How to Recover after Volleyball Training or Game?


More than getting trained in a game and performing it well, rest and regeneration after the game is vital and important. It gets the sports person mentally and physically ready for future games and eliminates the risks of injury. Recovering after volleyball training helps in maintaining the body’s balance and allows it to recover naturally.

Recover after Volleyball Training or Game

Why is Recovery After Volleyball Training Mandatory?

  • Recovery helps in acquiring significant gains in the game performance.
  • Those who work out hard and never spend time recovering, are not working out smartly.
  • Light exercises on rest days, also termed as active rest helps in recovering faster.
  • Those who are not recovering properly are fatigued both physically and mentally. 
  • Volleyball recovery allows to train often and harder to gain more out of training.
  • Recovery helps the body to replenish the energy stores and repair the damaged tissues.

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Top Ways to Recover After a Volleyball Game and Training

Recovery makes all the hard work pay off and also eliminates the risk of fatigue, injury, muscle breakdown, and a worn-out mind. Some of the best tactics to recover after a volleyball game are rendered here.

1. Stretching exercises:

Including stretching exercises in the routine helps to prevent injury and also helps the player to perform at their best. Both static and dynamic stretches can be performed to recover after volleyball training and volleyball game. 

2. Cryotherapy or treatment with ice:

Cryotherapy treatment has been in practice in Japan and Europe for more than three decades. Cryotherapy is a method of exposing the body to low temperatures to stimulate the nervous system and to activate the receptors in the skin. The various benefits of this treatment include a decrease in soreness and inflammation and it also reduces fatigue in the body. It also stimulates circulation and supplies oxygenated blood to the damaged tissues. 

3. Body Massage:

Deep tissue massage after strenuous exercise can help in diminishing the scar tissues in the body. Body massage helps in improving lymphatic circulation and drainage to enhance the range of motion and flexibility in the affected areas. Deep tissue massage can help improve the symptoms of constant pain and long term stiffness. Having a deep tissue massage will help the trainer for another day of hard work and most of all massage serves as an excellent way of stress relief.

4. Rolling over a foam:

Foam rolling is a passive form of massage with the help of a soft and spongy roll. In this technique, the therapist will apply a low load dragging force for a long duration along with the soft tissues in the body. This technique can help increase blood flow throughout the body and helps in better body movement and increased range of motion. The foam rolling technique enhances the time of recovery with very less recovery time. While doing a foam rolling exercise, the first part to start with is the calves to help relieve the ankles and reduce their fatigue and can be proceeded with the hips, and the hand muscles.

5. Taking enough rest and sleep:

Sleep is the most important aspect of volleyball recovery game. Apart from a good diet and exercise, it is mandatory to have enough sleep. It is during sleep that the body produces enough hormones, which are responsible for promoting repair and adequate tissue growth. 

6. Consuming a well-balanced and nutritious diet:

The best way to recover after strenuous volleyball training and exercise is to eat the most nutritious foods. Once you have depleted all the energy stores of the body with exercise, it is important to refuel it, to help the body to recover. Taking nutritious foods helps to repair tissues and get stronger for the next day and the next challenge. Consuming the right amount of food that contains carbohydrates after training, when the body is still warm, helps in restoring the replenished muscle glycogen. It is beneficial to take adequate servings of fruit or vegetables every day to develop a strong anti-oxidant system in the body. 

7. Mild exercises to cool down:

Generally, after strenuous training athletes perform low grade walks at a very low intensity for about 5 to 10 minutes to cool down their body. These moves and stretches help in removing the lactic acid from the muscles and also helps in reducing muscle stiffness. Warming down has been taught at high school level volleyball training to help volleyball players develop the habit of warming down after strenuous game training. 

8. Avoid overtraining the muscles:

Symptoms of overtraining include malaise, depression, increased risk of injury and decreased sports performance. All volleyball players, irrespective of their level of expertise required to follow a well-designed volleyball strength and conditioning program to avoid over-training their muscles and to help themselves with a better volleyball recovery regimen. Players should remember that training very often can limit their volleyball strength gains and also undermine their recovery efforts.

9. Constant check on fluids and electrolytes:

We all know that replacing the water and electrolytes during exercise is vital. After volleyball training players should ensure that they should replace the body’s calcium, potassium, and sodium levels as these vital minerals are lost through sweating in the course of the game. Apart from taking adequate water and nutritious food, it is important to take sports drinks that are rich in electrolytes. They also help to maintain acid-base balance in the body, which is critical to strength gaining and performance in the game.

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Bottom Line

Volleyball recovery is absolutely important for all players as a faster recovery allows people to train more often and train harder to enhance their stance in the game. As we all know, while performing a strenuous activity or exercise, we break down the body, and it is during the recovery that we get a chance to heal and grow stronger. Practicing a regular recovery routine can be highly beneficial both mentally and physically and plays an important role in training the player for the following day’s game plan.



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