Top 5 Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles 2021 – Comparison & Reviews


If you are a Pickleball enthusiast, you should have been obsessed with all the details about the game and should have experimented with several paddles from different brands. Well, if that is the case, how did you find the Pickleball paddles from Selkirk? Didn’t the technology that these paddles incorporate fascinate you? We know the answer is a big yes. For, the Selkirk Pickleball paddles incorporates several innovative techniques to enhance the overall game experience. Let us discuss these paddles in detail here along with the best products from the brand.

Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Comparison Table

Best Selkirk Pickleball PaddlesWeightPrice
#1. Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Paddle6.9 - 7.5 ozCheck Price Here
#2. Selkirk Amped Epic S2 Paddle7.3 - 8.3 ozCheck Price Here
#3. Selkirk Sport NEO Composite Paddle7.7 - 7.9 ozCheck Price Here
#4. Selkirk Amped Omni S2 Pickleball Paddle7.8 - 8.2 ozCheck Price Here
#5. Selkirk Amped Invikta Paddle7.3 - 8.3 ozCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Paddle

Check Price

  • Height: 15.65”
  • Weight: 6.9-7.5 oz.
  • Grip length: 5.25”
  • Skill level: Beginner to professional

Selkirk paddles are approved and tested by USAPA for tournament play. These paddles are the sports equipment of choice by professional players all over the world. One important feature of these paddles is that they have the widest paddle face. They feature bold colors and offer an awesome performance. This is an excellent paddle for all-round performance. These paddles feature bold colors and are lightweight. These paddles are ideal for players who wish to exhibit exceptional performance in the court and wish to push the boundaries of the game.

The paddle consists of a powerful polymer core and a composite surface. Owing to the durable and consistent polymer core at the center, the paddle features excellent responsiveness along with ample sweet spots. The innovative PolyFlex composite surface of the paddle enhances the performance of the paddle to many folds. Its ability to neutralize spins from the opposite side is what escalates the functionality of these paddles.

The paddles also feature a rugged EdgeSentry guard to offer more protection at the edges, preventing chipping. The paddle is thus not just sleek and comfortable but is highly durable as well.


  • Available in five different and vibrant colors
  • EdgeSentry edge guard protection with a thin grip handle
  • Powercore polymer core with poly flex surface


  • Very lightweight paddle, and may not appeal to aggressive players

#2. Selkirk Amped Epic S2 Paddle

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The Selkirk Amped Epic paddles offer a large sweet spot and the face of these paddles is highly responsive than ever before. These paddles are powered by an innovative and patent-pending X5 polypropylene core to amplify the control and power of the paddle. The paddle also features a re-engineered FiberFlex fiberglass face to enhance the feel and performance of the paddle. The new AMPED technology ensures that the paddle is larger and highly responsive with ample sweet spots.

The Amped series from Selkirk has been enhanced to offer the best balance between power and control. The paddles are available in both mid-weight and lightweight options. The midweight options render additional power and are popular for playing singles. The lightweight models are recommended for beginners and intermediate players. The paddle also has an edge sentry edge guard to balance weight and enhance its durability.


  • Features an innovative glass fiber-based Fiberflex face along with a polypropylene core technology.
  • Extremely thick paddle core to enhance performance benefits.
  • The AMPED unibody design fuses the X5 core and Fiber flex face for best performance and durability.


  • The graphics on the face of the paddle has a different texture and might hinder with the quality of its spins.

#3. Selkirk Sport NEO Composite Paddle

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  • Height of the paddle: 15.67”
  • Weight: 7.7-7.9 oz.
  • Grip circumference: 4.12”
  • Skill level: Beginners and intermediate players

The Selkirk Pickleball paddles are approved by the USAPA and are been used by several renowned tournament players all over the world. The new NEO paddle series from Selkirk features a lightweight design along with vinyl graphics in NEO red color. You will love its stunning looks and exceptional paddle protection. As the weight of the paddle and grip circumference is within the range, this paddle is ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

The best feature of this paddle is its power core paddle core which encompasses a polymer composite surface. The core of this paddle is durable, powerful, and consistent. Its composite hitting surface helps with superior hitting performance with ample sweet spots. With the help of this paddle, you can handle any ball with confidence and stun the opponent with superior game action.

The paddle comprises of a lightweight ThinGrip for some excellent wrist action and confident control over the ball. The cushioned grip helps you to sway the paddle as you wish while minimizing fatigue and strain on the wrists.


  • Excellent paddles for Amateurs players
  • Paddle renders excellent values and good playability and is highly maneuverable.
  • Excellent construction, and lightweight paddles that are easy to play with.


  • The paddles are meant only for indoor play.
  • They come in only one grip size and there are fewer options for customization.

#4. Selkirk Amped Omni S2 Pickleball Paddle

Check Price

  • Paddle weight: 7.8-8.2 oz.
  • Paddle length: 16 ½”
  • Grip length: 4 ¼”
  • Grip circumference: 4 ¼”

The Selkirk Omni S2 pickleball paddles belong to the revamped 2021 AMPED range from Selkirk. These paddles are known for their fresh and new graphics and their enhanced reliability. These paddles are also known for their ability to retain control and power and helps the players to attend even the most difficult ball with utmost confidence.

These paddles are built with top-line technology to amplify the game to the next new level. These paddles have been developed with the insights of the US Open tournament champion, Glen Peterson. These paddles feature an elongated paddle face and a short handle, one important characteristic of these paddles is that they have a larger sweet spot, owing to their bigger surface area and shorter handles.

The revamped edge guard adhesion makes the AMPED much durable with improved stability and performance. This Pickleball paddle comprises of durable polypropylene honeycomb technology, Fiberflex surface, and a comfort grip.


