Volleyball Serving Tips: A Brief Guide


Anybody who knows the volleyball game learns that the service is their ultimate offensive weapon. It is important to get the service right to survive the game and to score points for one’s team. But serving the ball from the boundary line over the net is not everybody’s piece of cake. It does take considerable training and practice to pass the ball over the net and here are our proven tips to help you serve your best.

Volleyball Serving Tips

Pre-requisites for an Optimal Serve

Learning and mastering a tough overhand serve enhances the playing time and makes a team very tough for the opponent. While serving in the volleyball game, though the hands make the ultimate contact with the ball, there are other pre-requisites to make it exceptional.

  • Maintain adequate positioning of the feet.
  • The body should be aligned in such a way that the lower body and the movement of the core work together.
  • The player should learn and practice a consistent serve toss
  • Maintain the best hand contact with the ball for a successful overhead serve.
  • The players should always serve a purpose. Though the ball may not always go where they want to, they should aim for the person and the place in the opposing team’s court before serving.
  • Servers should try to serve the ball hard and flat and refrain from aiming too high to get the ball in.

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A Brief Introduction to Volleyball Serving (Proven Tips and Tricks)

1. Stand appropriately to achieve balance:

Before serving, players have to keep their foot appropriately, the right foot behind the left, so that the right foot is perpendicular to the left and the two-foot are at least 4-5 inches apart. The players should stay comfortable and balanced, to not fall over and serve appropriately.

2. Keep the foot pointed:

Players who are attempting to serve should keep their left foot in the exact direction, they wish to serve. They have to point their hips, left foot, and upper body straight ahead to serve down the line.

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3. Facing the target:

 Before serving, the players should face their target. Some players also point at one spot and serve in another direction to fake out the serve. But this technique hardly works out and thus faking the serve will only get the player off the balance and increases their chances of losing a point.

4. Create a serve ritual:

Players who are getting ready to serve should toss the ball the same way, every time they serve. They have to create a ritual to toss the ball each time they serve so that they don’t rush it. Also, they will have enough time to concentrate on the ball and aim at their target precisely.

5. Keep the elbows up at all time:

While serving, players should keep their elbow high, and above the ear. This technique has proven to enhance their chances of clearing the ball over the net. As the net of the volleyball court is suspended at the height of 9 feet, this technique of drawing the arm back floats the serve seamlessly over the net every time.

6. Move forward while serving:

As you keep the elbows up, also make sure to move forward while attempting the serve. Place the front foot, shoulders, hips in one straight line with that of the ball and the direction of your serve. This helps in enhancing velocity and creating more force in the serve. All the energy will be channelized in one direction that enhances the ball speed and gives a tough serve for the opponent. This is far better in achieving success, rather than keeping the body parts in different directions.

7. Shifting the bodyweight:

Before serving, the players should shift the body weight from the back foot to the front foot after tossing the ball. When this movement combines with the arm swing, it will give the ball its needed momentum to get over the net. Players have to take advantage of the space behind the service line and move forward to give the ball and excellent float over the net. Players can also jump to float a serve to get the ball over the net at a higher speed.

8. Work on the magic spot:

Players should toss the ball with an open-palmed left hand, at least two feet above the head. It is important to have one foot in front of the other. The ball is tossed in the left hand and hit on the right hand. This technique will also keep the body balanced to help transfer weight from the back foot to the front foot. 

9. Serving the ball from corner to corner:

To get the ball to go as fast as possible is to serve it from corner to corner, either 1-1 or 5-5. This technique will give the players as much court to serve as possible. Also, when beginners start playing the game, helping them to aim from corner to corner gives them more confidence to handle the point.

10. Relax before a serve:

Before serving, players should take a deep breath to keep them relaxed. This also helps them to swing fast forward and sent the ball as far as possible rendering a tough serve for the opponents. Deep inhalation and exhalation can also be practiced in-between the toss and strike motions as well.

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Bottom Line

Volleyball is played between two teams of six players in each team in a rectangular court. The court is divided into two halves by a net that is stretched between two poles that are fixed on either side of the court. The main objective of the take is to try and make the ball touch the ground on the opponent’s side. The teams will score a point when the opponent team loses a rally or when the serving person loses the serve by hitting the ball beyond the boundary line. It is thus important to learn the serving technique correctly to score games for the team and render a tough competition for the opponent.



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