Prince Tour 98 ESP Racket Review


The prince tour 98 ESP racket is one of the best in the market as it can improve your game by helping you have more control over your shots. So, control is one integral part of this racket, but there are many more features that racket provides, let’s check out the scores of all those features.

FeatureEditor Score


  • Promises greater control and powerful strokes
  • Ideal for intermediate players
  • Features advanced Extreme Spring Pattern (ESP) and EXO3 technologies
  • Enhanced spinning techniques
  • Can manage all spin spots exceptionally well


  • Volleys aren’t impressive

The Prince Tour 98 Racket: Introduction

The tennis racket from Prince Sports is one of the latest offerings by the brand. It has been equipped with the advanced Extreme Spring Pattern (ESP) technology and EXO3 technology. These help in creating a larger sweet spot on the racket. This racket is unique and will help you advance your skills over time. This well-rounded racket offers you enhanced control over your shots.

This racket is a versatile and light racket that is apt for players who are looking for more control in the game. The unique pattern of the string provides greater control to the players to spin the ball while hitting the shots. You should opt for this racket if you are looking to derive more topspin from your shots.

Prince Sports brand is known for offering an excellent set of features in their offerings. This racket is apt for intermediate players. This well balanced and versatile racket also assists amateurs when they are trying to master their skill set and control the direction of their shots.

The Tour Franchise has been developed by the company for offering the enhanced feel and supreme control to the players. The use of TexTreme material promises more stability and laser-like precision to the players.

Prince Tour 98 ESP Racket: Features

Here are the characteristics of this spectacular offering from Prince Sports.

  • Superior control

The best thing about this Prince Tour racket is that it ensures greater accuracy of your shots. This racket provides a greater control owing to the use of ESP Spin Technology while designing the racket. This technology coupled with 98 square inch head size augments spin and control capability to the players.

  • Enhanced spinning technique

The alignment of strings on this racket imparts a substantial boost to your shots. This racket handles all spin shots including side spin, underspin, and topspin. 16×16 strings provide ample sweet spot to players to spin a ball.

  • Exceptional design

The shape of a racket immensely affects the point of impact of the ball on the strings. Larger rackets are more elliptical. This is because it boosts strength. Round rackets promise greater accuracy and control to a player. The design of this racket is a mix of the two. This is the reason why it offers the best of both round and elliptical rackets.

  • Power strokes

The only negative thing about this racket is that it sacrifices the strength for accuracy. It is light in weight so that you can add that you can swing the racket conveniently for hitting appropriate shots. If you want to excel at gaining more control over your shot and for lengthening your swing, then this racket is just for you.

  • Head size

This tennis racket has a head those measures 98 inches long. This size is small in comparison to other rackets. A smaller head means you have better control over ball placement. Although the sweet spot is small, the control offered by the racket is tremendous. You can direct the shots as per your convenience.

  • Length

This racket measures 27 inches in length. This length is the USTA standard for tennis rackets. This length makes the racket comfortable to hold. This size is appropriate when it comes to string configuration. The overall weight and feel are also great.

  • Balance and weight

The weight of a tennis racket is quite crucial in determining your performance in the game. This racket is neither light nor heavy. It is slightly towards the heavier end. This implies that this racket promises a stronger punch while coming in contact with the ball. This racket feels just perfect in hand.

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Who should opt for Prince Tour 98 Tennis Racket?

This racket has been designed for intermediate and advanced players. Prince Sports has done a commendable job when it comes to design. This racket offers better control to the users. Tour 98 tennis racket is available in different sizes. You can choose the head size which is most suitable for you. If you are looking for a larger sweets pot and head, then you can go for Prince Tour 100.

  • Ground strokes

This racket is incredible from the baseline. It offers a clean feel to the users and spins the ball well. The player can hit power shots. Players who prefer a heavy racket that is easy to maneuver can go for this model. It will certainly enhance your performance in the game.

  • Serves

This racket is exceptional when it comes to serves. You can derive enough power and spin while serving with this racket. Those who make flat first serve will not be able to appreciate this racket.

In summary

Prince Tour 98 racket looks quite appealing with its yellow frame and black edges. This racket is perfect for players looking to improve their spin. It doesn’t feel heavy and is easy to maneuver. The use of advanced technology in boosting the features makes it a great choice for intermediate players who want to hit deep, strong strokes.


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