STIGA STS 385 Review 2021: Indoor Competition-Ready Table


The Stiga STS 385 is a competition-grade, tournament grade ping pong table that offers exceptional playability and durability. Though it takes a little time to get assembled, overall it is a great table and after assembly, it turns out to be a very sturdy and well-built table that can last for years. Being a heavy-duty gaming table, it is ideal for playing both the table tennis and the ping pong games. The table features rock-solid construction and carries some great safety features. 

Stiga is one of the leading names in the Ping pong game and manufactures the most diverse selections of table tennis products. It is a pioneer in the manufacturing and selling of several other table tennis accessories as well. Let us discuss this particular ping pong table in detail here to learn how it can take your game to the next new level.

STIGA STS 385 Table Tennis Table Review


  • The table is approved by the ITTF and comes with a product warranty.
  • The ball trays and storage system of this table is awesome
  • The table comes with a premium spring clip net and a post set that is featured with a tension adjustment.
  • The table can be folded for both playback position and storage.
  • Tournament grade sturdy table for homes, offices, recreation centers, etc.


  • It is a heavy table you will need assistance to handle and assemble it.
  • Assembling the table is a long process and can take about 2 hours.

Key Features of the Stiga STS 385

  • ¾” Thick tabletop with silkscreen stripping
  • 72” premium clipper net and post system
  • 2” powder-coated steel apron
  • Patented full-length ball storage
  • 2” steel legs with leg levelers
  • 5” Mag wheels with locks
  • Steel cross beams
  • Self-opening legs
  • Ability to adapt three positions

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Detailed Features of the Stiga STS 385

1. The tabletop

The Stiga STS 385 comprises of a ¾ inch tournament-grade tabletop with a silkscreen striping. The tabletop is exceptionally durable and helps with exceptional playability for both the beginner and advanced level players. The tabletop is ¾” in thickness and thus helps in exceptional ball bounce. The top of this table is sanded and UV filled, before being subjected to multiple coats of specialty paint. The tabletop is also finished with a clear topcoat along with silkscreen striping for a perfectly smooth finishing that will last for a long time. You can also consider using this table for outdoor gameplay in the patio or lawn under some shade.

2. Steel Apron

The delicate top of this table is coated with a 2-inch coated steel apron that supports the tabletop for an even bounce across the entire tabletop. The white apron of this table also has a powder coating for a durable finish that lasts. It also protects the table against scratches and abrasions as small children are very much fond of creating scratches on metal surfaces. The steel apron ensures and enhances the longevity of this ping pong table.

3. 2-inch steel legs with leg levelers

This ping pong table comprises sturdy 2-inch square legs that are made up of heavy gauge steel and a solid base. It supports the tabletop and helps in sturdy gameplay. There is also a 2.5-inch leg leveler at the end of the table that allows it to get adjusted on all four corners of the playing surface. Thus, even when the playing surface is not leveled, the table stays leveled and helps you in uninterrupted game action.

4. 5-inch mag wheels with locks

This ping pong table from Stiga STS 385 comprises a 5-inch Mag wheel with locks. This 5-inch mag wheels with ball bearings and sport tread allow the table to roll over any surface smoothly. Thus it helps in expert transportability and allows the table to quickly convert to an outdoor ping pong table in no time. two locking wheels keep the table locked in its position for maximum stability and safety.

5. Assembly

This is a little tough part as assembling the table will take at least two hours. But for a sturdy and strong machine, it is important to have such tough assembly. Make sure that you have assistance in handling the assembly and to handle the shipment as the table is shipped in a huge and heavy box. To get the assembly as simple and easy as possible, make sure that you have hand drills and cordless drills at hand, to make the process as simple and easy as possible. 

6. Corners of the table

The corners of the table are always important as they can knock our knees down any movement, and with little children around, the trouble is doubled. The corners of the Stiga STS is of special mention as it possesses the patented full-length ball storage that is integrated at both ends of the apron for convenience. Such a feature is available only with Stiga. There are also 3D plastic corner protectors to enhance safety and to prevent snags and scratches, again for families with small children. 

7. Clipper net

The Stiga STS includes a premium clipper net and a post set with a premium cotton blend net. It incorporates precise tension adjustment along with a clip system with spring activation.

8. Beams and legs

The chassis of this table consists of steel cross beams. Being a tournament-grade ping pong table, it comprises of an H-styled chassis cross beam that offers excellent stability. There are also wooden cross braces that offer tremendous support between the caster beams. These welded steel cross beams connect the table and help it with some additional strength.

The table also comprises of self-opening legs that deploy automatically, both while opening and closing the table. This helps in additional safety and convenience. When the table folds, its safety latch system helps to keep the table locked in its place for additional security. 

9. Different positions of the table

This ping pong table can adapt to three different play positions. Namely the,

Play position – Being a tournament-ready table, this position helps in engaging gameplay between two players.

Playback position – This position will help to sharpen one’s skills and help them with more practice. In this position, one half of the table gets folded against the other and helps to practice serves.

Storage position –  You can fold the table to store it securely to free up some space. After folding, you can roll the table to its storage place.

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Final Words

The Stiga STS 385 comes as a complete table to help you complete the game while concurrently having fun. Being a tournament style table it comprises a ¾ inch tabletop with a smooth finish to help inconsistent play. Its sturdy foundation comprises of 2-inch steel legs with a self-opening design for safety and additional convenience. Its 5-inch wheels make it easy to maneuver from room to room. This table is sure to render years of fun and excitement. Its solid construction and additional perks are what make us love this table. It is worth the investment and stands out of the rest of the tables in the market.



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