How to String a Lacrosse Head?


For all those who think that stringing a lacrosse head is the job of a profession and it has to be performed by a professional stringer, it is important to understand that the game situations are unpredictable and the strings can break at any moment. Learning how to string a lacrosse head can be extremely helpful during unpredictable game situations. It is good to learn how to fix the lacrosse head during a crucial game and practice. This will also help a great deal in saving time and money.

Things That Are Required to String a Lacrosse Head

The pre-requisites to string a lacrosse head are as follows,

  • Unstrung lacrosse head
  • Basic stringing kit
  • Mesh, two sidewall nylon strings
  • One top nylon string and one bottom string 
  • Two or three shooter strings, that look like shoelaces
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Needle nose pliers to tighten the strings
  • Scissors to cut the excess string

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Stringing the Top Strings

Stringing the lacrosse head will start with the top string. To perform top stringing, it is important to take the mesh and stretch it out. Now, keep the open side of the head facing away from you. To stretch the hard mesh, it is good to run it under hot water to stretch it out and make stringing easier. 

Now take the first diamond top row, and fold it over the next 9-diamond row, so that they match up evenly. Now take the middle length string and make a double knot at about half an inch from either end. The next step is to take the string and pull it through the top hole. Take the string, keep the end of the string facing you and sew it through the first diamond in the mesh. Go back through the same hole at the sidewall. This step will harden the string and will not break it.

This step will get the mesh tight at one side of the head and gets the first knot in its form. Pull the string back through the first diamond with the end facing you. Take it through the first top hole of the scoop and pull it through the next diamond on top of the string, making a clear loop and pull it tight.

Repeat the process and space the knots evenly by skipping one diamond for each knot. There should be four knots in total for most heads. Repeat the same process on the other side of the head, tying a double knot to keep it heavily secure. Tie the other side with a single knot. Make sure that it is even across the diamond, down the middle. The excess strings can be cut off with the help of a scissor. It is good to use the lighter to melt the ends of the strings together, to prevent fraying.

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Stringing the Side Walls

Take a string and send it through the next hole, outside in, down the top string with a knot on the opposite end. Put the string through the outside and bring the string through the diamond next to it. Now pull the string under the slack and pull it tight for interlocking it. Make sure the knots are tight to create a channel for the pocket and repeat the process until halfway down the stick. 

Pass the string through the next mesh diamond out through the top and then go back under the next mesh diamond. Bunch the diamonds together to create a double up. The same interlock pattern has to be followed by skipping a hole. After reaching the bottom on the head, go through the back of the mesh and pull the string from the inside out through the sidewall hole and tie it off with a knot. Repeat on the other side to finish off two sidewalls.

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Creating a Pocket in the Lacrosse Head

After completing the sidewalls, there should be some form of a pocket in the lacrosse head. Wet the mesh with warm water and stretch the pocket out. This can be done with the help of a fist or can be done with a lacrosse ball as well. Leaving the ball in this pocket overnight will help create a nice pocket and if the pocket is very deep, it can be adjusted with the help of a bottom string. 

Bottom String

We can finish off stringing the pocket with the help of a bottom string and this is the easiest step of the entire process. The bottom of the head has special holes and we can pull the string through one of the holes, by having a knot at one end. There will be ten diamonds at the bottom row and we can use the string to pull it through the diamond on the first row and weave it all the way across. Pull the string through the holes at the bottom of the head and secure it with a knot. Cut off the excess string and use a lighter to melt the ends and avoid fraying. 

Shooter Strings

Some players also wish to have shooter strings and it is a matter of preference to have them. A majority of players use shooter strings to customize their gameplay with the help of shoelace type shooter strings. Take the shooter string and choose the first 9-diamond row down from the scoop of the head. Start with the right side of the head and put the shooter between the mesh and the sidewall. The other side of the shooter will go down through the next diamond over. Interweave the shooter across the same row and tie it off with the help of a knot. 

Bottom Line

Thus with simple steps and by following easy instructions, it is possible to string the lacrosse stick easily. Players can loosen their shooter strings easily if they feel that the ball is coming out too early and has too much whip. You can even tighten them if you wish the ball to come out of the stick quickly.



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