STIGA Advantage Table Review 2020: Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga Advantage is an excellent competition-grade TT table that comes 95% pre-assembled out of the box. This high-quality ping pong table comes as an excellent addition for your home and office and features excellent playability and durability. The Stiga Advantage is a popular indoor ping pong table that has been graded as an entry-level table for recreational play. The model aims at recreational players and beginners and features a beautiful design and a sturdy frame. It carries a lot of eye-catching functionalities and is still priced much comfortably. Let us discuss the features of this table in detail here to know how it managed to be so influential among a whole lot of ping pong players. 

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review 2020

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table


  • The tabletop is 16 mm thick and thus offers a consistent bounce for even gameplay.
  • Foldable design with two halves of the table nesting into each other for comfortable storage.
  • The two halves can be separated from each other to behave as two independent tables. 
  • The table is easy to assemble and the entire assembly can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
  • The safety latch system comes very handily for families with small children.
  • 72” net and post system with clamp style attachment.


  • The table doesn’t support professional gameplay
  • The table is heavier than some of the ping pong tables from other brands

Key Highlights of STIGA Advantage Table

  • 10 minutes’ assembly time
  • Regular size ping pong table
  • 16 mm surface thickness
  • Weight is 195 lbs.
  • Independent table halves
  • 72” tournament-grade net system
  • Safety latch system
  • 1.2-inch steel tube aprons
  • Self-opening legs and casters with locks
  • Playback position available

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STIGA Advantage Ping Pong Table

Features of the Stiga Advantage Table

Stiga as a leading brand in Table Tennis was found in Sweden, about 75 years ago. It is still the leading brand that is involved in the manufacturing of high quality and affordable table tennis and ping pong products. It is known to offer the best features in its products and this Stiga Advantage is no exception.

1. Quality and thickness of the tabletop playing surface

Apart from adding to the ambience of the ping pong table, the surface of the table plays an important role in ball bounce as well. Some of the cheapest tables have a thin surface and do not come handy in rendering a consistent bounce. For recreational play, the minimum recommended thickness of the tabletop should be about 15 mm and for a professional and serious game, the recommended thickness is about 19 mm.

The Stiga advantage has a thickness of about 5/8” that corresponds to 16 mm thickness and is great for beginners and recreational ping pong players. The surface is also extremely durable and is coated for a smooth finishing. It is painted with the automated repeat roller coating process and is also a UV cure to render a durable, smooth, and consistent playing surface. The top layer of the table is lined with silkscreen striping as well.

A 1.2 inch welded steel apron supports the table around its corners and helps in an even bounce across the entire table surface. The apron renders additional support and ensures that the top remains flat and consistent over time. The apron features a black matte powder coating and carries the STIGA logo as well. 

2. Sturdy frame and undercarriage

The frame of the ping pong table plays the next important role, next to the tabletop in enhancing the quality of the game. The frame and the undercarriage of the legs need to be stable and strong so that table stands sturdy without wobbling. The frame of this table comprises of a 1.2” steel legs and a 1.2” steel tube aprons. The frame also comprises of 3” caster wheels with locking feature for additional stability. The legs and the apron of this table are surely sturdy and feel durable to withstand abusive play. There are rubber levelers on each of the legs to ensure that the table lies flat. 

3. Assembly

The Stiga advantage corresponds to the series of quick play tables from the brand and thus comes almost assembled in the box. You may have to hardly spend ten minutes in the final assembly and start playing the game. You can also take instructions from the manual that portrays easy and clear instructions. You can indeed complete the assembly in three easy steps. The two halves of the table have to be put together and linked with the net clamp. There is no need for additional physical connection points, as the combination of the wheel locks and the net clamp is sufficient to keep the two halves of the table in contact. 

4. Two independent table halves

The best feature of the Stiga advantage is that it features a unique chassis design with two independent table halves. Each half of the table will have independent caster beams to allow the two halves to stay separated and be used just as a freestanding multi-use table. The independent design of the table, allows the two halves of the table to nest into one another and thus helps with ultra-compact storage. 

5. Net and post set

The Stiga advantage ping pong stable features a tournament-grade 71”-net and post set with tension adjustments. Its premium cotton blend net leaves this to be a competition-grade table in no time. The net attaches with the post with the help of a clamp style attachment, thus making it easy to remove and assemble within seconds.

6. Safety latch system

There is a spring loading safety latch system at the undersides of the table that locks the table in its upright position for additional safety. With this safety latch system in place, you can be sure that your table will not open unwantedly without any intimation. 

7. Self-opening legs with casters and locks:

The sturdy square legs of this table feature a premium matte black coat finish creating a solid and sturdy structure. The rubber leg levelers protect the floor from scratches and help in custom height adjustments as well to render an even playing surface. For convenient transportability around the home, you can effortlessly and smoothly roll the table halves over different surfaces with the help of its 3-inch ball bearing wheels. All the eight wheels in the frame have a locking mechanism to keep the table in its place and to ensure additional stability and safety. 

8. Cost

The Stiga Advantage is comfortably priced. This table is an excellent value for money and supports excellent gameplay, though it is not a professional game table. It is a great table that strikes the perfect balance between price and quality and not many tables are available at this price point.

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Final Words

The Stiga Advantage comes as an excellent yet low budget ping pong table for homes, offices, and recreational centers. Though its top thickness doesn’t help with a professional level play, it still helps with a consistent bounce. Its folding halves and storage position amazes its users and its professional level net enhances the value of this table. There are no features like ball and paddle holders but this takes a top position in the list of durable tables with consistent bounce. 



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