Volleyball Court Dimensions: What’s the Volleyball Court Size?


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Volleyball is an excellent team sport by two teams with a ball and net. The game is thrilling and loads of fun to play. Volleyball is an Olympic sport and has competitive leagues too. To play a good game, it is mandatory to understand the court’s dimensions. The volleyball court dimensions are an important factor that has an impact on the game too. Let’s glimpse through the volleyball court dimensions in a detailed manner. 

Volleyball Court Dimensions 

Volleyball Court Dimensions
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The specifications of a volleyball court are 18 meters (60 feet) long and 9 meters (30 feet) wide. The court dimensions present the court to be rectangular and symmetrical. The centerline in the volleyball court partitions team sides. Each team side is 9 by 9-meter area of court space. The center of the court has a one-meter wide volleyball net that runs sideline to sideline. A 2.43 (11 5/8 inches, 7 feet) meters height net is usable for men’s volleyball competition at the center from the court ground. A 2.24( 7 feet, 4 ¼ inches) meter height net is usable for women volleyball competition.

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Zones and Areas

Attack line: The volleyball court has zones or areas that have particular dimensions. On each side of the net, there is a 3 meter parallel line. This is a key feature of a volleyball court known as the 10-foot line or attack line. The key aspect of an attack line is that it divides the court into the back and front row area. The key intention of the attack line is to help the back row players to attack the ball. There is also another imaginary attack line that extends the free zone area. There are six players in the team with three front row players and three back row players. 

Substitution zone: This zone lies nearby both the attack lines, leading close to the scorer’s table. 

Service zone: In the volleyball court, the service zone lies beyond each end line. The service zone sideways is limited by 2 short lines each measuring 15 cm lengths. This is the side line’s elongated segment drawn about 20cm outside the end line. These short lines add to the thickness of the service zone. The depth of the service zone is restricted by the edge of the free zone. 

Free zone: This is the free zone around the court that allows players to make a play on the ball.

Lines in the Court 

The lines in the volleyball court are within 5-meter width. The court lines are white and varied from the other lines in the court. 

Boundary lines: There are two end lines and sidelines in the volleyball court. It is present within the court measurements of the playing area. 

Centerline: The line’s axis in the middle, divides the volleyball court size into two equal parts. The spread of the center is in such a manner common equally by both the segments of the court. The form beneath the net, the line stretches from one sideline to the other. 

The attack line: From 3 meter of the center of the axis line, the attack lines back end is visible. This presents the front zone. In the world, FIVB, and official competitions, the attack line is drawn-out by combining broken lines from sidelines. These are 5 short lines each measuring 5cm wide. The lines when added make a length of 1.75 meters. 

Libero replacement zone: The Libero replacement zone is the free zones portion that appears on the side edge of team benches. The specialty of the zone is that they are bound by attack lines up to the end lines. 

Penalty area: 1*1 meter is the dimension of the penalty area and has two chairs. The location of this area is within the control area and outer to the end line. With a 5 cm, this area is bounded by a red line. 

Warm-up area: A 3*3 dimensions are followed for the warm-up zone by the world, FIVB, and official competition. The warm-up area lies on the corners of both benches, outside the free zone. 

Net Structure 

The net in the volleyball court is about 1m wide and has a length of about 9.50 to 10 meters. The mesh is a 10 cm square black mesh. During official, world, and FIVB competitions, the mesh is mainly for advertisement reasons. There is a 7cm wide band made of white canvas that has holes on either side. This makes the cord easy to pass through and the cord stands firm too. You can also find a 5cm wide band that lies below the horizontal one and maintains the firm with the help of a thread. 

Measuring volleyball net height

The measurement of net height is from the center of the net. It is important to note that the net sides aren’t more than ¾ inch than regular height. The antenna should be about 32” tall from the top of the net.

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The Bottom Line 

The dimensions of a volleyball court are vital and mark the best gameplay. The positioning of players and gameplay is complete and perfect with a perfect volleyball court built with proper dimensions. Hence all aspects in a volleyball court such as net, poles, areas, and lines follow official dimensions. A successful volleyball game is successful by following the rules and proper guidelines during the making of the court.



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