Racquetball Scoring Rules: How to Keep Score in Racquetball


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Racquetball is an easy game to learn and can be an excellent cardio workout as well. The game is excellent for enhancing the eye-hand co-ordination of the players as well. This game is hard to master and the players can find it hard to keep up its scores too. This guide will help you learn how to keep scores in a racquetball game and master it like a pro. 

The Serves and the Scoring System of the Racquetball Game

The game starts when one of the players serves the ball. The serve is made when the player stands inside the service box, drop the ball and allow it to bounce once, before launching it off the front wall. Once the serve hits the front wall, it can hit the ceiling or another wall, before it lands past the short line. If the service doesn’t hit the front wall, or if it lands short of the short line, then it is considered a fault. The server will again try the service, and they will lose service if it is a double fault.

After making a successful service, the opponent will return it before it bounces more than once. If the service is also returning it, they should hoot the front wall with the shot, before it touches the ground. They can get the front wall in multiple ways.

  • Hit the ball directly off the front wall
  • Divert it off a sidewall to the front wall
  • Carom it off the ceiling to touch the front wall etc.

Angles with little creativity is important to control the ball in this game. The server aims to strike the front wall so low and hard, that the opponent finds it difficult to return them. The aim of the server should also focus on getting the opponent to move around the court, get them off the position, and set up difficult shots for them. 

The players can score points only when they are serving. If the server scores a point, they keep up their servers. The layer who works up to 15 points is the winner of the game. If the server wins the first game and the opponent wins the second, a tie-breaker to 11 points is instructed to decide on the winner of the match.

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Racquetball Scoring Rules

Racquetball Scoring

According to the racquetball rules laid by the governing bodies, each of the matches comprises of three sets. The player who wins the best of these three sets will win the match. The first two sets comprise 15 points and the third match is played for 11 points. The player who scores first wins the match. Since the players can score only when they are serving, it is important not to lose a serve from a serve out or avoidable faults.

Rally in the racquetball game comprises of a series of shots between two players. It generally starts with a serve and ends when the players miss to return the ball to the front wall successfully or makes a fault. If the server wins the rally, one point is awarded to him. Similarly, if the opponent wins the rally, he takes over the server, without any points. If the server makes a double fault, during the service, the opponent then gains a point.

When the server hits the ball on the front wall and when the opponent is trying to return it, he has to do it before the ball bounces twice on the ground. A maximum of one bounce is allowed on the ground, else the server will gain a point. If the player carries the ball on the racquet, the point is transferred to the opponent. 

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Scoring Sets and Points

The scoring rules that pertain to the racquetball game are simple. Three sets are played in a single match. Set one consists of 15 points, set 2 is played for 15 points, and set 3 is played for 11 points. A player has to win a majority of sets or matches to win the tournament. To win a set a player should win one extra point apart from the 15 points. The player who first scores the maximum points wins that respective set. If a player wins the two matches consecutively, then they are deemed the winner. The third set will not be played in such situations. 


There can be situations when the player and his opponent get into a tie-breaking situation. Generally, if the player and his opponent win the first two sets of matches, the third set will be a tie-breaker. The tie-breaker team is generally played up to 11 points and the player who gains one extra point generally wins the match.  In the third set, the player who has gained the most of the points in the previous two sets will take their chance to serve.

The Best Strategy to Score in Racquetball

The winning strategies that are followed by professional racquetball players are similar to that of the squash game. In this game, the player gains access to the sides of the court while leveraging at the center of the court, which is pretty much closer to the receiving line. To win this battle, players should get their opponent run more in the court to return their shots and get tired. Yet another winning strategy to accumulate scores is to keep returning the ball as low as possible so that it becomes very difficult for the opponent to return it. In short, the player has to occupy the center place and get their opponent to move to the sides of the court by practicing a lot of cross-court shots and lobs.

Final Words

The rule about score keeping of the racquetball game is governed by the International Racquetball Federation. The ultimate rule to score well in the racquetball game is to learn and get familiar with the game and its scoring rules. This happens with practice and players generally get accustomed to the scoring rules within a few months.



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