Wiffle Ball Rules & Field Dimensions: Ultimate Guide


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Wiffle ball is a fun sport that mimics baseball, softball, and stickball. Unlike other serious sports, you can play Wiffle ball game in your lawn, backyard, and even on the streets. The ease of this game is great that even a broom handle can come handy to play the game, in case a Wiffle ball bat is not readily available. Also, the size of the playing field is optional and open to the choice of the players and the quantum of space available. But a minimum dimension of 20 feet in width is recommended for players to run efficiently. Let us discuss how the game is played and the field dimensions in detail here.

How to Play the Wiffle Ball Game?

One best aspect of this Wiffle ball game is that it is a very flexible game and you are open to customizing all parts of the game starting from the play equipment to the field size and the number of the players. The minimum number of players to play the Wiffle ball game is two, however, the maximum number of players who can compete is about ten. There should be an equal number of players on the batter side and the pitcher side. When a full team comprising of ten players are playing, there are captains for each side. And the team is divided into the catcher, pitcher, double area fielder, home run area fielder, triple area fielders. The position of the fielders is fixed when a full tea is playing and they cannot move from double area to triple area and vice versa. 

The game is played with one team on the bat and the other team doing fielding. The rules of the Wiffle ball game are similar to baseball, but there is no base running. The batter is deemed out if,

  • He swings at a pitched ball
  • Fly balls that are caught in the foul area
  • Caught balls in motion

There are nine innings to play the game. Three outs to retire a side per inning. Additional innings can be attempted when there is a tie. 

The equipment required to play the Wiffle ball game is also simple. The bats that are used in a league play must be of regulation size yellow Wiffle bats. The ball should be of the typical size Wiffle balls with holes in them.

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The Scoring System of the Wiffle Ball Game

  • Single markers are made 24 feet from the home plate till the foul line.
  • Double markers are placed 20 feet behind the single markets
  • Triple markets are placed 20 feet behind the double markets.
  • Balls that are hit past the triple marker and are not caught, constitute a home run.

The balls hit in the respective areas, without getting caught constitute a single, double, triple, and the home run area respectively. There is no actual base running and the batting team should keep track of the imaginary runners. To the base, the player should hit the ball successfully in one of the zones, without the ball being caught. All the players on the base and the batter will score the game.

General Rules and Regulations of the Wiffle Ball Game

  • The Wiffle ball game consists of 7 innings or can be played for 60 minutes, whichever is earliest. 
  • The choice between the home team and the visiting team is made with the help of a coin flip.
  • There is a run limit of ten runs per team and per inning.
  • The team that is ahead by ten or more points will be declared as the winner.
  • The teams will pitch to themselves and a bats man will have a maximum of three pitches to hit the ball.
  • If the ball is not put into play in any of the three pitches, then he is declared out. Pitches can either be overhand or underhand. 
  • Defensive players should not throw the ball at the batter or runner to get them out.
  • The runner should not leave the bae until the pitched ball crosses the home plate or has contacted the batter.
  • Teams can bat as many players as they want, but play only 7 players in the field at a time. The teams can however substitute players one for one.
  • There is no bunting and sliding and if the runner slides, then he is declared out.
  • The team that is defending should field a player at the position of the catcher. The rest of the fielders can be positioned anywhere behind the pitcher.

Wiffle Ball Field

There is no actual official dimension for a Wiffle ball field if you are playing the game in your backyard. But for professional and regulation grade play, the dimensions of the court are as follows,

  • There should be a space of 35 feet between the bases and 50 feet between the home run and second
  • The Pitcher’s mound should be 42 feet from the home plate
  • The right and the left-field foul poles with be 95 feet from the home plate
  • The straightaway centerfield is 105 feet.
  • There are arcs at 15 feet, 45 feet, 65, and 85 feet to indicate the single, double and triple areas respectively.

The distance between the home base to the nearest fence or any other obstruction on the fair region should be not less than 80 feet. The pitcher’s mound will be 40 feet from the back top of the home zone. 


Only white color Wiffle balls will be used for the game. Plastic Wiffle ball bats will be supplied for recreational and tournament-level games. The bats are hollow core plastic with a hollow diameter of not greater than 2 inches. Bats should not have any sweet spots. Grips are allowed on the bat handle up to 10 inches from the bottom. Batters can wear batting gloves, but baseball gloves are not allowed.

Final Words

Wiffle ball is a fun sport, and though it started as a backyard game, it has gained recognition as an important recreational and tournament grade game of late. But with the help of simple equipment like chalk and paint, home plate, pitcher plate, and measuring tape, you can create a Wiffle ball ground in your lawn and start playing the game.



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