Top 3 Best Upstreet Pickleball Paddles 2021 – Reviews & Comparison


Pickleball has grown to be a favorite sport among people of all ages, as it paves an excellent pass time, good exercise for the muscles and serves as an excellent leisure time activity. All the game requires is a pair of paddles, two or four players, and a good Pickleball. There are several brands of Pickleball paddles, of which Upstreet is a leading name. 

Upstreet consists of a team of young entrepreneurs who work with the mission of delivering the best customer experience in the market. They want to serve the game with the help of their high-quality Pickleball paddles that are available at a very affordable and reasonable cost. Let us discuss the top three best Upstreet Pickleball paddles here along with their detailed specifications. 

Best Upstreet Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best Upstreet Pickleball PaddlesWeightPrice
#1. Upstreet Alpha Pickleball Paddle8.6 oz.Check Price Here
#2. Upstreet Polypro Honeycomb Pickleball Paddle8.6 oz.Check Price Here
#3. Upstreet Doodle Pickleball Paddle8.6 oz.Check Price Here

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Top 3 Best Upstreet Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Upstreet Alpha Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

This is one of the best and professional Pickleball paddle that features graphite and a polymer honeycomb core. It has USAPA approval and has been designed to render the best balance between power and control. These paddles are known to absorb sweat to render the best game for hours together. This high-quality Pickleball is available at a reasonable cost. 

This honeycomb paddle shows a unique cell structure and its core has three orientations, reforming its properties for the good. Thus, you can be sure of the performance of these paddles as they strive to strike the perfect equilibrium between power and control.

Its unique polypropylene honeycomb core has a unique plastic blend as well for better control, large sweet spot, and less vibration while tossing the ball. The paddles are complimented with a neoprene Pickleball paddle cover, that compliments its looks. These paddles are lightweight, soft-edged, responsive, and feature a widespread surface contact, good enough to give the opponent a tough game plan. 


  • Great looking paddle with optimal performance and a reasonable cost.
  • Seems great on the hand and strikes the perfect balance between power and control
  • Ideal paddle for sweaty hands and hot playing conditions, as it absorbs sweat consistently.


  • The length of the paddle handle is a little longer, and people with small hands may find this difficult to hold.

#2. Upstreet Polypro Honeycomb Pickleball Paddle

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These graphite Pickleball paddles from Upstreet are lightweight, soft edges, extremely responsive, and feature a wide surface for efficient impact on the ball. It is considered as one of the best paddles for the game and renders the best balance between power and control. It features a large sweet spot and is perfect for efficient gameplay for intermediate and professional Pickleball players. 

These professional pickleball paddles come in pairs and are offered with a protective paddle cover. All of the paddles are quality checked and assured of zero defects and blemishes. The product has a 12 months guarantee against defects from its manufacturers. The best feature of these paddles from Upstreet is its unique honeycomb cell structure. Some unique specifications of these paddles are as follows.

  • Graphite paddle face
  • Paddle length is 15.75”
  • The weight of the paddle is 8.6 oz.
  • Standard edge guard
  • Handle length is 4.75”
  • Width of the handle is 4.25”
  • Micro-dry smooth grip.

These paddles offer a crisp feel when playing, and its players love it for this feel, that mirrors their hitting style. Its micro-dry comfort grip helps in dissipating sweat and features a thick foam backing for added softness.



    • Slightly heavy paddle and weighs 8.6 oz.
    • The paddle can get a little noisy with heavy play

    #3. Upstreet Doodle Pickleball Paddle

    Check Price

    These professional paddles have all the features that an ideal Pickleball paddle should possess. They are made of graphite, their core is honeycomb based, they are lightweight and they are approved by USAPA. These wide framed Pickleball paddles are designed to strike an excellent balance between control and power. And thus these paddles are sanctioned to be a part of the national Pickleball tournaments. The length of the paddle is 10.8 inches in length with a grip size length of 4.75 inches. 

