Pickleball vs. Racquetball: Know the Difference


With the increasing popularity of racquet games, more people are getting attracted to these games every day. Inspired by the famous tennis and badminton players across the world, many enter into this sport and later get exposure to many of the variants in the racquet & paddle games. Though Squash, paddleball, racquetball, ping pong are unique sports of the same category, those who are new to the field are quite unaware of the differences and misinterpret the games. After this read, you will be clear about the pickleball and racquetball basics.

Know The Pickleball

  • Basics

The very simple game of pickleball doesn’t need any special skill and attracts people of different age groups in a pretty interesting way. The sport can be played as singles or two per team (doubles). The sport follows the same rules for both modes of playing and people prefer to play the doubles mode as it allows more number of players in it. It can be set at an indoor or outdoor court. In the beginning, you can choose any fair method to identify the serving side and accordingly can progress the game.

Pickleball Court

As the game has got its inclinations more to the tennis and badminton side, most of its rules are similar. Right from the court, net everything is followed in the pickleball also. The court size will be more or less the same as that of a badminton court, but the net will be just above the ground level like the one used tennis game. The ball used here will be weightless plastic balls and interestingly it will be full of holes! And going to the pickleball paddle, it has got a textured flat panel made from a solid material.

Pickleball Paddle & Ball
  • The serve

Only the underhand serves are allowed in the game. Also, the serves must be initiated outside the baseline with one-foot distance. Before the service, you can’t enter the court. All the paddle contacts must be carried out below the navel height. The serves are permitted diagonally and make sure that it lands within the opponent’s diagonal court and only one serve try is allowed.

  • Scoring pattern

In a normal gaming plan, the games can be prolonged up to 11 points with a 2 point win strategy whereas, in tournaments, they will extend it up to 15 or 21 points. The chance of point-scoring is only for the serving team.

Know The Racquetball

Racquetball is another popular game amongst the racquet lovers, and this can be played in the indoor mode only. The unique feature of the game is the unavailability of the net across the court. Here the player has to bounce the ball against the wall. Also, you can’t mark any out of bounds areas in this sport. Normally played in an independent court with a player strength of 2 to 4 in the singles or doubles matches respectively, people rate it as an extraordinary cardiovascular exercise.

The 22″ rackets are used in the game with an oval frame. The racket frames are evolved from the wood to the latest fiberglass rims. They guarantee maximum power at each strike with easy racquet handling leather grip. The racquetballs are assuring the maximum bouncing effects as they are made of rubber. On average, players use 2.25″ diameter balls in the game.

  • Serve and scoring

In the service, the player must ensure that the ball hits the front wall after a bounce. Also, the ball must fall within the shot line. Many faulty cases are referred to in the game rule, and without breaking those rules, who is scoring more points can win the game. The series of shots between the players within a serve and end is the ‘rally’. If a server wins a rally he can earn one point; otherwise, the opponent will get the chance to serve but won’t get any advantage on scoring.

Final Verdict

The pickleball and the racquetballs are the two important faces of outdoor and indoor games. Though they vary a lot in the gaming rules and mode of play, the enthusiasts always love to embrace both according to the seasons. As many clubs are sincerely taking up these games, it is no more a mere exercise. Go ahead with your racquet & paddle passions!


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