Pickleball Net Dimensions: Height And Width


If you’re a skilled enough player to hit shots that are clearing the net by fractions of an inch, then having the correct pickleball net dimensions is a vital factor.

Let’s dive into the width and height of a pickleball net, and why it’s important to consider.

Pickleball Net Height

The height of a regulation pickleball net is 34 inches (83.36 cm) tall in the middle and 36 inches (91.44 cm) on the side posts.

Just like a tennis net or badminton net, there is a difference in height between the side posts and the center of the net.

That 2-inch difference creates a lot more room for error for testy drop shots down the middle.

Since the middle of the net has more slack than the side posts, you’re much more likely to get away with let shots.

As far as strategy goes, I would focus on hitting low drives, and quick reaction shots down the middle of the net, and controlled dinks and drops over the sides of the net.


Pickleball Net Width

A regulation-sized pickleball net is 22 feet wide (6.71 meters). The net flares out about a foot on either side of the pickleball court.

If you have a portable pickleball net that can be adjusted, you can play around with the width of the net to practice skinny singles.


You really should not worry too much about the pickleball net dimensions if it’s an inch or two off and you’re playing casually.

However, if you’re drilling low, testy dink shots, or drives, that just barely creeps over the net, then knowing that you’re playing on a net that meets the regulatory requirements can have a massive benefit.


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