STIGA XTR Review 2021: All-Weather Table Tennis Table


The Stiga XTR is an exceptional indoor-outdoor ping pong table, that can be a perfect addition for your patio or garage. This table comes 95% pre-assembled to ease the burden off your back in setting up the table and features a quick play design as well. You can use this table as an outdoor table, thanks to its Aluminum composite finish for all-weather performance. It has been designed to last, thanks to its special manufacturing design. The best part of this outdoor ping pong table is that it folds into an ultra-compact design without any effort within seconds, with the help of its self-opening legs. 

STIGA XTR Table Tennis Table Review 2021


  • Durable outdoor ping pong table that is perfect for the garage and the patio.
  • It has been designed and manufactured to withstand outdoor elements perfectly.
  • As the table comprises of a perfect aluminum composite top, it helps with exceptional playability and all-weather performance.
  • The table comes 95% preassembled out of the box to help in quick and easy setup. The assembly takes just 10 minutes.
  • The table folds effortlessly into ultra-compact storage within seconds and deploys easily with its self-opening legs.
  • The brand covers all manufacturing defects if any under its one-year warranty.


  • The table lacks in thickness, and thus compromises on the ball bounce.
  • The table can be very heavy, though it assembles in ten minutes, you might require assistance to do so.
  • It does not come with a cover, though it is recommended to cover tables in storage to enhance their durability.

Key Specifications of the Stiga XTR

  • Solid and weatherproof table top with 6 mm thickness
  • Table surface made up of aluminum and plastic composite
  • Strong and weather-resistant undercarriage
  • Portable and easy to fold
  • There are about eight 3” caster wheels with locks to help with movement
  • Self-opening legs that deploy automatically
  • Safety latch system to hold the table in position during storage
  • Easy and simple to assemble
  • There is a personal playback mode for solo practice
  • Cheaper cost with ample features.
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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Detailed Features of the STIGA XTR Table

1. Weatherproof tabletop

There is a clear difference between an indoor and an outdoor ping pong table. Indoor tables are susceptible to moisture and water damage and can thus get ruined quickly if they get wet. Outdoor tables are however built with weather-resistant and waterproof materials, and thus prevents damage from moisture and other elements. The Stiga XTR has a 6 mm thick tabletop surface that is a perfect mixture of plastic composite and aluminum. This tabletop is also supported by a 1.5” or 38 mm tubular apron that is made up of steel to ensure that the ball bounces on this surface evenly and consistently across the entire table. 

The majority of the outdoor tables tend to be 5-7 mm in thickness and thus the XTR appeals to be an outdoor table. It is also resistant to dust and damage and doesn’t fade off when kept in the sun.

2. Folding design with a playback feature

The Stiga XTR is a table that comprises folding halves so that you can fold it and store it conveniently as required. Its unique chassis design makes folding easy as each half of the table has its caster beams. When both the halves of the table fold up, it packs down to a very small storage dimension, occupying less storage space. The two halves of the table nest into each other snugly and shifting from a long ping pong table to a mono play table is also pretty easy to help with a lot of game practice. 

3. Strong and durable steel frame

The undercarriage of the Stiga XTR is durable and very strong as it is supported by welded steel legs. The sturdy steel legs of the table feature a self-opening feature that deploys automatically when we unfold the table. At the end of these steel legs, there are 1.25” steel legs with levelers that have been constructed for ultimate stability and a constant and level playing surface. The sturdy 1.25” square legs along with a cross brace and adjustable leg levelers help in hours of play without any hassle. 

There are also 3” wheels with locks to navigate any difficult terrain without any effort. The locks on the ball bearing wheels ensure that this table stays fixed on any surface. These wheels help in exceptional and smooth mobility along with the length of stability and safety. 

4. 72-inch Net and Post set and safety latch system

Yet another impressive feature of this all-weather table is its 72” net and post set. This net is created with a string tension adjustment for optimal play. This premium weatherproof net comprises a threaded clamp attachment system to remove it and set it up easily. This durable net set comes as a perfect complement for the durable and weatherproof tabletop.

To store the table securely in its storage position, there is a safety latch system on the underside of the tables. This safety latch is available in bright red color and helps in locking the two halves of the table in the perfect upright position.

5. Playing experience

The table stands sturdy, helps in exceptional outdoor gameplay with its weather resistance construction, castor wheels, and leg levelers. You can mount the table literally on any surface and start playing. But the major drawback of this table is that it lacks the bounce that an ideal ping pong table should possess as it is only 6 mm thick. The same materials that allow the table to withstand harsh climatic conditions, such as Aluminum and composite, get it bounces tiny. Though it is okay for a recreational table to hold, most of the professional players find it difficult to practice in this table. But with time, you will be able to adjust with this table pretty well and start playing in it normally. This is the case with the majority of the outdoor tables and not just with Stiga XTR.

6. Price

The cost of this table is very reasonable considering it’s a great outdoor recreational table.

About the Brand

Stiga is a leading name in the manufacturing of table tennis equipment. If you enter any club or recreational center, you will find TT tables made up of the Stiga brand. It was founded in the year 1944 in Sweden and has been manufacturing Tennis products since then. Their Table tennis cum ping pong tables are popular among both professional and amateur players. People love their tables owing to their toughness, quality build, and affordability.

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Final Words

The Stiga XTR is an exceptional ping pong table for recreational, casual, and regulation play. it is competitively priced and helps in one on one, solo and team play, thanks to the different positions it adopts. The brand stands behind the quality of this product with its manufacturer warranty and the table comes in perfect shape. It is easy to assemble and cuts the wait time between opening the box and starting to play the game. In short, it is a worthy table for your home and family and is worth the investment.



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