A Quick Guide to Lacrosse Field Dimensions


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Lacrosse is a competitive sport in which two teams have to compete with each other to hit a small rubber ball into the goal of the opposite team. The ball is tossed to the goal with the help of stick-like equipment called a crosse. The Crosse is a stick with a mesh at one end. It can be used to catch or carry the ball. 

The main objective of the game is to get the ball into the crosse and toss the ball into the goal, while simultaneously dodging the goalie and the opposite team players. Let us discuss the details of the lacrosse field dimensions separately for men and women here.

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Men’s Lacrosse Field

Lacrosse Field Dimensions

A lacrosse field is about 110 yards long and can be about 53 1/3 to 60 yards wide. The goals of the field are about 80 yards apart with a specific playing area of about 15 yards behind each of the goals. The length of the entire lacrosse field is divided into equal halves by the centerline.

There is a 18 feet diameter circle that is drawn around each goal and it’s known as the crease. Also, there is a rectangle that measures about 35 yards by 40 yards, surrounding each of the goal areas. these rectangles are known as the goal area. 

At the center of the field, there is a mark ‘X’. There is also a special substitution area on the sideline, that lies next to the timers table. The goalposts are two vertical posts that lie 6 feet apart and are joined by a top crossbar that is about six feet from the ground. Thus the goal post is 6’ x 6’ in measurements. 

There is also a line that is drawn on the ground between the posts to indicate the plane of the goal. This line is also termed as the goal line. Attached to the goal is the cord netting that is fastened to the ground at about 7 feet behind the center of the goal. Though the desirable area of the court is about 120 yards by 70 yards, the boundaries can also be determined by the natural restrictions of the field.

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Women’s Field Dimensions

There is a lot of flexibility in the size of the playing area of the women’s lacrosse field. The maximum playing area remains at 140 x 70 yards and the minimum playing area remains at 110 x 60 yards. The goals of this field shall be placed at no more than 100 yards and no less than 90 yards apart. There should be a minimum of ten yards and a maximum of 20 yards of space behind each of the goal lines till the end line. There are several markings on the game field which are as follows,

  • There is a restraining line that is located about 30 yards from each of the goal line. This line creates an area where only a maximum of seven offensive players and eight defensive players are allowed to play the game. 
  • There is a 12-meter fan that is used by the officials to position the players after fouls.
  • There is also an arc at the front of each goal, and this is considered a critical scoring area, where are defenders have to be on high alert mode.

The mode of sport for women is different and it doesn’t allow any physical contact. The only protective equipment for the player is their mouth and face guards. For the Girl’s field, the dimensions are made as per the women’s field rules, which include the restraining line. But there are no hard and fast rules as far as the boundaries are considered. The court dimensions can be marked in three levels, according to the age of the participants.

  • For Level A, the desirable field length is about 100 yards and the space between the goal lines is about 10 yards. 
  • For level B, the desirable field length is about 90 yards, and the area between the goal lines is about 10 yards. The area behind each goal is about 50 yards wide.
  • For level C, the desirable field length is 50 yards. The space between the goal lines and 10 yards and the area behind each goal is about 25 yards wide.

The field markings should include two goal circles with a radius of 2m and include a goal line in each. There should also be two 8m arcs around each goal circle along with a centerline.

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Two-Point Line

The two-point line is an important aspect of the Lacrosse field. The two-point line is an arc that extends out from the center of the goal within the radius of 16 yards. This is similar to the three-point line of the basketball court. Any shot that goes beyond that two-point line, counts for two points on the scoreboard, instead of one. But the player must have both the feet completely beyond the two-point line when they release the ball. 

Box Lacrosse

The Lacrosse game was played on large fields until the 1930s. Later on, some key hockey arena owners created a miniature version of the lacrosse field and termed it the box lacrosse. This is nothing but an indoor lacrosse field where the playing area is enclosed within a box-shaped line, instead of an open field, like the case of a field lacrosse game. The goal markings are the same as that of the field lacrosse, and they measure about 4 ft. x 4 ft. at both ends of the box. 

The box Lacrosse demands a lot of swift action, as the game happens in an enclosed space. The goalkeeper is required to wear more protective padding, including the arm guards and the chest protectors, leg pads, and shin guards. The goalie also wears an ice-hockey style mask of helmets that are made specifically for the Lacrosse game.


The Lacrosse game has always been a sport of the United States and Canada. Recently, the game has been flourishing at the international level with teams established primarily from Europe and East Asia.



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