • It offers great control on shots and significantly improves the accuracy.
  • The Countervail structure absorbs shocks for smooth hits.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The unique 16×19 strings pattern offers amazing topspin.
  • The gripper string technology improves dampening effects.


  • Control dominated power and therefore, players miss the power in strikes.
  • It has a smaller sweet spot.

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Specifications of Wilson Blade 98

While some of the features are pretty standard, other specifications are unique. It has a small head of size 98 square inches. This is a standard size for racquets of this type. It corresponds to a small sweet spot. It has a 3pt head light balance. A think beam of width 21 mm is made of strong materials that account for a light yet strong frame.

The racquet comes unstrung. After completing a 16×19 0r 18×20 string pattern, it weighs 11.3 oz. This seemingly heavyweight racquet does not feel heavy at all while playing. It has an average stiffness of about 52%. It is 27 inches long, an ideal length for players of any level. The racquet uses tension around 54 pounds for the best results.

More details about Wilson Blade 98

First, let’s discuss the look of the racquet. It simply looks amazing. The colour combination of neon green and black is quite alluring. To top that, the shiny finish makes the product look spectacular. It is carefully designed to deliver amazing game results. The think beam and heavy handle design go well with black and green colour combination. The racquet will definitely catch the attention of others when you pull it out on the court.

However, it weighs over 11 oz, the racquet feels surprisingly light while playing. This is due to the fact that it features a 3 pt head light balance. A lighter head or heavier handle corresponds to a lighter feel while playing full, fast swings. A unique composition of braided graphite and basalt helps the head of the racquet remain light albeit strong.

The length of the racquet is pretty standard at 27 inches. However, it has a long handle which enhances the manoeuvrability. It helps a player to reach farther to make contact with the ball. The racquet uses a comfortable grip called Wilson Sublime that offers balanced tractions and comfort. The perforated surface helps to keep sweat away which lets you have a strong grip for hours of play. 

Wilson Blade 98 Countervail racquet is designed to minimise the vibrations produced on a hit. This enhances the stability and thus, the accuracy. The racquet focuses primarily on control. Therefore, it lacks some power but offers excellent control. With a thin, light head, Wilson Blade 98 helps play quick full swings. The racquet is suitable for intermediate to advanced level players.

Special features of Wilson Blade 98

The racquet uses impressive Countervail technology. It makes use of additional carbon fibres. This keeps the frame of the racquet light in weight. Also, it helps to absorb the shock waves produced when the ball strike the frame. This helps a player to play faster swings. Also, it prevents muscle fatigue and stress when players play for hours. Another notable feature is the unique composition of braided Graphite and Basalt.

Which playing style is the best suitable with Wilson Blade 98?

If you are a player who has a knack for controlling the game, this is the right racquet for you. It can be used pretty much at any level to dominate any type of game. However, it lacks some power and due to a small sweet spot requires good skills to make the best of it. The racquet offers outstanding accuracy. Therefore, it is an awesome option for players who love to play on the net. It aims to help players master full, fast swings.

Who should use Wilson Blade 98?

Since the racquet has a small sweet spot and does not offer plenty of power, it is not the right option for beginners. To play with Blade 98 requires you to be naturally good at basic tennis skills. It works like a charm for intermediate and advanced players who are keen to improve the control and rule the game.

Wilson Blade 98 Review: Summary

In a nutshell, the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail is an excellent racquet. It boasts the latest countervail technology that works as efficiently on the court as described on the papers. It uses a unique composition of braided Graphite and Basalt that gives it a light head balance. The material also happens to be one of the strongest frames. This helps a player who likes to play fast swings.

The racquet is sufficiently long to increase the manoeuvrability. It uses sublime grip that offers a firm, comfortable grip. Countervail technology reduces the shock produced when the ball hits the racquet. This lets players play for a longer session without getting fatigued. Blade 98 is known for its ability to enhance control. To top it all, the green and black colour racquet look very appealing. 

Without a doubt, the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet is a great choice for intermediate to advanced players.



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