Pickleball vs Wiffle Ball: The Difference


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Both the Pickleball and Wiffle ball games render the right mix of fun, exercise, and competition for the players. Both of them are paddle sports that interest people with all skill sets.  Both these games are played with plastic balls with holes in them. But the pickleball is slightly lighter, heavier with more holes. It is also brighter in color when compared with the Wiffle ball. They relate and differ from each other in specific ways and let us ascertain their similarities and differences in detail in this Pickleball vs Wiffle ball comparison here.

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Pickleball Court

This is one of the most popular and the fastest-growing sport in the world, adopted by people of all communities and ages. It is a predominant sport of those who play badminton, ping pong, and tennis. Pickleball is played on a badminton court for doubles and its dimensions are 20×44 feet. The entire court is divided into two halves with a low lying net. There is a kitchen or a no-volley zone in the middle of the court, from where the players are not allowed to serve. Serves are mostly underhand and the ball is allowed to hit the court once, before the opponent volleys it.
The game is played with a solid paddle and a perforated plastic ball.

The paddles of Pickleball were traditionally made of wood, but in modern times it is made of composite materials like graphite and aluminum. Pickleball tournaments are gaining great momentum all over the world and are gaining popularity among older adults for physical activity and exercise it renders.

Women with Pickleball paddle

Wiffle ball

Wiffle ball is an offspring of baseball and is commonly played in the backyards, streets and other confined places. In contrast to the paddle, Wiffle ball is played with the help of a long plastic bat, which is used to toss the resilient plastic ball.

Wiffle ball court (image copyright:kansascity.com)

This miniature version of the baseball is designed for a team of two to ten players. The aim of each of the teams in this game is to score runs, more than their opponents to accumulate points and win the game. The game is designed to be played in confined places and there is not much balls chasing and running involved.

The game is played in two teams, one for hitting and the other for pitching and the number of members in each team is decided by the players available (preferably from 2-10 players). Each of the hitters has to face three balls from the pitcher and hit the same into the scoring zones.  Failing which, the hitter will be out of the game. The team that scores the maximum runs win the match.

Differences Between the Two Games

AttributesPickleballWiffle ball
Play equipmentPickleball is played with the help of a paddle and a perforated plastic pickleballThe game is played with the help of a plastic bat and a perforated oblong ball
Field sizeThe size of the Pickleball court is roughly 20 feet by 40 feet, with a net dividing the court into two halvesThe dimensions of a Wiffle ball court is 20 feet in width and 60 feet long. The field is triangular and there are markers for home run areas and singles, doubles, and triple scoring zones. 
No of PlayersPickleball can be played between two or four players as a single or doubles match.The team can comprise of two to ten players. According to the number of players, each team will have a pitcher, catchers, and fielders for the different zones.
ScoringScores are offered for the serving team and each team can gain a maximum score of up to 11 points.Scored are implied to the team based on the zones they hit the ball hit, namely singles, doubles, and triples zone


Both the Wiffle ball and Pickleball games are entirely different from each other when we consider the type of field, no of players and the nature of the gameplay. The only common feature they have between them is the size and the nature of the ball with which the game is played. But both these games are excellent pass times for people of all ages and require excellent stamina and endurance to win over the opponent.


  1. Our city just authorized a large sum to make a field for wiffleball and I have found more interest with pickle ball. I feel there is a mistake as what is most popular . I think they got it wrong.Your thoughts appreciated.

    • I completely agree, Wiffleball can be played on any sort of grass field. Pickleball on the other hand has a particular set of rules (double-bounce rule, Kitchen rules) and boundaries that require a regulation court.Not to mention it’s the fastest growing sport in the United States!


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