STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table Review 2021: Honest & Unbiased


If you love playing table tennis and ping pong, then you will also love this Stiga STS 185 table. This is a worthy table for its superior game performance and stability. It’s ¾” tabletop will help you with a quick response for each ball and this tournament-grade table is also known for its convenience and innovation. This serves as an excellent table for those individuals and families entering into the sport and wishing to play it in the long run. The brand is from the Stiga brand, the pioneers in the manufacturing of table tennis equipment, and is made up of high-quality materials. Its price is affordable and its warranty covers any damages, just in case something happens to this table. Let us review this Ping-Pong and TT table in detail here. 

STIGA STS 185 Review 2021


  • You can set up and remove the table for storage within minutes
  • The table is extremely versatile and can split into two for easier transport and storage and of course for the playback position. 
  • Though it is not an outdoor table, its portability encourages people to move it to the patio or lawn, with shade to enjoy some outdoor game action.
  • The table is well protected with a steel apron and corner protectors.
  • There is provision for ball storage and the help of its large wheels in transporting the table easily.


  • There are no complaints about this table, except that it is pretty heavy and requires assistance is assembling for the first time.

Important Highlights

  • Tabletop: 0.75 inches
  • Blue color top with silkscreen striping
  • Corner protectors to prevent scratches
  • Self-opening legs
  • Quickplay assembly
  • 2-inch heavy gauge steel legs
  • 2-inch powder-coated steel apron.
  • Ball storage at the end of each apron.
  • 3-inch mag wheel with sport tread tires
  • Net and post system
  • 72- inch pivoting net system
  • The table can be opened and closed without removing net

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Detailed Features of the Stiga STS 185

1. Tournament Grade Tabletop

This tournament grade ping pong table comprises of a blue color tournament table top with 0.75 inches in thickness. Its top also comprises of a silkscreen stripping. its durable tabletop ensures exceptional playability even for the amateur players. Though it is predominantly an indoor table, you can also take it to your lawn and play outdoors without incurring any damage as its tabletop is sanded and is UV filled. It is also being treated with multiple coats of specialty paint before finishing with a clear topcoat and silkscreen stripping for a perfect smooth finishing that lasts. 

2. Sturdy Frame

The construction of this Ping pong table is sophisticated and is sturdy as it is made up of steel. You can expect it to be stronger than usual as its legs and frames render it its most required support and sturdiness.

This ping pong table comprises of a 2-inch powder-coated steel apron that renders exceptional support for the tabletop for an even bounce across the entire tabletop. The white apron of this table is powder coated for a durable finish that lasts. 

This table also comprises of a sturdy 2-inch square leg that comprises of heavy gauge steel for a solid base. There are also plastic leg caps at the end of the steel legs to protect the floors from the scratches. 

There are also 3-inch mag wheels with locks and sports threads to allow the table to roll smoothly over any surface to enhance its transportability feature. There are also two locking wheels included in its frame to keep the table in its place for stability and additional safety. 

3. Assembly

One interesting feature about this table that you will love is its easy and quick assembly. When some of the tables in the market come with a complicated design and incurring hours of assembling time, the Stiga STS 185 features the QuickPlay Chassis technology that makes this table competition ready and extremely simple to assemble. The table comes almost assembled in the box and you only have to fix a few screws and bolts here and there to get it good to go. 

The table comes with sturdy steel legs and larger wheels for additional stability and to tow the table outdoors to enjoy the sun with the game. The quick-play chassis is an additional advantage to the table, as it enables it to open and close easily for a quick game. 

4. Some Clever Design Features

There are numerous clever design features in this table that makes the Stiga STS the most preferred table for ping pong games. Some of the best features that admired us are,

  • Ball storage with corner protectors: This ping pong table comprises of a patented and full-length ball storage that is incorporated at either end of the aprons for convenience. The apron also consists of 3D molded plastic corner protectors for additional safety. The corner protectors prevent snags and scratches and enhance the durability of the table for too many years. Also, such safety features are appreciated by families with small children. 
  • Quickplay assembly: The quick play assemble feature integrated with this ping pong table helps in the quick and easy assembly within 20 minutes. Also, it helps in opening the table as you wish to play and close it easily when you want to store.
  • Net and post: One intelligent feature of this ping pong table is its retracting net and brackets that allow you to fold and unfold the table without having to remove the net. Thanks to the 72-inch pivoting net with post set with tension adjustments that allow the net to remain on the table even in the storage position.
  • Self-opening legs: Its self-opening legs deploy automatically while opening and closing the table. This adds to the safety and convenience of the table. Also, when the table gets folded, the clips that are underneath the tabletop helps in holding its legs securely in its place.

5. Three Table Positions

This ping pong table can adapt to three table positions, namely play the position, playback position, and storage position. The dimensions of the table also vary according to the position it adopts. The first one is the regular play position where the table is stretched to its length to allow two players to play by standing at the opposite sides.

The second is the playback position where one half of the table can get folded for self-play and to practice and sharpen one’s gaming skills. The length of the table gets reduced to 68 inches from 108 inches in this position. The width remains the same at 60 inches and the height of the table at 30 inches.

In the storage position, you can fold the two ends of the table to stay against each other and free up a lot of space. You can fold the table and roll it to the store in your garage or any place of your preference.

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Overall Review

The Stiga STS 185 is a top-selling and well-functioning ping pong table brand for homes, recreational centers, offices, and clubs and serves as a top choice for those looking for an indoor TT table. Kids will love this table and it is also capable of accepting a lot of abuse from them. The best feature of this table according to its users is its ability to retain the net in all positions. Overall, it is a durable, consistent, and innovative table for exceptional game action.



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