  • Excellent elongated paddle with excellent consistency and sweet spot.
  • Improved performance stability.
  • Fiberglass surface for best spin and performance


  • The paddle is a little expensive to be afforded by beginners

#5. Selkirk Amped Invikta Paddle

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  • Weight: 7.3-7.8 oz.
  • Grip length 5 ¼”
  • Length: 16 ½”

This paddle is known for rendering extreme reach without compromising the sweet spot on the paddle. It has been engineered jointly with the national champion Tyson McGuffin. This paddle is known for its pleasant touch and versatility and allows players to react to any type of balls the opponent spins at them. Though these paddles have an elongated surface and shorter handles, they are pretty much different from other elongated paddles, thanks to the inherent technology the AMPED series of paddles from Selkirk possess.

The handle length of these paddles helps with more comfort and maneuverability. The polymer core of the paddles decreases impact while concurrently creating a feel of consistent control. Players have an option to choose between thin and standard grip size and these paddles feature an ‘S’ logo on their head, to differentiate them from the duplicates.


  • Unibody design with the X5 core and Fiberflex face fused for best performance and durability.
  • Edgesentry guard to protect the edges of the paddle.
  • Thick polypropylene polymer core that amplifies performance.


  • The narrower face of the paddle decreases the reach of the sweet spot.
  • The paddle is pretty costlier than its similar variants available in the market.

A Sneak Peek to the History of Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk is a family-owned business and the paddles they have crafted is the vision of two brothers and their father. It is their vision that has resulted in the creation of technologically innovative paddles from Selkirk. The Barnes family has vouched to offer the most creative and high performing equipment as far as the sport is concerned and has truly redefined the way the world views the game. Their exceptional Pickleball paddle that incorporates state of the art technology inspires people to adopt the game extensively.

Selkirk sport was first launched in the year 2013 as a family-owned business with deep roots in quality and innovation. The paddles are manufactured in the Great American Pacific Northwest with industry-leading design and by making use of high-quality materials. Their innovative technology is behind the performance and craftsmanship of these paddles and they strive to come with a new paddle every time with cutting edge technology.

The range of paddles from Selkirk is manufactured by keeping different types of players in mind, be it a competitive, recreational or professional player and their variant skill set. The paddles are manufactured with premium materials and they ensure high performing paddles with excellent customer service every time.

Pickleball Paddles From Selkirk – Buying Guide

Selkirk has released a diverse range of paddles with diverse features to yield to the inherent tastes and skill levels of players. The different type of paddles from this manufacturer includes Selkirk Omni, maxima, epic, Invikta, neo, etc. All of these paddles throw keen focus on both power and control without any compromise. Other important features that you should throw focus on before buying a paddle from Selkirk are as follows.

  1. Paddle shape and weight:

All of the paddles from Selkirk are available in two variants, namely midweight models and lightweight models. They are open for customization and you can choose the variant at the time of your order. The midweight models render ample additional power. These are popular among players who are proficient in tennis. These paddles best suit singles match.

On the other hand, lightweight models render quicker hand speed. Players who are proficient with squash, table tennis, and Racquetball games find these paddles efficient. These Pickleball paddles best suit beginners and intermediate players. If you are some with no prior racquet or paddle sport experience, then you should choose lightweight models.

  1. Paddle core:

The core of the Selkirk paddles follows a revolutionary and patent-pending technology. Its X5 core consists of a thick polypropylene polymer core that fuses perfectly with the fiberglass hitting surface. It renders several performance-enhancing attributes that include enhancing the larger sweet spot and shock absorption properties when the ball hits hard at the racquet.

  1. Hitting surface:

Fiberflex face consists of glass-based fiber lines the hitting surface of the paddle. This gets the paddle extremely reflective and also helps in better ball handling by the players. The redesigned face amplifies the power of the paddle, while concurrently keeping the ball under control.

  1. Excellent design of the paddles:

The paddles consist of a unibody design that perfectly and permanently fuses the core and the fiberflex face of the paddle, to enhance the performance of the paddle and to improve its durability. Also, the paddles consist of an Edge sentry guard that protects the edges of the paddles by balancing their weight. Such a construction is mandatory to preserve the paddle during extensive games.

  1. Budget:

The paddles from Selkirk are known to offer a range of performance benefits while concurrently helping the player to strike the perfect balance between power and control. They are competitively priced at $149.99. But their built and performance attributes match its cost.

Who is this paddle for?

The paddles from Selkirk are for Pickleball players who want to add a little more reach and additional power to their serves and shots. This is also an excellent paddle brand for those who wish to serve aggressively, and no wonder it is been used by several professional players in the field.

As these paddles are elongated, they help in a lot of wrist action, which involves cocking the wrist and getting the paddle parallel to the ground, for a perfect backhand dink. Finally, these paddles enhance the sweet spot of the paddle and offer a lot of confidence and accuracy for the game.

Final Verdict

Selkirk is one of the leading names when it comes to Pickleball paddles. Players of all skill sets can confidently start using the paddle for their game and find a significant growth in their play-action. We hope our review helps you in justifying your decision of choosing Selkirk paddles for your Pickleball game.



  1. After reading you reviews, I went with the Selkirk Amped Invikta Paddle. It performs just like you say, and suits my game perfectly.

  2. I am a big fan of Selkirk Paddles, I have used this brand from last year and I haven’t faced an issue apart from the selection dilemma which I generally face when I try to upgrade my equipment.

    Since I started playing Pickleball more aggressively, I had thoughts of upgrading my paddle and I can’t think of any other brand than Selkirk, but with so many options I had to read reviews to find out which one really suits my needs and these Selkirk pickleball paddle reviews have really solved my problem and made buying a lot easier.


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