MD Sports Table Tennis Table Review 2021


The table tennis table from MD sports is an official regulation size indoor table tennis table with a lot of accessories including paddles and balls. This is an exceptional table that helps with both singles and family games. Being a very durable table, it has several competent features such as easy folding capability, ability to adopt different positions, quick and easy storage, etc. The table also possesses caster wheels along with brake for stability and easy moving. Its apron and plastic sides help in rendering additional support for a finished look. The table offers a lot of surprises for its users and we shall unfold all of them, one by one here.

MD Sports Table Tennis Table Review


  • The table features a reinforced four-piece construction along with a thick tabletop for great bounce and authentic experience. 
  • It serves as an epitome of a classic budget-friendly table tennis table.
  • There are ample protective features in this table, which allows you to play the game comfortably, even when small children are around the table.
  • The surface of the table is 15 mm in thickness and is also reinforced for a consistent bounce and ambient game experience.
  • The locking caster wheels and protective caps helps in easy and efficient transportable
  • You can refer to the BILT intelligent instructions app to get to know the complete assembling instructions of the table. 
  • Folds seamlessly for solo playback mode and storage.


  • The four-piece design of the table can misalign as they expand and contract over time. Over time the table can become unplayable owing to its faulty design.
  • The assembly part of this table is extremely difficult and it is time-consuming at the same time.

Key Specifications

  • Comes as a complete table tennis package with the 8-piece set
  • Space-saving table
  • Resilient 15 mm tabletop helps in optimal ball bounce
  • Its steel apron helps with additional stability and support.
  • Dimensions of the table are 108” L x 60” W x 30” H
  • Weight: 121.5 pounds
  • The table comes with assembly
  • Solo playback mode
  • Eminent indoor gaming table for kids and adults
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Instant Indoor Table Tennis Gaming Set

The MD sports regulation size ping pong table comes as a complete gaming package with an eight-piece set. It comprises of a tournament size table with a removable net, two paddles, two posts, and two ping pong balls. Thus, this table tennis table allows you to enjoy a fast-action play in the game room and garage. 

Tabletop Surface

This table tennis and ping pong table feature a highly resilient 15 mm tabletop to help with optimal ball bounce. It comprises of a competition-grade playing surface with PVC finish that helps in both protecting and sealing the playing surface. Its 5/8” playing surface thickness helps with a great bounce, across the entire surface of the table. The underside of this table is also sealed with a PVC finish to ensure that the table will not get damaged or warped with water exposure. Its 1-1/8” oversized steel aprons come as additional support for the playfield. There are also corner caps for protection for small children who run around the table. It also prevents scratches on the walls and doors while transporting the table.

Four Different Parts of the Table

The most important and notable feature of this table, which you will not find in the other tables is that it is indeed a four-piece tennis table. The table is made up of four separate pieces of MDF. This helps in reducing the shipping charges though it could be a little difficult to assemble. 

Sturdy Undercarriage

The elegant and playable tabletop of this table is protected by its competent leg frames that feature a reinforced construction. As it is an official table for competitive playing, its steel frames also support and add to its endurance in all possible ways. The frames of this table are composed of steel with protective corner caps to render additional safety for rough games. The steel legs of this table are resistant to water damage and rusting as well. 

There are also oversize locking casters provided with the steel frame to protect when you are moving, playing, or even thinking of storing the table. You can lock its caster wheels that come with protective corner caps for safe and easy transportation. You can use the strip buckle and the safety lock of these caster wheels for eminent and secure storage. There are also protective corner caps for additional safety, that helps you to move the table safely and efficiently between rooms.


The MD sports TT table comes with a BILT assembly guide to help you with the fastest assembly possible. This guide equals a personal guide that can assist you with a fast and efficient assembly of the table. You will not require any specialized equipment to play table tennis on this table. Just remember to check for all the constituent parts that come with the table. It is generally shipped with two paddles, two balls, a net, and a post set. Being a full-size tournament grade table tennis table, it might require about 16 x 10 feet of room space for comfortable playing around the table.


Though the table adapts a regulation size, it can still suit small spaces, owing to its easy storage and folding design. The two halves of the table nests against each other for quick and easy storage, even in tight spaces. As one half of the table is foldable, you can use it for a solo practicing and playback position for independent practice. The storage dimensions of the table are about 60 x 16 x 73 inches.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You can order for replacement parts and after-sales service from MD sports as and when required. The brand offers its sports enthusiasts 100% satisfaction guaranteed with their sales. You are also entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction and if you are not delighted with the fun and the function of this table, you can always return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price. 

About the Brand: MD Sports

MD Sports is one of the leading industry players involved in the manufacturing of equipment relevant to table tennis and other indoor and outdoor games. The brand was found with two basic principles, to design and manufacture fun and innovative products at a great value. They strive to deliver the best of products possible for their clients, with tremendous value to stay ahead of their competitors. They take pride in their work and the products they develop and with no doubt The MD Sports serves as the first and the best resource for indoor and outdoor recreational games for the masses.

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Final Words

The MD sports table tennis table stands as the first choice of many sports enthusiasts, though it has a slight fault in its design. People love this premium quality table with ample features and multiple functions. This can be a great table for weekend fun and to have quality time with family and friends. The table is pretty simple to assemble as you only have to fix the tables and attach the net and is easy to store as well. Overall, a good entry-level table tennis table that stays in everyone’s budget.



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