Volleyball Rules: How to Play Volleyball?


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Being the best spectator sport, volleyball is an awesome game packed with bumps, thrills, spikes, and sets. To win the volleyball game, players need power, endurance, and athleticism. For beginners, there are ample ways to know the game and give the best shot. The adrenaline-packed game is exciting and thrilling for ones watching and playing. Here are a few basics about volleyball games and their rules. 

How to Play Volleyball?

Volleyball Rules

The game starts with a coin toss to pick the team to serve. The team that loses decides on the side of the court to play on. Every team holds about six players in the starting line-up and substitutions are present too. It is the initial line-up of the game that represents the rotational order. This order is to keep an eye on all through the set. 

If any discrepancies are found between the official line-up and player’s position, the faulty team must revert as per the line-up sheet. In that way, the opponent team receives a serve as well as a point. From the fault moment, the point scored by the fault team till the discrepancy is canceled.

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Game start

The serving team initiates the game with a serve. The opponent team must return the ball with not more than three contacts. The first contact is a pass of the ball towards the setter. The setter passes the ball to the attacker or hitter. Finally the hitter spikes or hits the ball over the net for a concluding attack. 

The defense team works to avert the ball from landing in the court utilizing blocking. Once the ball passes the blocking move, the defensive team players try to control the ball with a dig. Once dig is successful, the defensive team becomes offensive. The back and forth play with the ball is termed as a rally. This continues until the ball drops in the court within the boundary on either side or till any mistake happens. Few usual errors are ball dropping outside the boundaries or failure in returning the ball to the opponent within three contacts. 

Point gain is possible as the ball touches the floor within boundaries or at times of mistakes. At times of mistake, the opponent team gains a point, though they aren’t the present serving team. The ball is taken as in, though it hits the boundary line and points are given to the team that hit the ball. To play a ball, players can move outside the court over the boundary line for maintaining the play. 

The winning team serves the next point. If the won team served the previous point, the same player can serve again. In case the winning team that won the score did not serve the previous point, the serving team players rotate the positions in the clockwise direction in the court.

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Volleyball Rules and Regulations

Here are a few pointers of the rules and regulations to follow while playing volleyball.

  • There are six players on each side of the court. Three players are stand in the front row next to the net and three as the back row. 
  • The touches per side permitted if three. This means that the players hit the ball thrice before being hit over the net. 
  • The game intends to hit the volleyball to the opponent team and the team cannot hit back the ball to your side. 
  • The server begins every game, who serves the ball from one side to the other side of the court. 
  • As the receiving team wins the volley, they obtain the right to serve for the next play. The players in the receiving team rotate in the clockwise direction. 
  • There is a point gain as the opposite team is not able to return the ball within three hits, or when the ball drops in the court. Wining the volley is possible in this way. 
  • When any team hits the ball to the opponent’s court then there is a point and volley gain.
  • Only if the ball drops on the ground within the painted boundaries, points are gained. When the ball hits the boundary line then points are given to your team. In case the ball falls outside the boundary line, then points are given to the opponent team.

Volleyball Violations

If any volleyball rules below are violated, the opposing team earns a point.

  • If the player steps across or on the serving line while serving. 
  • Illegal contacts such as lifting, double touching, throwing, and carrying the ball are not permissible. 
  • Failing an attempt of serving the ball to the opposing team gains a point for the opponent team. 
  • While the ball is in play, players contacting the net are illegal. 
  • The back row players blocking is illegal. When the back row players are near the net, then it’s an illegal block. It is also illegal as the back row player part of the body is above the net’s top while opponents attack. 
  • The back row player attacking the front row is a violation too. 
  • Players attacking the ball while the ball is still on the opponent’s side are illegal. Attacking the ball is permissible only after the ball passes the vertical plane net. 
  • It is also illegal to attack a ball when your opponent has not utilized the three contacts.


These are a few aspects you need to know to play volleyball and excel in the game. These are basic rules and violations to start playing the game. By remembering these points and getting into the court, the gameplay would be a thrilling one. It is also mandatory to avert violations as you may gain points easily to the opponent team. Volleyball enthusiasts can hence start their game with a clear understanding of volleyball rules and violations. This sport is for fun, professional too. Get going and play a smart game to attack your opponent.



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