STIGA InstaPlay Review 2021: Quality Table Tennis Table?


Stiga is a leading name in the reign of table tennis and has been in the business of manufacturing table tennis equipment for 70 years. They are based in Sweden and are pioneers in the manufacturing of TT tables, paddles, blades, etc. The Stiga InstaPlay is one of the best tables from the brand and has become the favorite among the table tennis players and table tennis community for years. Also, the table comprises of a beautiful and elegant black tabletop with silkscreen striping, sturdy undercarriage, and steel aprons and corner protectors. let us discuss the inherent features of this tabletop in detail here. 

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table Review


  • Patent InstaPlay technology that allows the table to come completely assembled. Players should only assemble the net and the posts.
  • The legs and the apron of this table are made up of 2 inches of steel, there are also 3” ball bearing wheel casters to help with optimal mobility and support.
  • The cost of this table is relatively cheap compared with other brands in the market.
  • The tabletop comprises of ¾ inch black wood that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The table can be easily moved and folded, with the help of its rollers.
  • There are thick steel legs and support apron for additional support.
  • There are corner protection pads to prevent hits, especially for small children.
  • Comes with a professional 66-inch net and post set.


  • As the table comes completely preassembled, it weighs about 263 pounds and you will need assistance.
  • Some users have reported the table to sag in the middle.
  • The table can wrap up when exposed to high humidity and it is also not approved by the ITTF.

Key Features of the Stiga InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

  • Comes preassembled and is ready to play out of the box in 10 minutes
  • Patented InstaPlay technology
  • ¾” tabletop thickness with a silkscreen striping
  • The undercarriage comprises of 2” legs and 3” Mag ball bearing locking wheels
  • The tabletop is protected by 2” steel aprons
  • There are corner protectors to protect from scratches and abrasions.
  • The table comes with 66” net and post set
  • It is an indoor use table only
  • Safety latch to protect the table halves during storage

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InstaPlay Feature

The Stiga InstaPlay bears the patented InstaPlay technology that allows the table to get shipped almost 100% pre-assembled. This is the first of the kind full-size table tennis table that features this feature as it is not present in other tables in the market. You will receive the table almost completely assembled. You may only have to attach the net and the posts to the tabletop which hardly takes about 5-10 minutes. 


It is the thickness of the tabletop that decides the quality of the gameplay. It is the determinant of how far you can go in the game and how best you enjoy the tosses and bounces. A table with a poor bounce will not get the game move interestingly. The simple rule of thumb as far as the table tennis tables are concerned is that, thicker the tabletop, better is the gameplay. the minimum required thickness of the table should not be less than 0.75 inches. Anything less than this thickness will affect the quality of the game and the players will lose interest, as the consistency of the ball bounce will be lost.

But the Stiga InstaPlay has a surface thickness of ¾” which is ideal for a decent bounce and resistance for the ball to get tossed to the opponent at full swing. You will love the natural bounce at which your serves are tossed in this table and the surface is also protected by aprons to add to its power.

Thick and Durable Undercarriage

Who will want to own a table tennis table, that will break and give way in a few months of play? All of us will look for a durable and sturdy undercarriage that will support even the most intense games. Choose a table tennis table that is robust and stable enough to withstand extreme play and will last for years. The Stiga InstaPlay has the best steel frame that supports the lower portion of the table. It has large legs with ample connections between the various joints of this frame. Owing to the ample connection points at the legs, this table is durable and robust, good enough to impress its players. The frame of this table comprises two-inch steel squared legs paired with a 2-inch steel apron to support and protect the legs. The 2-inch apron is profiled around the entire length of the table and supports the top for an even bounce. The legs of this table fold easily when not in use for storage.

Wheels of the Stiga InstaPlay Table

There are four 3-inch mag wheels with ball bearings to help the table roll smoothly across different surfaces. The wheels also help in convenient transportability. All four wheels have a locking system to help keep the table securely locked in one place for additional stability. There is also a safety latch system at the base of the legs to ensure that the table doesn’t open even accidentally during storage.

Net and Post System

This particular table tennis table from Stiga includes a 66-inch net and post set with Velcro tension adjustments. The majority of the table tennis tables either have a fixed net system or a detachable net system. The fixed net system comprises brackets to help hold the net firmly in position when the game is on. The stationary nets on the other end are fixed on the table and you will not be able to remove it. One advantage in that as they are permanently held in their position and you will not lose them. But they can come in the way of flexibility and easy storage. The Stiga InstaPlay comes with a flexible and detachable net that you can remove and store safely after your game is over.


As the table features the patented InstaPlay technology, it comes almost pre-assembled out of the box. You only have to unfold the table and start playing the game You can always take assistance from a friend as the tables can also be heavy to handle. Other than this, there is absolutely no time wasting in table assembling. 


Apart from choosing a strong and durable table tennis table, it is important to buy those with decent guarantees to avoid money loss and disappointments. But this InstaPlay table from Stiga comes with genuine parts and it is durable and robust, that you will never face any breakdowns and problems throughout the life of the table. However, if in case you experience any break, the Stiga offers you a warrant and an authorization to replace the spare parts if they are damaged within the guarantee period. Even after the warranty period gets over, they can send you spare parts upon order.

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Overall Result

The Stiga InstaPlay is an expert table tennis table, that is good for the recreational player and training children. It is affordable and comes pre-assembled. It is made up of high-quality parts and thus you can expect it to stay with you for at least a decade. Overall, the table appeals for casual players and recreational players and is convenient to play and store.



  1. Hey Temba,

    Thank you for writing this review. I was not sure whether STIGA InstaPlay will be a good addition to my garage or not, but you did clear a lot of doubts and now I am definitely buying this amazing table tennis table.


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