5 Best Tennis Shoes for Toe Draggers (UPDATED 2021)


If you are in a hurry the Tennis Shoes that come on top for toe draggers according to our reviews are the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5

Tennis as a sport renders tremendous movement for both the hands and the legs. The workout for the foot seems special and important, as there is too much work to be done in too little steps. The average run for the tennis game is about seven feet and the tennis players have to move much in too little space. The leg movements are multi-directional and feature an explosive start and precise stop.

In the process, the tennis game becomes more challenging and the foundation of the tennis game is keeping it pretty simple. Some players perform quick shuffling movements of the feet when the ball approaches near and drag their toes on the ground. This might end up stressing the toe to a great extent, and these players should use the best shoes, designed specifically for toe-dragging. 

Best Toe Dragger Tennis Shoes

Top 5 Tennis Shoes for Toe DraggersEditor ScorePrice
#1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoes9.3/10Check Price Here
#3. ASICS Women’s GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoes9.3/10Check Price Here
#4. Babolat Men’s SFX 3 Tennis Shoes9.2/10Check Price Here
#5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Shoes9.2/10Check Price Here

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Toe Draggers

#1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

Tennis enthusiasts looking for supportive shoes should opt for ASICS men gel-dedicate 5 tennis shoes. Players looking for reasonably priced tennis shoes should pick ASICS gel shoes. These shoes are a perfect choice for recreational players and toe draggers new to tennis. The snug fit and support of ASICS are splendid, urging players to purchase the same brand again. 

The make and model of the shoes are perfect for beginners for the perfect blend of supportive and stabilizing features. The performance of these shoes on outdoor court surfaces is splendid. The new characteristic in ASICS shoes is the GEL-Dedicate that delivers mandatory support and stability. Players enjoy receiving these high-quality tennis shoes that come in graceful white color. 

The classic shade of white looks clean and crisp for a majestic look. The forefoot GEL cushioning elevates shock attenuation during propulsion. They also help to soften the impact during quick moves. The Trusstic System technology assists declining sole unit weight by maintaining the structural integrity of shoes. The shoe comes with a breathable cover, a well-assembled body, and a lightweight feature. 

Players specific about style opt for ASICS as they are not chunky on foot. The padding around the heel collar is yet another satisfying feature enjoyed by players.


  • The shoes are supportive and comfortable. 
  • The shoe does not require break-in time.


  • Some wearers feel the forefoot and instep are tight.

#2. Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoes

The Adidas women barricade court tennis shoes are out with unmatched comfort and elegant style. These barricade court shoes are perfect for tennis players on high moves during the match. The Adidas utilizes upper synthetic for comfort and lightweight durability. Players hunting for a quality product with a reasonable price tag would opt for Adidas women barricade court tennis shoes. 

High-tech meets super comfort in Adidas women shoes with abrasion-resistant adituff. The above feature wraps the medial forefoot and toe and guards against foot drag that happens during serves, extreme lateral moves, and volleys. manufactured solely for performance, these barricade court tennis incorporates cloudfoam midsole for superior cushioning and step-in comfort. 

Built for immense court coverage the Adidas women barricade shoes comes with a torsional system between the forefoot and heel for stability purpose. With a breathable mesh upper, the Adidas women barricade provides ultimate high-wear durability. The standard shade of white bordering green looks crusty and trendy to wear. The lightweight stability on the court makes these shoes a favorite one for women preferring tennis. 

The cushioning and Adiprene are splendid features enabling players to feel comfortable during long rallies. The abrasion-resistant in toe areas is due to the adituff used. Tennis players looking for excellent grip in all directions must opt for the Adidas barricade series.


  • The shoes offer a secure grip and durability. 
  • Adaptive mid-foot support and easy maintenance. 


  • Looks big and masculine for few players. 

#3. ASICS Women’s GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoes

The ASICS women GEL court Bella tennis shoe comes in a stylish white shade with an appealing and royal look. Women tennis enthusiasts hunting for flawless tennis shoes opt for ASIC Gel-court Bella for its cushioned performance and excellent light-weight feature. The light-weight uppers feature a combination of air mesh and no-sew synthetic upper for better flexibility and breathability. 

The other excessive feature from ASICS is the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system along with midfoot Trusstic technology. The Trusstic system declines the weight of the sole system and maintains the shoe’s structural integrity. These features render excellent stability and comfort. They come with a low-profile midsole and gender-specific arched sock liner with a spotless fit and feel for comfortable wear. 

The P-guard toe protector is an excellent feature that enhances toe durability. There is an elevation of shock attenuation during propulsion with the forefoot gel cushioning system in ASICS. The best aspect players enjoy, is the personal heel fit with two layers of memory foam line, athlete heel mold, and the collar. These assist in rendering a perfect fit for the players. The sock liner in ASICS women GEL is removable, providing anti-bacterial properties for dry, fresh, and healthy environments.


  • The players enjoy personalized fit and durability. 
  • Best shoes to play on hard courts.
  • Has excellent high arch support beneficial for all types of foot. 


  • Sizes may vary, So purchasing a larger size is recommended.

