5 Best Tennis Racquets for Spin in 2021


All professional tennis players would know that the choice of their tennis racquets will purely govern every single aspect of their game. Starting from power and spin to control and feel of the game, it is the tennis racquet that one chooses that decides their game. Nevertheless, when you choose your tennis racquet for the game, it is important that you choose it based not just on power, control and feel, but on the spin as well. Though it is easy to find a racquet that is powerful and is arm friendly, it is hard to find a racquet that excels in a spin. We are here to help you to pick up the best tennis racquets that render tremendous spin.

List of Best Tennis Racquets for Spin

Racquets for SpinEditor ScorePrice
#1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet9.6/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Burn 100 Series Tennis Racket9.6/10Check Price Here
#3. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet9.4/10Check Price Here
#4. Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Tennis Racquet9.2/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson Blade 98S Countervail Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Spin 2021

#1. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

This is an ambient tennis racquet that has undergone a series of upgradations with its bright yellow texture and black finish. On excellent feature of this Aero series from Babolat is that it features an aero-modular beam construction for less wind drag and for increasing the head speed of the racquet. Advanced level players looking for heavy groundstrokes with massive topspin should opt for pure aero

The racquet features the latest features such as cortex pure feel, carbon play stabilizer, Aeromodular, and FSI spin. Lucky players are sure to find the difference with pure aero in the court. Players are glad to unwrap the racquet that comes in a vibrant yellow with a black finish. The recent Pure Aero series incorporates the Cortex pure feel from the Babolat, to make the ball response more arm friendly upon contact.

The promising feature of the Aero series is the aero modular beam construction, that features less wind drag and boosts racquet head speed. The arm-friendly during contact is due to the cortex’s pure feel. The cortex pure feel is throughout the frame and helps to minimize shock as the ball is hit. Players feel the racquet head quicker through the strike zone with the incorporation of aero modular technology. 

You will also find the spin potential to be amazing with the capability to push the opponent beyond the baseline. Volleys are outstanding with a crisp hit and a pleasant surprise to the players. Loaded with spin and power, every strike is mind-blowing and a challenge to the opponent player.


  • Incorporates aero modular and FSI spin technology. 
  • Loaded with the best spin and power to win over the opponent.
  • Incorporated with carbon ply stabilizer for better stability.


  • Arrives unstrung.

#2. Wilson Burn 100 Series Tennis Racket

The tennis players can enjoy and experience excellent spin with this tennis racquet as it is extremely lightweight with tremendous maneuverability. Its excellent spin effect technology helps in increasing the ball rpm, without altering the swing, thus rendering the maximum spin. It also elevates the sweet spot dramatically, specifically for aggressive swings. Its carbon graphite is an added feature that provides explosive power and increased frame stiffness. 

The new X2 shaft is a promising feature that develops a narrow, long, and rounded grip for enhanced leverage and prompt grip changes. The serves were awesome with easy spin and power. Players can effortlessly rip deep groundstrokes into the court and move the competitor back with this Burn series from the Wilson brand.

Its high-performance carbon fibers render excellent frame stiffness for explosive power and its parallel drilling technology renders a consistent and a more forgiving string bed response. The racquet comes pre-strung with the Wilson sensation, an expert multi-filament string that has been built for arm-friendly comfort and playability.


  • Equipped with cutting-edge countervail technology.
  • Has fresh aesthetic features and is optimal for baseliners aspiring to generate more power.
  • Parallel drilling offers a consistent and forgiving string bed response.


  • The racquet has larger grips that cannot accommodate in small hands.

#3. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

The Pure Drive tennis racquet grabs the most popular frame from Babolat, and it has undergone a tech upgrade and ice blue cosmetic update. The minimal aesthetic and redesigned paintwork makes the racquet an awesome one that talks for you in the court.  Even this updated racquet maintains its line power, feel, and versatility, and thus appeals for the modern-day tennis games. The advanced technology and high quality make the racquet best for intermediate players and beginners.

The head is 100 square inches delivering a generous sweet spot. The best feature of the Pure drive is the firm design. The beamwidth of 23/26/23mm offers adequate power from both sides of the baseline. Hitting with pace is another extra advantage with the pure drive as the anti-twisting elliptical frame provides the power of the racquet.

The woofer technology is a unique feature that renders optimum sensation and control with every strike. The Babolat has extended its power on every shot to meet the needs of demanding and competitive players. The racquet offers the best possible feel for the players with its unique management of vibration absorption and unrivalled comfort.


  • Features an ideal frame for players wanting to add more spin and power to their game. 
  • The strung weight of this racquet is less than 315 grams and is thus a lightweight racquet with tremendous power.


  • The string that comes with the racquet is not of optimal quality.

