STIGA Vapor Review 2021: QuickPlay Table Tennis Table


Though table tennis is an indoor game, playing the game outside is exciting as ample space around the table is available. For table tennis enthusiasts, possessing the best quality table tennis table is mandatory. To enhance your play level as a ping pong player getting the best ping pong table is the absolute way. In that manner, the STIGA Vapor ping pong table is highly usable. Let’s discuss a few criteria’s, pros and cons of STIGA Vapor before committing any ping pong table. 

STIGA Vapor is easy to set-up ping pong table and of durable quality. This is the best option to enjoy table tennis outdoors. Playing outdoor table tennis is a perfect choice to enjoy your game in the patio or garage. The best features with STIGA vapor is its durability, resistivity, and portability. The table tennis set- up is user friendly and easy with a perfect design.

STIGA Vapor Table Tennis Table Review

Specifications of STIGA Vapor

  • Blue top of 6mm with silkscreens
  • Table tennis dimensions for outdoor 107.87*60*29.92 inches at assembled state. 68*60*62 inches in a playback state. 28*60*62 inches in the storage state. 
  • 90% is preassembled and hence easy to install with a year manufacturer warranty. 
  • Leg levers, steel legs, and anti-tilting action for best bounce quality. 
  • Steel legs 1.5 inches, steel apron 1.5 inches, and leg levers of 30mm. 
  • Ball-bearing casters of ¾ inches. 


  • Simple assembly and set up
  • Less storage space with two folding halves
  • Portable design and sturdiness 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Wheel locking system 
  • Independent table halves


  • No storage for bat and ball
  • Limited warranty 
  • Gives off a weird pinging sound

Features of STIGA Vapor

Irrespective of the weather, players enjoy playing ping pong with STIGA vapor as it features a 6mm aluminum composite tabletop along with steel legs with levers of 1 1/4inches. The table also holds a 3-inch wheel facility for locking the table at the place. The highlighting aspect of the table is the playback feature where half of the table is high for a hit back. The storage part is very compact with the STIGA Vapor table tennis table. 

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Steel legs with levers 

The construction of the table tennis table is perfect in a way to use it even on uneven surfaces. This is made possible with the 1.25” sturdy square steel legs with adjusting leg levers and weld cross brace. The self-opening legs are beneficial as they work automatically while opening or closing the table. These steel legs are perfect for constant stability and perfect playing surface. 

Weatherproof table

Whether its winter or summer, you do not have to fear about the warping of the table or getting spoilt. The table has a tabletop of durable aluminum composite and exterior grade powder coating that delivers smooth playability at all times of the weather. The table owns a pristine and smooth finish for its covering with aluminum, galvanized steel along with silkscreen lining. Hence the table is resistant to sun damage, rust, and warping. The table possesses the capability to withstand elements as it has undergone tests against humidity and heat. 

All-weather net system

The STIGA vapor table tennis table comes with a 72-inch net system for happy gameplay. The net is of premium outdoor grade material and hence lasts longer. The highlight of STIGA vapor is the usage of extraordinary durability and playability materials. The treaded clamp attachment makes it easy for the adjustable net that also owes tension settings. 

The undercarriage

The 1 and ¼ steel legs help in holding the tabletop levels always. The caster locking wheels are about 3 inches helping in movement of the table. The safety latch system is beneficial as it locks the table in an upright position at times of storage and averts opening accidentally.    

Independent table halves

The table design has a unique pattern where two separate halves are present and they are independent of each other. Every side has its castor beams that offer a sturdy table either together or separately. This pattern also paves the way for perfect storage position as the tables have the facility to be nested together. 

Multi-purpose game table

For ones holding an outdoor party with friends and family, this STIGA vapor is a perfect choice as it is usable for multiple tabletop games. Users experience perfect outdoor activity due to its sturdiness and durability. 

Wheels with locks

The STIGA vapor has a smart design with 3” wheels with lock for navigation on terrains in an effortless manner. The lockable ball bearing wheels fixes the table in a perfect position. These wheels assist in smooth mobility and lock the table in a specific place for stability and safety. 

Play experience 

The playing experience with STIGA vapor represents the solidness and sturdiness of the frame. This is a great experience to enjoy and play while making a comparison with less- quality tables that bend and wobble for aggressive games. It has a straight forward assembly process. The key pieces to assemble are the net and the wheels.

Complete analysis of STIGA vapor

The ease in set up and assembly is the main selling point of the STIGA vapor table tennis table. Also, many buyers appreciate the simple ways of designing frames and parts that are easy to assemble and set up. It is also found that assembling the table takes very few minutes. The best feature of STIGA vapor is easy storage by just folding the table after the game and wheeling it back to storage. The quality of construction and parts are another highlight of STIGA products as they are sturdy, weather-resistant, and stable and offer an excellent experience for gaming. The longevity and quality are well-spoken as the table doesn’t warp due to temperature changes. As the table is rust-resistant, people enjoy playing ping pong in slight rain. 

While discussing the disadvantages it key one is the absence of accessories. Also, the secure and solid construction makes it a bit heavy too. Though the product comes with a clamp set and outdoor net, there aren’t paddles or balls. This is because buyers expect these aspects as they are available with other products. 

Is STIGA vapor recommended?

There are many families, friends, and individuals enjoying the product and happy with the game. The rates of positive reports are high mainly about the surface and every component manufacturing. Also, it is sure that this STIGA vapor is a lifetime gift for happy playing for years. The unique features and high-quality materials make the STIGA vapor product a highly recommended one. Moreover, there aren’t any key negatives to think twice about purchasing the product. With such excellent features, no one would oppose to purchase it.

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Before purchasing a ping pong table the user looks for various aspects such as foldability, size, surface, thickness, frame, legs, and safety features. The STIGA vapor review above offers complete details and assists you in buying. For ones looking for the best outdoor ping pong table, then STIGA vapor is the best choice. The table is manufactured with outdoor factors in mind and is budget-friendly too. Plenty of customers who opted the same table are satisfied and happy playing with this table. Hence the comprehensive look of various factors might offer you a vision about purchasing the product.



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