5 Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches


Tennis is a highly co-ordinated game that demands both the hands and foot to work in perfect sync. If the tennis players have some problems in the foot such as bunions, flat foot, high arched foot, etc, then it might be difficult for them to stand and play the game for a long time. Players with a high arch can find it difficult to play the game for long hours and they need to find the best tennis shoes for high arches. We have made your search simpler and have listed the top best shoes for high arches here.

Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

Top 5 Tennis Shoes for High ArchesEditor RatingPrice
#1. K–Swiss Men’s Grandcourt II Tennis Shoes9.3/10Check Price Here
#2. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoes9.4/10Check Price Here
#4. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade V Classic Shoes9.3/10Check Price Here
#5. New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Shoes9/10Check Price Here

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What is a High Arched Foot?

All of us have an arch in our foot that runs from the toes to the heel, at the bottom of the foot. Those with high arch have their arch raised than normal. It is also called pes cavus and it is the opposite of flat foot. The high arch foot is less common than flat feet and can be caused owing to a bone or nerve condition. Highly arched feet can be painful as a lot of stress is placed on the section of the foot between the ankle and the toes. People with high arches find it difficult to find the best-fit tennis shoes and require shoes with optimal foot support.

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

#1. K–Swiss Men’s Grandcourt II Tennis Shoes

The K-Swiss Men’s tennis shoes are an expert companion for all racquet sports, apart from tennis. This shoe can enhance the performance to an all-new level and helps players with high arches, with inherent comfort and cushioning. The shoes feature a ventilated upper portion to keep the foot cool and breathable. It also features ample technological add-on to boost the game. The shoes of course have an impact-absorbing cushion at the heel to deal with high arches. 

Its tractioned rubber sole helps the players with quick stops and ambient starts and helps them to cover all playing angles in the tennis court. K-Swiss has been a leading brand of performance shoes for over 50 years and has helped people to exhibit their best performances and off-court styles in the ground. These tennis shoes have a leather upper portion with a reinforced toe and a plush tongue and collar. The insoles of the shoes are from molded foam and it features an EVA midsole and a solid rubber outsole.


  • The shoes fit pretty well and are quite comfortable
  • The tongue of the shoes stays in place and doesn’t shift with time.
  • Offers good cushioning and support with no restriction on mobility.


  • It is beneficial to buy the shoes a 1/2 size bigger.

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#2. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

We can say that this shoe is a remake of the 70’s style of shoes, but these women-specific shoes take inspiration from iconic sport styles of the past and have presented them in this footwear. The shoes are made of highly durable leather and the upper portion of these shoes have three stripes along its sides. Its plush midsole cushioning renders comfort at every single step and is thus ideal for tennis players with high arches. These tennis shoes for high arches feature a regular fit with lace closure and they also feature a polyurethane-coated leather upper to deal with durability issues.

These shoes ensure that the lessons of the past will empower the future, as they are enriched with the design heritage of Adidas, executed in contemporary materials. The shoe is made from 100% synthetic fibers and features a rubber sole. The shaft of these shoes measures approximately low top from its arch and the platform of these women’s grand court sneakers measures about 0-3 inches. The boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around and this is indeed a tennis-inspired shoe with a classic style for everyday tennis practice. Its rubber outsole helps with tremendous traction.


  • Very comfortable shoes with textile lining, soft on the foot.
  • The shoes look cute and are fun to wear.
  • The shoes can make the person look taller as it adds an inch to the foot space.


  • The first few days of use may not be comfortable as the shoe is hard to break in.
  • The shoes can be a bit heavy.

#3. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoes

These are a pair of expert tennis shoes from the Adidas brand, that are built to deliver the highest level of performance, for tennis players with high arches. These man-made shoes have a rubber sole and its shaft measures approximately low top from its arch. The shoes feature a seamless forged mesh upper that is reinforced with areas of support and stretch, to ensure a customized fit that adapts to all tennis moves on the court. Its soft and stretching tongue helps with a comfortable fit and the bootee construction of the shoes helps in a snug fit for the tennis players.

 The Adiprene+ layer on the forefoot of these shoes helps in maintaining efficiency and propulsion fine in the tennis game. The shoes feature an abrasion-resistant adituff that wraps around the toe and medial foot to protect against foot drag. These shoes feature a seamless upper, that helps inflexible the foot for the tennis movement on the court. Also, they feature geo-fit padding for a comfortable fit. Its Barricade Chassis adds to its stability at the mid-foot, along with rendering tremendous support for every single lunge and twist.


  • Geo-fit construction for anatomical fit and comfort
  • The Ghillie at the top of lacing offers a locked-down fit.
  • The Barricade chassis helps with support and stability at the midfoot.


  • Comprises a hard piece of plastic at the outsides of the shoe.