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#4. Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Tennis Racquet

The Head Graphene gravity MP tennis racquet delivers an excellent feel upon contact and features a massive spot that is good enough to dominate the game. The gravity MP features an amazing 16 x 20 string pattern and features an excellent spin potential for players who wish to brush up on the bass, or wish to hit an excellent drop shot at the baseline. The size of this racquet’s head is about 10 0square inches and the length of this racquet is about 27 inches. Its strung weight is 10.9 oz and its unstrung weight is about 10.4 oz. The string pattern of these racquets follows a 16 mains x 20 crosses pattern.

In its graphene technology, graphene materials are combined with spiral fibers at the racquet’s shoulders. There is an enhancement in racquet flex with a good impact. The technology delivers awesome stability in the technology throat. This delivers a responsive and softer feel while playing. The standout features of head graphene 360+ are the spin potential, maneuverability, and feel.

The best part is that it also delivers an enormous spin window so players attack the ball at extreme upward angles too. The racquet moves quickly for reaction volleys and the Players experience good access to spin.


  • The head graphene 360+ gravity offers a spin-friendly response with comfortability.
  • This racquet with graphene 360 is that it delivers an immense sweet spot.
  • Well, balanced tennis racquet that comes strung.


  • The racquet is not threaded.

#5. Wilson Blade 98S Countervail Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade 98S arrives in attention-grabbing green with black palette color. The latest racquet is trendy with cosmetic, modern, classy, and latest technology. The new feature is the countervailing in the layup of the racquet. Countervail is a superior carbon layer mainly for minimizing impact vibration. The blade 98S countervail tennis racquet is equipped with parallel drilling technology. 

The unique basalt and graphite material that layup in the frame makes the racquet durable. This delivers a forgiving string bed, consistent and 18*16 string pattern spin effect for extra spin. Excellent comfort is a promising feature for players to opt for this racquet. The heavier swing weight at the net is an appreciated aspect of the Wilson series. The spin-friendly and comfortable package is the best choice for the intermediary to advanced players. 

Apart from arm-friendly stiffness level, the feel flex technology uses carbon mapping that renders torsional stability. A strike from the baseline with 98S delivers a lively, comfortable, and solid feel. Apart from the powerful drive of the ball from the court, The 98s renders massive spin potential. 98S delivers a solid feel of impact and balance near the net. The solid feeling racquet has excellent levels of spin and power.


  • Best racquet for fast hard-hitting players
  • Players enjoy heavier swing-weight near the net.
  • Perfect spin potential, comfortable, and arm-friendly.


  • Gaining a good feel may take time.

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How to Choose the Best Racquet for Spin?

The best tennis racquets that render the needed spin are those that offer the best power, control, and feel. Let us discuss these three variants along with other factors that control the spin of the tennis racquet.

1. Power:

The power of the tennis racquets determines how far the ball goes. The more the power the racquet has, the harder it is on the ball. There is only a delicate balance between the power and control of the tennis racquets. Too much power will get every single shot out of bounds. And too little power, the opponent will be able to control the ball easily. You should choose a racquet that offers the best mix of control and power, to render the best spin. All the racquets that we have listed here offer the best power at the net, at every single serve.

2. Control:

Controlling the ball is mandatory for a powerful tennis game. If it is not able to place the ball accurately, be it on simple cross-court short or trying to pass at the net down the line, it is not possible to win over the opponent. Players can hit the ball as hard as possible, but without accuracy, they will run into errors. Control naturally depends on the design and the damping of the racquet. Another important aspect of control is the capability of the racquet to apply spin on the ball. All the racquets that we have in this guide render the perfect mix of control, power, and spin. The ability of the ball to apply spin depends on the string bed, string pattern, and the frame design of the racquet.

3. Feel:

The feel of the tennis racquet alone determines how well; a player plays with it on the court. The majority of the professionals wish to try out new tennis racquets before spending their fortune on it for this same reason. Make sure that the different aspects of the racquet offer the right feel of play, to qualify to be a great fit. A lot of arm feel depends on the weight of the racquet and the vibrations it renders while striking the tennis ball with it. If you feel great on handling the racquet, naturally you will play render and exhibit excellent spin on every ball shot.

Why Should You Choose Racquets that Deliver Great Spin?

Modern-day tennis depends on spin and most of the advanced players decide to stay behind the baseline and hit the ball as much as possible to gain the topspin they can. This also allows them to play safely and get their opponents to face the errors. Also, a majority of players are sacrificing stiff frames that offer more control over the returns and volleys. The best players are now looking for racquets with frames, that can render them the maximum spin. Also, players should choose the best string on their racquets with an optimal tension, to deliver the spin they expect upon their opponent.


Though you search and get the best racquet that offers you an ambient spin, the racquets will not give the spin on their own. Thus, it is recommended that you get your racquet strung with the best polyester material to bring back control and spin to your game. We hope the racquets that we have listed here for rendering the best spin will enhance your gaming skills and takes your proficiency to a new level.



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