    As these paddles absorb sweat efficiently, with the help of their reputable grip, they can be used for matches in hot and humid weather conditions. Its micro dry comfort grip has perforations to dissipate sweat. The grips with its clasp+ hand comfort support help with excellent wrist actions without slipping. The ripple of the paddle, the junction between the grip and the face is high and tight to attend the ball efficiently. In short, these are some of the best and the high-end Pickleball paddles that are available at an affordable cost. The paddle is available in a beautiful floral pattern against a plain white paddle surface and is good enough to meet the style requirements of players. 


    • Beautiful design and floral patterns on the paddle.
    • Tournament grade USAPA approved paddles
    • Renders a supportive cushion with sweat absorption.
    • It comes with a paddle cover for protection.


    • The handle is a little longer
    • The paddle surface doesn’t hold up well for hard games

    Unique Features of Pickleball Paddles from Upstreet

    The Pickleball paddles from Upstreet feature a honeycomb construction along with a unique cell structure comprising of three orientations, making its assembly more uniform and distinct from others. Players can be sure that their paddle from Upstreet renders them the most optimal mechanical performance with the perfect equilibrium between control and power.

    Its core consists of a polypropylene honeycomb composite with a unique plastic blend, which is one of the kind in the industry of Pickleball paddles. Such a core renders the best control, a large sweet spot, and less vibration for the players. The paddles from Upstreet are USAPA approved. They comply with the official rules and restrictions of the board and still can offer their paddles at an affordable cost. 

    The paddles from Upstreet are available in different colors and ensure that everyone can find a paddle that suits their style. Also, these paddle grips are designed to render a supportive cushion, along with sweat absorption properties, to offer long hours of consistent play. These paddles are known to generate exceptional power with every single serving action, allowing the players to achieve more speed and accuracy with every toss, without losing control over the ball.

    All of these paddles undergo a series of thorough inspection and are examined for an excellent surface impact. All of the paddles are delivered after inspection for defects and blemishes and are also guaranteed to be at their best condition and free of defects for at least 12 months of use. These paddles are also equipped to ensure long stints of the game, irrespective of the skill level of the player and the nature of the game. These paddles are good to be used for both indoor and outdoor games.

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    Top Pickleball Paddles Available at Upstreet

    1. Upstreet Alpha: These paddles are lightweight, extremely responsive, have soft edges, and a wide surface for superior contact with the ball. They come with a complimentary paddle cover.

    2. Upstreet Nova: These paddles consist of polypro honeycomb composite which is regarded as one of the best paddle core in the Pickleball game. It offers the perfect balance between power and control and has a large sweet spot, and is ideal for intermediate players and professionals.

    3. Upstreet Doodle: This is a professional graphite Pickleball paddle with a beautiful design. It features the best qualities that a paddle should possess and is still available at an economical cost.

    4. Upstreet silver fox: This is again a tough graphite Pickleball paddle from Upstreet with the superior surface, excellent edge guard, and a broad sweet spot.

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    Upstreet Pickleball Paddles FAQs

    Do these paddles come with a cover?

    Yes, all of the paddles from Upstreet come with a matching complimentary cover, that matches the color and design of the paddles. These covers are of neoprene material with insulation and waterproof properties.

    How good is the grip of the paddle?

    Upstreet paddle grips are perforated with dissipate sweat. They are also cushioned for the best clasp and hand comfort support. Thus you can enjoy some excellent wrist action without fatiguing your muscles.

    How is the ‘feel’ with the hitting impact?

    You can be sure that the Upstreet paddles render the classical ‘feel’ even with a heavy hit, especially with the cross country lobs, volleys, and dinks. This is all because of its polymer honeycomb composite that renders every shot and strikes with a crisp feel.

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    Wrapping Up

    Upstreet wants to enhance the quality of the Pickleball sport by rendering superior quality paddles at an affordable cost. Its team of young entrepreneurs works under the common vision to deliver superior, pleasing, and demonstrably different products with excellent customer experience.


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