POP Tennis Rules & Court Dimensions: Ultimate Guide


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POP Tennis is an engaging sport that never fails to entertain its players. POP Tennis (also known as paddle tennis), has been made popular of late and is played on shorter courts with lower compression tennis balls. POP tennis also features the same scoring system like that of tennis and it can best be played both indoors and outdoors. Most of all, POP tennis is very easy to learn. It is a fun game that kids and adults can play and enjoy. There is nothing much to grab and prepare for this game as well. Have to simply grab the ball and the racquet and start playing.

POP Tennis Court Dimensions

You can play the POP Tennis game in three different types of courts. Singles game can be played on 21 x 60 feet court, whereas the doubles game can be played in 21 x 50 feet court or 27 x 60 feet court lines. 

Even if you don’t have an official POP Tennis court to play on, you can easily convert any standard size tennis court to a POP tennis court by creating lines with the help of a tape. The smaller size tennis court can be created even in your lawn or your backyard. 

  • The dimensions of the standard pop tennis court

Length of the court: 50 feet Baseline and 44’ service line with 20’ sideline. The Basic court is 50 feet long and 20 feet wide. The Service line lies 3-feet within the baseline. 

  • Fencing:

It is appropriate to have fencing around the POP tennis court. The height of the fence is at a minimum of 10 feet. The length and width of the fencing are about 40’ wide and 80’ long.

  • Net and Posts:

The Net of the POP tennis court is constructed of heavy cotton or deluxe braided polyethylene material. The top of the net shall be exactly 31 inches above the surface for the entire width of the court. The net is pulled taut with the help of a steel cable that will pass over the top of the two net posts. The posts shall be 18” outside the two sidelines. Not more than one-inch sag is allowed at the center.

  • Court surface:

The base surface of the court can be the same as that of conventional tennis courts. The ground can be of textured acrylic finish to help with an even playing surface for the players. The hardcourt playing surface can be either light blue or green. The side and the rear areas to the fencing should be of Terra-Cotta. 

  • Lighting:

The lighting for the court is best mounted on the pole and it should not be over 20’ high. The Brightness of the lighting should be at least 30 foot-candles and should be distributed across the surface of the court.

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Rules for Playing the POP Tennis Game

The POP Tennis game is played with the help of a pressurized tennis ball as approved by the Us Tennis Association for tournament play. The internal pressure of this ball is reduced so that it will have a bounce between 31-33” when dropped from a height of about 6 feet. The ball is generally punctured with the help of a hypodermic needle to achieve the needed bounce. 

The POP tennis paddle is made up of solid materials and its dimensions should not be nor more than 18 ½ x 9 ½ cm. The paddle can be textured or perforated, but should not have strings. The paddles need to be approved by the Paddle Tennis Association of the United States. 

Serving and Scoring System

The serving team is decided with a coin flip and the player is allowed to serve only once and the service is regarded as a fault when he misses the ball during the serve or when the ball touches the net in its attempt to reach the opponent’s side. The server has two options to handle his serve. He can either toss the ball in the air or bounce it behind the base of the court. But once he chooses a method, he should stick on to it with the entire set. 

The ball should not be served over 21” height, failing which the referee offers a warning for the player. ‘Lets’ are allowed just like tennis to let the server try the serve again if the ball touches the net and enters the playable area. overall, the game rules and game action of POP tennis is the same as that of the Tennis game. 

During the serve, no body parts of the serves should touch the baseline, failing which, the players loses the point. At the end of each set, the role is reversed as the receiver becomes the serve and vice versa. 

In a singles match, the server should wait for the bounce before returning the ball. Whereas in the doubles match, only of the players should attend the ball, and if both players do, it is considered a fault.

The players can score about 4 points per game (the first point is 15, the second point is 30, the third point is 40 and the 4th point is the game) and eight points per set. The team or the players who are the first to achieve a set, within the maximum court time of one hour is said to win the game. They can easily score points by helping the opposing team to miss a serve! In the event of a tiebreaker, to break the tie, the same rules of the tennis advantage set apply here. 

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Final Words

POP Tennis is a series game with ample scope for fun and entertainment. It suits players of all ages, levels, and skillsets. For official games, the rules are set by The International POP Tennis Association and for recreational games, the sky is the limit for your improvisation and imagination. Have fun POPing the ball in the playground, in your backyard or wherever you feel like and use this as a chance to catch up with your pals. 


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