#4. Babolat Men’s SFX 3 Tennis Shoes

Blast your opponent on the tennis court with Babolat men tennis shoes. The Babolat series of shoes skip forward and engineered these shoes with maximum durability, stability, and comfort. Modern tennis players looking for trendy shoes should opt for the Babolat series. The Babolat SFX 3 all court tennis shoes are more breathable and stable than previous models. 

The latest design and incorporation of Active flexion technology concentrates on the foot main pressure points and lessens stress. Individuals with wide feet should opt for Babolat, as these shoes come with additional space. The double-layer mesh makes sure the shoes are durable, breathable, and comfortable for the wearer. Players are delighted as their foot escapes toe dragging. 

The above-mentioned is possible through the use of extra material near the inner forefoot and the toe. For a supportive and adaptive fit, internal straps run from the bottom of the heel and midfoot to the laces. Wearers enjoy overall comfort due to bi-density insole. The Kompressor system from Babolat offers lasting comfort and absorbs shock. There are durability and superior traction on all surfaces due to Michelin’s performance outsole. The Player receives the shoes in stunning blue color with white bordering.


  • Breathable and comfortable for all players. 
  • Perfect for wide feet and long-lasting shoes. 


  • Some players feel the shoes are heavy.

#5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 Shoes

Power up your game with new balance men fresh foam Lav V1 tennis shoes. All wearers admired and enjoyed the plush cushioning in the heel in new balance fresh farm Lav. Players appreciate the soft upper as it delivers a natural feeling while on the move. The best aspect of Fresh foam is the kinetic embroidery that holds the foot up. Moreover, as tennis players move from side to side, they feel stable. 

The grip on the ground surface seems faultless for tennis players. The exterior makes up is enhanced in fresh farm Lav for stability purposes. The state of the art stitching technique is outstanding for a secured fit. The Fresh foam in the underfoot prevents the heel against impact. Though these shoes are heavy, they deliver the springiness while pushing a shot. 

The innovative new foam technology is intended for outstanding performance in tennis and running. The fast low to the ground feel and comfort seems to be promising features players delight. The Bootie construction makes the shoe a perfect snug fit for players. Players looking for trendy and quality tennis shoes should opt for New balance men fresh foam lav. All players enjoy the luxury comfort and superior fit of New Balance shoes.


  • Luxury fir, durable, and great looking. 
  • Stable and offers a better grip while playing.


  • Few feel the shoe is heavy.

How to Choose Tennis Shoes for Toe Draggers?

Tennis players, in general, should use shoes that offer them maximum stability and allow them to move in different directions. It is important for their exterior soles to be durable and have good traction, as the sudden stops in the game tend to wear off the rubber layer. Toe-draggers therefore should choose shoes that come in a spacious toe box, and have a study built at their upper portion. The following are some important factors to keep in mind while buying a tennis shoe if you know you are a toe-dragger.

  1. Wide toe box:

If you know you are a toe-dragger in the tennis game, then you should know that your shoe should have a wide toe box. The durability of the toe box is always a concern for the tennis players and it is an absolute must that they feature a durable toe box with less resistance and tolerance to itching. Apart from a wide toe box, it is important to focus on the stability and the durability of these shoes as well. 

  1. Stability and traction:

Tennis players should look for shoes that offer them maximum stability to move in multiple directions. The exterior sole of these shoes should be very much durable and render good traction, as the sudden stops in the tennis game, tends to wear off the rubber. Toe-draggers should thus look for a combination of shoes that have a spacious toe box and an upper portion that is built with sturdiness. 

Qualities of a Great Tennis Shoe

Every person and player have a unique foot type, which determines how they walk, play, and how they fit in their shoe. So before checking on the qualities of the shoe, players have to determine how they walk and stand and accordingly choose their shoes. And the shoes that one chooses, should match their play style. For instance, baseline players will perform a lot of side to side moves and will require their shoes to have additional cushioning with lateral support along with a lasting sole.

Players who approach the net often require shoes that have a reinforced sole and toe cap. Their shoes should also render additional arch support as these players are on their toes most of the time. They should also focus on the shoe material and in order to play the game in position and style, they should choose shoes with reinforced toe caps, uppers, and additional cushioning.

Toe-draggers should choose shoes with a wide toe box, and an additional guard at the top portion of the shoe for expert and enhanced toe protection. They should also focus on the vamp, which is a part of the toe box that bends when the player stands on the toes. It is important that this portion is flexible and perforated to offer expert breathability. It should also be made from high-quality leather and synthetic material, to withstand tension, that is specific to the tennis ground.

Final Words

Each tennis player is different, and their playing style also varies. Thus, if you know you are a toe-dragger in the court, then it is absolutely important that you choose an appropriate shoe that fits perfectly on your foot and adapts to your game style. Double-check the space on the toe box, before fixing on a particular type of shoe. 

Apart from a wide toe box, make sure the shoes have ample cushioning so that they render traction on different ground. Cushioning with gel technology render with tremendous support and balance. Also look for comfort features, as offered by the collar and tongue padding. The midsoles of the shoes should also be made from a suitable material to help with support and to reduce the chances of injury during rebound. 

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