#4. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade V Classic Shoes

The Barricade V classic tennis shoes are indeed the perfect blend of durability, support, and cushioning, which are the must-have features in tennis shoes for high arches. The Adidas performance shoes put the best-selling barricade to render tremendous forefoot stability for the tennis players. The shoe is made of synthetic material and it also has a synthetic sole.  The additional cushioning on these shoes is offers by combining molded ethylene vinyl acetate with adiprene plus and adiprene layers. The extended torsion system of these shoes offers exceptional stability and the Adiwear 6 outsole helps with the durability of the shoes. 

Players will benefit tremendously from its forefoot stability claw, which also helps in rendering it a stronger foundation. The shoes are perfect for withstanding any abuse that comes in its way, while concurrently ensuring top performance on the tennis court. It appeals to all players who seek optimal comfort and performance. Players will love the fit of these tennis shoes, which fits true to size. The Barricade V classic tennis shoes are known for their unparalleled blend of durability and stability. The fine mesh layer of these shoes helps in tremendous ventilation and breathability.


  • Its expert cushioning ensures that it reduces the impact on the knees and the ankles 
  • Its forefoot stability claw renders a strong foundation on the court helping with both comfort and performance.
  • Comes with 6 months’ warranty.


  • The shoes start to squeak after abusive play.

#5. New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Shoes

This is a high-performance shoe for tennis players with high arches and renders tremendous stability for the player on the court. The shoes are characterized with utmost comfort and feel like pillows on the feet of the players. Many players noticed the comfort and the super-light feel as soon as they slipped into the shoes. The shoes feel faster than expected and also has adequate durability. The N-Durance outsole of the shoes offers tremendous durability and a long-time wearing with ease.

The New Balance WC1005 Tennis shoes are a favorite among the tennis players, with a high arch. Its S-curve technology along with a breathable mesh upper serves as a perfect companion for long days on the court. The adjusting lockdown liner of the shoes at the lacing renders a custom fit for the players. The shoe is available in white and silver colors. The upper portion of the shoes features a synthetic and mesh layer along with an NDure forefoot cage for exceptional breathability and stability. The C-Cap layer at the midsole helps with lightweight cushioning and comfort.


  • The shoes have a one-year durability warranty.
  • S-curve technology helps with stability and breathability.


  • The support and stability of the shoes can restrict aggressive movements around the court.

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Finding the Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

When the tennis player has high arches, then finding the correct shoes for the feet can be quite challenging. Players with high arches can make it difficult to fit into regular tennis shoes. Those with high arches find it difficult to touch the ground while walking, running, and even playing, thus producing less shock absorption. High arches are a genetic problem and are characterized by a foot arch that is higher than normal. 

Though the high arch doesn’t cause any pain, the feet might feel sore and fatigued during a long time standing, playing, and standing. It might also result in arch stiffness, pain in the ankles, tight Achilles tendon, painful calluses, and corns, etc. There are several factors to look for in the tennis shoe for high arches, such as padding around the ankle area, spacious toe areas, etc. 

1. Well-cushioned footbed:

It is mandatory to look for a tennis shoe with a well-cushioned footbed, to prevent arch collapse. Though using orthotics is recommended, it is quite expensive. Thus it is a good idea to choose a shoe with a perfect insole that offers support and cushioning. 

2. Using orthotics:

Tennis players with high arch can also try over the counter orthotic in their shoes to help position their foot and ankle properly. This also helps to stabilize the arch perfectly to provide shock absorption. The best way, as recommended by the podiatrist is to combine orthotics with a shoe that has shock-absorbing padding at the footbed. They both will work together to keep the feet absolutely pain free.

3. Choose shoes with high volume:

Players with high arches don’t absorb much shock and thus it is important to fund footwear that is designated as a plus, which means that these are well-cushioned shoes. Players with a high arch foot should look for shoes with more volume and ample space at the shoe interiors. The best way to find the best shoe with ambient volume is to try as many shoes as possible before finding the best fit one. 

Tennis Shoes FAQs for High Arches

How to choose the insole of the tennis shoe?

In reality, not all tennis shoes have a true arch built-in support. Therefore, to get the right support for the high arch, it is required to buy an arch support insole and replace the insole in the shoe.

How should be the lacing technique of the shoes?

The shoes are to be laced loose, to avoid pain and numb foot from the pressure of the shoelaces. The best way is to use a wide foot lacing technique, that is skipping every other eyelet, to reduce pressure on the top of the foot.

Is it required to consult a doctor before buying the shoes?

If your feet hurt a lot and you don’t get relief after buying appropriate footwear, then it is good to consult a doctor or podiatrist. They may recommend custom orthotics to correct the specific problem.


Though throwing exceptional performance on the tennis court is important, it is also equally important to keep the foot happy to enjoy the game and to continue playing it for many years. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best shoes for your high arch foot and continue playing and enjoying tennis.



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