SLK Halo Control XL Pickleball Paddle Review


This year Selkirk has been on a rampage dropping new paddles. So far, every pickleball paddle they’ve dropped is incredible. Selkirk has always been one of the leaders in paddle manufacturing, and they’re constantly incorporating the newest and best technology into their pickleball paddles.

The SLK Halo XL is one of the latest drops from SLk, and the performance did not disappoint. This is their entry into the raw carbon fiber (T700) arena.

I personally review the SLK Halo XL and tell you my thoughts and insights about this paddle to see if it’s worth the Hype.

SLK by Selkirk offers a more affordable option without sacrificing performance. The only real difference between SLK and Selkirk is that SLK is made in China, whereas Selkirk paddles are assembled in the United States.

SLK Halo XL Specifications

SLK halo XL
Thickness:13mm Or 16mm
Weight Range:7.5oz-8.2oz
Dimensions:16.4″ x 7.4″
Face:T700 Raw Carbon Fiber
Handle Length:5.70″

SLK Halo Max Specifications

SLK Halo Max
Thickness:13mm Or 16mm
Weight Range:7.5oz-8.2oz
Dimensions:16″ x 7.85″
Face:T700 Raw Carbon Fiber
Handle Length:4.85″

SLK Halo Pickleball Paddle Review


The spin on this paddle wasn’t incredibly impressive. During my serves and drives, I could generate good topspin movement on the ball, but the backspin was a little harder with the SLK Halo.

It’s a clear winner in a spin if it’s compared to a graphite or composite pickleball paddle, but compared to other T700 carbon-faced paddles on the market, it generates significantly less spin.

Control and Power

The SLK Halo XL is advertised as a paddle designed specifically for control, and the performance and playability on the court confirm it.

The raw carbon fiber face and polymer core feel extremely responsive. The 16mm standard Halo Max will give you a bit more control and stability, but the 13mm XL was still easy to control during dinks, drops, and resets.

Since this paddle has a slightly higher swing weight it was easy to generate enough power on drives and overheads, but I think it could have used a little more pop.

Furthermore, the heavyweight was a little harder to control at the net during fast-paced hands battles. I tend to like a midweight paddle so that could be a personal option. Overall this is very much a control paddle.

T700 pickleball paddles all feel and play very similarly, so if you’re already using a paddle like a Joola or CRBN, it’s a very easy transition.


The Halo wasn’t overly forgiving, but I did notice that when I caught the ball of the edges it didn’t feel completely dead. The sweet spot seems to be pretty large on this paddle, and it’s definitely more head weighed.

when I caught the ball in the center it felt good, but a little hollow for me personally. If you add a little lead tape it helps the paddle feel a lot more solid.


During my testing, I was very surprised. After drilling with this paddle for a couple of weeks and throwing it into my bag carelessly, I saw no signs of wear or dings on the face.

Carbon fiber is extremely durable, and on top of that, SLK has a fantastic warranty and great customer service.

Benefits and Drawbacks of The SLK Halo XL

The only real drawback for me was that the higher swing weight was harder to control during hand battles. If you’re comparing this to a premium carbon fiber paddle, then I wouldn’t say there was anything that the Halo excelled in; however, for a price point of $140, this is one of the best paddles out there.

You’re also getting the amazing customer service that Selkirk offers, along with great value for a Carbon fiber pickleball paddle.

What are Others Saying?

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to get your first raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle, the Halo XL or the Halo Max is the best place to start. However, if value or price is not your concern and you’re comparing this paddle to a premium paddle like a Joola Hyperion, then I would go with the Hyperion for more reliable spin and power.


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