Killerspin MyT7 Review 2021: Pocket Table Tennis Table


You should have come across a lot of table tennis tables from several leading brands, especially if you are Table tennis or ping pong enthusiast. But the Killerspin MyT7 has been designed to meet the standards of all players with variant skill sets. These tables are just of the right size and the quality for those looking for a professional-grade table. But it doesn’t mean that these tables don’t appeal for amateurs and recreational players. It holds the features of a tournament-grade table but can still be abused for extensive play when you are on your vacation. There are also a lot of other interesting features about this table, and let’s explore them all here,

Killerspin MyT7 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review


  • Renders exceptional ball bounce and professional gameplay
  • The surface has repeat roller coating surface
  • The feet of the table is adjustable to help with a level playing surface. 
  • Has separate pockets to store balls and paddles
  • Comes in two variants, namely black and blue colors.
  • High-quality net with clamps
  • Easy to assemble as the table comes almost pre-assembled.


  • Though the table has pockets to balls and paddles, players have to buy them separately.
  • The black surface of the table requires constant cleaning to prevent smudges

Key Specifications of the MyT7 Pocket

  • Tournament grade table with 18mm thickness tabletop
  • MDF board with repeat roller coating surface
  • Folding table to help in solo playback mode
  • Innovative storage pockets to store balls and paddles.
  • The dimensions of the table are 64.6 x 58.3 x 5.9 inches 
  • Table weight: 99 pounds

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External Appearance

The Killerspin MyT7 comes in two colors, namely black and blue. The T7 Blupocket looks stunning and amazing and will capture the attention of the onlooker. It features the best of everything, the best style, best quality and of course the best price as well. You will find the Blupocket in most of the holiday clubs and recreational centers.

The MyT7 Blackpocket on the other hand seems to the sibling of the Blupocket and looks a lot more professional. Perhaps these tables were designed for offices, games rooms, and schools. This board can truly challenge your gaming skills and can bring the best gamily skills out of you. Nevertheless, both these tables are perfect for casual games that you can play in your basement to tournament level serious games with your pals. Both of them have wonderful and sturdy construction with large wheels for easy transportability and storage. 

Table Surface

MyT7 comes with an excellent tabletop that is about 18 mm in thickness. You can be sure to expect a true bounce from this table as its table surface is close to a lot of competition-grade tables. This table can be a great practice table for those preparing for tournaments and can add a lot of fun for recreational games as well. There are two variants available with the table, namely the blupocket and the black pocket, depending on the surface color of the tabletop. 

Sturdy and Elegant Undercarriage

The table is supported by elegant and black shining stands that are capable of escalating the ambience of the gaming room to an all-new level. Its steel frame looks attractive and strong and adapts to different gaming environments such as home, school, office, bar, etc. The total weight of the table is about 225 pounds, and you can understand the strength and sturdiness of the table from this.

The table is subdivided into two halves and each of them is mounted over powder-coated heavy-duty steel legs that are 40 mm in thickness. You can expect the frame of this table to be very strong and solid and thus stay sturdy and durable for many years. There are four wheels on each side of the table along with locking casters to help with easy transportation of the table from one room to another. Also, the wheels can be locked to be safe during the play. There are leg levelers on the base of the steel legs to protect the floor from scratches and to adjust the height of the table while playing over uneven surfaces.

The Net and the Post Set

The Killerspin MyT7 is an elegant and sturdy table, and no doubt possesses a sturdy net as well. Unlike other cheap tables with a flimsy net that can get undone while the game is on, the MyT7 comes with a top-class Killerspin net with clamps at either side. The clamps help in holding the table together and maintains the net in great tension. You get the feeling of playing on a world-class table with a high tension net while using this table for your game.

Practical and Clever Design

  • Several features make the MyT7 an absolute bliss for the table tennis player. 
  • The table features an 18 mm thick tabletop that is capable of rendering excellent bounce for the ball. 
  • Its design can ensure quickest assembly time and before you could realize, you would have started playing your match on this table
  • It is equipped with a lot of safety features to maintain the integrity of the table during playing and also while in storage.
  • It features a separate pocket to store the ping pong balls, to get your overall ping pong experience the most enjoyable one. These pockets can fit up to eight balls on both the player’s sides. Next time you lose the ball, you need not go running for it, as you have the second one handy.
  • Some of its users feel that the MyT7 is not just a table, but a premium piece of furniture that is packed with all the features to makes the game more enjoyable. It helps the gaming space look more organized with a special dedicated space to store the paddles.

About the Brand

Killerspin is one of the famous names when it comes to table tennis equipment and has brought in a lot of innovation for the table tennis game. Killerspin is a renowned name in table tennis and is based in Chicago. They are known for manufacturing premium quality table tennis equipment and sports apparel. The Killerspin MyT7 series indoor tables are made with the finest quality materials and undergo expert manufacturing process. They are known for rendering the homes and offices of the US with excellent table tennis gear for eminent competition level play in an attractive style.

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Final Words

Despite the pros and cons of this table tennis table, we can be sure that this table is truly a crowd-pleaser. It looks elegant and can add a lot of fun to your leisure. The table surface is smooth and elegant to help those who are training for tournaments. One suggestion that the users of this table tennis table voice out is that Killerspin can give away paddles and balls as accessories for the cost of the table it incurs.



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