STIGA Synergy Review 2021: Indoor Table Tennis Table


The Stiga Synergy is a mid-level table for ping pong enthusiasts with all the required features the game demands. You will love this table at the very first look, because of its elegant features and strong contrast of black and white colors and a firm and thick tabletop. Generally, you will find ping pong tables in the boring blue or green colors. But this table from Stiga with the help of its sharp features and contrasting colors keeps players interested and motivated throughout the gameplay. This is thus an excellent table for amateurs for the game interest it provokes. It also folds efficiently for storage and playback position and comprises of a 2” steel apron and 3” mag wheels with self-opening legs. 

STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table Review 2021


  • The Stiga synergy table is built with attention to detail and helps in safe and efficient gameplay.
  • The table is extremely convenient and has locking wheels at the bottom for perfect entertainment.
  • The wheels help in easy movement with a little push.
  • Strong metal construction to use in community centers and recreational clubs.
  • Comprises of a thick and durable tabletop.
  • The efficient table that is great in withstanding damage.
  • A steel apron wraps the entire length of the table and has protectors along with each corner.


  • The locking wheels of this table do not offer much support and stability that you deserve.
  • You will need assistance to set up the table.

Key Specifications

  • Assembles pretty fast in less than 20 minutes out of the box.
  • A thick tabletop that is 5/8” in thickness for an even bounce and superior gameplay
  • Self-opening steel legs
  • 3” Mag wheels with locks
  • Extra-wide wheelbase for additional stability
  • 2” steel apron for a strong frame
  • Corner protectors
  • Includes 66” net and post set
  • Efficient indoor ping pong table.

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Features of the Stiga Synergy Indoor Ping Pong Table

1. Tabletop construction:

The Stiga Synergy ping pong table consists of a tournament-grade tabletop that is reinforced with a 2-inch steel apron. The 5/8” thickness of the tabletop ensures that the ping pong table will bounce evenly across the surface of the table. The table also comes with 3-inch mag wheels that make it simple and easy to move across any surface, be it hardwood or carpet. Thus you can easily move and put around the table if you need additional space. You can also transition the table in the solo play mode if you wish. 

The Stiga synergy ping pong table also comprises of the 1 ¾ inch steel self-opening legs for easy folding, opening, and for additional stability. Its self-opening legs also ensure that the table is supported efficiently when opened and even when you close it for storage. 

2. Assembling the table:

The best feature of this ping pong table is that it includes a quick play chassis that makes it easy for you to assemble the set just out of the box. You will hardly take 20 minutes to complete the assembly and start playing the game, as the table comes pre-assembled in the box. As the table comes pre-assembled, you also need not worry that you will put the parts incorrectly. 

3. Three different positions:

You can arrange this table in three different positions to help with your gameplay. The three positions that it can adapt are as follows,

  • Play position: This is the original ping pong game position that the table resorts, to help two people play the game efficiently. The dimensions of this position are about 108 x 60 x 30 inches.
  • Playback position: You can fold one half of this ping pong table to resort to the playback position. This helps in sharpening your gaming skills and gain more practice. This dimension of the table in this position is 68 x 62 x 60 inches.
  • Storage position: You can fold the table efficiently for storage and also free up space in your living room by rolling it away in your closet or garage. The dimensions of this position are 60 x 30 x 62 inches.

4. The sturdy frame of the Stiga synergy:

The frame of this ping pong table comprises of a 2 inches’ steel apron that supports the top of the table with an even bounce. Its thorough support throughout the tabletop stabilizes the table along its length. The apron also carries a modern Stiga logo, which adds to the style statement of the ping pong table.

The frame also includes a 1-3/4” rounded steel legs that are made up of heavy gauge steel, to set up a solid base. The steel legs carry with them a plastic leg at the end to help the floor from scratches. Apart from the steel legs with caps, there are also 3-inch mag wheels with locks as we have discussed above for easy rolling and to lock the table in a fixed position during the game. 

5. Other features:

The four corners of the ping pong table comprise of corner protectors to add additional safety for small children who move around the table to have fun. These corner protectors also help to prevent snags and scratches and prevent damage to the table.

The quick play chassis of the ping pong table with wide span technology makes assembly quick and easy. The table comes pre-assembled when shipped and assembles without 30 minutes out of the box. The Stigma synergy also features a wide span technology with an extra-wide wheelbase for additional stability. Parts of this chassis serve as curved linkages that add additional strength to the frame.

This Ping Pong table comprises of the 66-inches net along with a post set with Velcro tension adjustment which makes the Stiga synergy a ready to play table for tournament-level games. 

You will also love its self-opening legs that deploy automatically while opening and closing the table. This adds a layer of safety and convenience. Even when you fold this table, the clips underneath the tabletop helps to hold the table securely in its place. 

6. Budget:

When we consider the price, it is one of the rare ping pong tables that has been underpriced. It comprises of complete steel and it is worth buying if you want to buy a tournament quality ping pong table without breaking the bank.

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FAQs for Stiga Synergy Ping Pong Table

How easy is this table to store?

It is a very nice table that also looks great and it’s easy to store this table. It folds easily for storage and comes preassembled.

Is the table easy to deploy and use?

Setting up and storage is easy and quick. The legs lock and unlock with a little pressure on supporting brackets, so it’s easy to deploy and use this table.

Final Words

The Stiga Synergy is an excellent ping pong table available at the below-average price. Though it is not of tournament level, its surface thickness helps with great gameplay and a consistent bounce across the whole ping pong table. You and your kids will love this table for the safety features and the excellent ball bounce it offers for the game.



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