STIGA Space Saver Review 2021: Compact Table Tennis Table


If you are interested in the Stiga Space saver table tennis table, then here is an honest review written after hours of research.

STIGA Space Saver Ping Pong Table Review


  • The table comes 100% pre-assembled. You need not perform any fixtures for this table and start playing in it as soon as you take it out of the packaging. 
  • Comprises of a 5/8” table surface which is good enough to render a good bounce for recreational players. 
  • Small and full-size ping pong table that is great for small spaces and apartments
  • Its 1.25” legs with height adjusters help with a sturdy frame and offer a leveled playing surface.
  • The extremely lightweight table can be separated into two halves. It is each to move as well with each part weighing around 37 pounds.
  • Comes as a pack with nets and posts.
  • Cheap table with great functionalities.


  • The table is not very large and as it is not of regulation size. Thus players who are used to playing full size will feel frustrating.
  • Its tabletop thickness is just 5/8” and thus will not offer the bounce that you expect.
  • There is no scope for playback position to help practice on own.

The Stiga space saver is an expert ping pong table with a compact and foldable design that helps with extensive and competitive gameplay. its compact and foldable design ensures that people with limited space on their home can still buy and use these ping pong tables. The full-length dimensions of this table are about 71 inches in length and 41 inches in width. Thus this compact table is about 2/3rd the dimensions of a standard ping pong table. The height of this table is about 30 inches. Other key specifications of this table are as follows,

  • Compact ping pong table with dimensions 71” L x 40.5” W x 30” H
  • The best table for tight spaces 
  • Convenient storage as it folds into half
  • Two separate table halves that can be used as independent multipurpose tables
  • Requires no assembling. You only have to unpack and start playing.
  • Comes with net and post set 
  • Comprises of 1.25” steel legs with leg levelers
  • 1.25” steel apron with a silkscreen

From the Manufacturer

The Stiga Space saver table for table tennis and ping pong games renders authentic gameplay at regulation height. This table is perfect and ideal for small apartments, small office spaces, and even tight spaces to instill an additional dose of fun even at an enclosed space. You can enjoy ultimate utility with this table with the flexibility to be used for non-stop action. Either use this table for multipurpose entertaining needs or simply fold and store it away under the bed or in your closet. 

The table has a sturdy frame with white powder coating and it also features a 1.25” welded square steel legs. Its durable silkscreen striping is supported by a 1.25” welded tubular steel apron to deliver a consistent bounce across the entire tabletop. The apron is also made up of durable powder-coated steel to resist wear and tear for lasting quality. You can play the game eminently in this table, as it renders a leveled playing surface, even when the floors are uneven.

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About the Brand

Stiga is a leading brand in the industry of table tennis and was founded in the year 1934 in Sweden by Stig Hjelmquist. Stiga table tennis table has been in existence since 1944 and has since then been offering TT products for players of all levels in Sweden and all over the world. Their mission is to help players develop their playing skills and they have thus manufactured all game accessories from table tennis blades to rubbers, bats, tables, shoes, clothing, and accessories to protect the bats.

STIGA Space Saver Ping Pong Table

Features of the Stiga Space Saver Unveiled

1. MDF Tabletop with silkscreen striping:

If you are an eminent ping pong player and have been into the game for many years, then you will probably know that one of the most important things to look for in the table is the thickness of the tabletop. Being an efficient table tennis board, the Stiga space saver comprises of a 5/8” tabletop, that helps in efficient bounce and playability. The full-sized Stiga tables have an expert finishing with a repeat roller coat along with silkscreen striping to create a smooth and a level playing surface. The silkscreen striping gets printed directly on the tabletop to render a perfect finishing. 

2. Play positions:

It is possible to achieve three different positions with the Stiga space saver table tennis board such as,

  • Play position:  When laid in full length, this table can help in efficient gameplay with your friends. The dimensions of the full-size table are L: 71” W: 40.5” H: 30”.
  • Independent halves: This ping pong table as it is composed of two independent halves, can be separated to form two individual tables. This individual table comes to action as a multi-purpose table for your home use. The dimensions of the individual tables are L: 35.5” W: 40.5” H: 30″.
  • Storage Position: You can save a lot of space in your garage or living room by folding up the table and store it as a compact structure. This super saver table can even fit in your closet and even under your bed. The combined folded dimensions of the table are about L: 35.5” W: 40.5” H: 3.6”.

3. Two separate table halves:

The Stiga space saver ping pong table also comes as two independent table halves with each of them being sturdy and completely free-standing. Two of the independent halves can be an excellent space saver and can be used for games, as a dinner table, for parties, etc. the table can be closed easily in the closet or under the bed and is thus ideal to be used in small homes and apartments. You can also join the table as one unit again with the help of its net bracket. 

4. Table frame and legs:

The table is supported by 1.25” sturdy steel legs that are painted with a powder coating to ensure a stylish look and excellent durability. Each of its legs possesses height adjusters at the end to ensure that players enjoy a completely leveled playing surface. These steel legs also have rubber covers at the end to prevent scratches on the floor while playing or moving the table. 

5. Steel apron:

The top of the table is supported by a 1.25” welded tubular steel apron for an even balance for the tabletop and to help with an even bounce across the entire tabletop. The apron of this table is finished with white powder coating for durability and there also lies a silkscreened STIGA logo on each side of the table to render it a durable and stylish look. 

6. Accessories:

The Stiga space saver table is indeed a complete game set that comes with a net and complete posts set. You can adjust the tension on the net to maintain it taut across the gameplay.

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Final Words

The Stiga Space saver is one of the favorite tables for those looking for a space-saving utility to play the game at their home. It serves as an excellent recreational table and is also comfortably priced. The reviews for this table is amazing and there are many happy customers for the space saver. You can buy it to engage your leisure without any second thought.



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