Volleyball Scoring System: How to Keep Score in Volleyball


Volleyball is a physically challenging game and it is fairly interesting to play as well. It is also fairly easy to keep up the scores of the game and learning how to keep up the scores helps players to get involved in the game completely and efficiently. Let us discuss the scoring system of this game and how points are generally awarded in volleyball.

How to Keep Score in Volleyball

Scoring System in the Volleyball Game

In the volleyball game, points are awarded for one team when the other team is unable to return the ball over the net and the ball hits the floor. But there are exceptions to this rule such as a fault in the game and when the referees deem the play as undecidable, owing to coach confrontation. 

When one team wins a point, they score and also get the chance to serve the ball. There is no limit on the number of serves a person gets. Their chance to serve will be over after their opponents score a point. When the opponent loses the rally and the team gets their chance to serve, they will rotate positions and the next person will get their chance to serve. This also allows everyone in the team will get their chance to serve during the game.

Volleyball matches are played for 25 points and the winning team should be ahead of the other team by two points at the end of the game. The server calls the score (first their score and then the score of the opponent) before making a serve. In competitive adult matches, five sets are played and the final 5th set or the tie-breaker game is played for 15 points.

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When Will the Scores be Given in the Volleyball Game?

There are a few ways that the players can score points in the volleyball game. But ultimately, the aim is to make the opponents lose to score for their team. One most important way to accumulate points for one’s team is through the serves. The serves that are sent over the net result in volleys. If the players are unable to serve the ball, or if the server gets wild and out of the bounds then the other team will get a point and the chance to serve.

Players can also leverage only on their serve to score a point. The player making the server can find a weak spot on the court where is weak coverage. Serving at this zone at an excellent angle can result in powerful punches and scores for the serving team. If the serving team doesn’t pass the ball over the net or if it doesn’t return the rally from the opponent’s team, then the opponent team will score a point. And the opponent team will also get their chance to serve the ball.

1. Scoring the Volleyball Match with the Help of Spikes

Spikes are one of the best ways for a team to earn a point, especially when it is made at a time when the opponents are unattentive. The players of one team can have the ball in the air with three shots before passing to the opposite side of the net. During a spike, one of the players will keep the ball in the air at a higher level, and another player runs and jumps in the air to hit the ball to the opponent’s side of the court. 

Such high power hits are tough to handle and help the playing team to gain a point. Of the 9 players in the team, few players will be trained in handling and defending spikes. Their blocking and defending moves will favor their team.

2. Blocks as a Means to Score Points

Blocks are measures to stop spikes. When the opponent team senses that they are going to receive a spike, two of their players will move up to the level of the net. They will jump with their hands straight up to block the spike from coming over the net. Such actions will ricochet the ball into the team that attempts spikes, and they can return the ball within three chances that are given to them. Just like spikes, teams can also score with the help of blocks.

Rotations in Volleyball Game

The players of the team rotate whenever they get a serving chance and when their opponents lose a rally. It is also easy for teams to get out of rotation, thus enhancing confusion. But players have to remember their serving positions to reduce confusion. Also, the people who are keeping the books watch the serving order. If the teams are not serving in order, then the serving team will lose their serve. 

Ways in Which Teams Lose their Points

1. Hitting the net: This is one of the commonest ways that lets a team to lose its points. The serves and rallies should not touch the net as it is considered a fault and gives points for the other team. Teams should stay close to the net and still maintain a safe volleying distance to avoid this fault. The ball can hit the net and move to the opposite side of the court, the players can continue the game until the ball hits the floor.

2. Hitting double or extra: Hit count is a major aspect of the volleyball game. Each side is permitted with three hits and the player is not allowed to hit the ball twice consecutively. One player can hit the ball twice in a set, spike, or bump. If the ball doesn’t go over the net in three hits, then the opposing team gets their point. 

3. Going beyond the boundary line: The ball must remain inside the lines during the game. If the ball hit by a team doesn’t land inside the court, then the opponent team will be given the point and the chance to serve.

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The game will be watched over by the main referee and a second referee, a scorer, and two-line judges to umpire an official volleyball tournament. The rules will be upheld by the main umpire who will also announce the scores and their decision is deemed final.



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