Killerspin MyT5 Table Tennis Table Review 2021


Killerspin is one of the famous names when it comes to table tennis equipment and has brought in a lot of innovation for the table tennis game. The Killerspin MyT5 is an excellent table tennis table for home and office space and is one of the best options for game enthusiasts who are looking for a piece of equipment within their budget. We bet that this table can be an excellent addition for recreational players and for those who are preparing themselves for ping pong tournaments. There are several excellent advantages of this table that you will explore in the following session. 

Killerspin MyT5 Table Tennis Table Review


  • Table with the easiest assembling process, in less than 15 minutes, with only 8 nuts to fix from the box.
  • Its safety locking system ensures exceptional positioning during storage and play.
  • Adapts to three different positions for convenient use and storage.
  • 15 mm MDF tabletop that has been engineered with repeat roller coating (RRC) process.
  • The table is supported by a white heavy gauge steel frame with 3” casters for support and easy rolling.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to cover defects.


  • Though this is an exceptional table for recreational users, we feel that there are better tables that are available at a cheaper cost than the Killerspin My T5.
  • The bounce quality is not so appealing for professional players and those looking for professional gameplay
  • The table is very pricey compared with other tables in the market.

Key Specifications of the Killerspin MyT5

  • The table comes pre-assembled and requires only 15 minutes of easy setup.
  • Table dimensions: 107.8 x 60 x 29.9 inches 
  • Table weight is about 196 pounds
  • The two table halves fold separately for hassle-free storage
  • Safety locking system to ensure secure placements during storage and play
  • Features a 15 mm medium density fiberboard
  • Features a repeat roller coating paint process to reduce glare
  • The frame of the table comprises of heavy-gauge white steel frame
  • Comes with a one-year warranty 
  • Ideal for both recreational and professional games
  • Renders consistent bounce throughout the game

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About the Brand

Killerspin is a renowned name in table tennis and is based in Chicago. They are known for manufacturing premium quality table tennis equipment and sports apparel. They are known for rendering the homes and offices of the US with excellent table tennis gear for eminent competition level play in an attractive style. The Killerspin MyT series indoor tables are made with the finest quality materials and undergo expert manufacturing process. As they are made up of quality products, we can assume that these indoor tables are a perfect combination of quality, style, and affordability.

External Appearance

The Killerspin My T5 Table tennis table can be an excellent addition for any home or office space as it is available in an elegant black or blue top. The MyT5 serves as an excellent combination of quality, style, and convenience for any indoor environment. You will love its heavy-duty steel frame, medium-density fiberboard, and several other exceptional features, that will make this your preferred indoor table tennis or ping pong table of all times.


The Killerspin pocket table tennis table comprises of a 5/8 inch or 16 mm MDF (medium density fiberboard) thick playing surface to render an even playing surface for the players along with excellent bounce on the ball. We do understand that a 16 mm tabletop surface will render a lower bounce and a slower play, compared with several thicker tables out there. But it is more than enough for casual and recreational players. The bounce on this table is indeed extremely consistent, though it lacks a true bounce. You can rely on this table for fun gameplay, to help with recreational games along with a bit of training here and there.

The Net and the Post System

We should admit that this table tennis table from Killerspin comes with a great net, which is a great bet for the money spent on this table. This TT table comprises of two independent table halves that are joined in the middle by its net. The net and the post set holds the two pieces of the table together, at the center. It clamps on precisely and holds two parts of the furniture together, firmly. As the net comprises an adjusting tension, it qualifies to be one of the best net systems that we have seen so far.

Undercarriage with Sturdy Steel Frames

The expert top surface of this table is supported by a heavy-duty steel frame and legs that are painted in white. They help with a stable structure and extreme durability. They are also resistant to rust and stays long and strong to withstand abusive game plays as well. At the end of these steel frames, there are 75 mm wheels with casters for smooth rolling on any terrain. These casters have individual locks to ensure that the table stays in its position while the game is on and also the halves of the table stay in their position during storage, without sliding off. 

There are also individual leg levelers at the end of the steel frames, to help with an even playing surface. You only have to twist the levelers left or right to lower or raise the independent corners of the table.

Folding Halves with Playback Position

The two halves of the Killerspin My T5 table nests into each other comfortably. Thus they fold into very compact storage and can thus get stored within 2 feet of space. You thus need not worry about the storage spaces these tables occupy as they fit perfectly even at the tightest spaces.

Alternatively, you can choose to fold only one half of the table for solo fun and practice and improve your game in the solo playback position. Thus this table is capable of adopting three different positions and adapt your convenience.

Additional Features

The Killerspin table features pockets on both the ends of the table. Each of these pockets can hold a bat and about eight regulation balls easily. Such a feature can be a great addition to your game, as you can focus on the game and play, and also avoid the hassle of running for the ball every time in the middle of the game. These pockets are great for storing the bat and the ball while at rest and you will know exactly where to look for them when the game begins.

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Final Words

Overall, this is the best table tennis table, for recreational and casual games, people looking for a table for professional gameplay should not choose this table. Though the tabletop of this table is not as thick as other tables, within the price range, its additional convenient features and dependability cover the flaws. The table has the standard dimensions of a table tennis board and comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. You should buy it for your home and office if you want something to recreate your leisure.



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