Killerspin MyT10 Review 2021: Folding Table Tennis Table


Killerspin is a leading name when it comes to ping pong tables and it has built its name slowly over the years, to become the strongest player in the industry. The MyT10 is one of the best tables from the brand and has several built-in features, giving a tough competition for its rivals. One best feature of this table that is worth mentioning is its sturdy design with a 2” thick metal frame. You never have to worry about the ball bounce and the quality of the gameplay this table has to offer. Let us discuss the other details of this high quality, tournament grade table here.

Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review 2021


  • The MyT10 folding ping pong table is a perfect fusion of quality, style, and perfect design
  • It looks great and performs even better, thanks to its patented playing surface
  • Innovative storage pockets that make stocking balls and paddles easier
  • The table is tournament-ready owing to its design and functionality.
  • Folding halves helps in expert solo playback mode
  • The table comes pre-assembled and takes just 15 minutes to complete the assembly


  • The table is heavy
  • The balls can easily leave marks and smudges on its surface
  • Occupies a lot of space.

Key Specifications of the Killerspin MyT10

  • Easy setup in less than 15 minutes out of the box
  • 25 mm medium density fiberboard tabletop
  • Excellent indoor ping pong table
  • Sturdy folding frame with large wheels
  • Features 2-inch metal frame
  • Comprises of 16 layers of finish using RRC process
  • 4-inch ball bearing wheels
  • High-quality red premium steel net

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The Tabletop Comes in Two Pockets

The Killerspin My T10 ping pong table comes as an excellent addition to the game room and it offers expert tournament level play for the entire family. They are also excellent game tables for recreational centers and offices. Their sturdy frame and easy folding frame with large wheels make it easy to move and store them easily. The tabletop comprises of a specially engineered repeat roller coating or the RRC process to render 16 layers of finishing on the table to enrich the quality of play. This also serves to protect the playing surface of the table.

When it comes to the tabletop, this ping pong table is available in two different pockets, namely the blue pocket and the black pocket. The My T10 Blue pocket offers every single feature that you would expect in your ping pong table. This variant looks beautiful and serves as the pinnacle of the Ping pong game. It is easy to handle and encompasses all the features that you would expect in your ping pong table. The black pocket TT table has the easiest and the most beautiful folding design and has the best performing gaming surface, making it an ideal table for home, school, office, university, etc. 

Undercarriage Frame

The table is supported by some of the sturdiest steel legs that are about 2 inches in thickness and is square. The frame also comprises of four-ball bearing caster wheels, to ensure that the table lasts for long. These legs are adjustable and go great even with slightly unlevelled playing surfaces. They are against scratches when you have to move the table around as they are protected and supported by the rubber contact points. The rubber wheels of the frame help in sliding the table around the room without creating a squeaking noise and scratches on the floor. 

Secure Places to Store Balls and Paddles

Apart from a thick and sturdy frame that any ping pong table could cover, the My T10 Blackpocket comes with the coolest addition. There are ball pockets on both sides to aid players. These pockets can easily accommodate 8 balls each and can indeed aid a lot during the progress of the game. They come as a practical additional so that you can keep your next ball within the reach of your arm, but also helps to keep the place around the table clutter-free. You can hardly have any balls rolling on the floor with a table that packs a feature to stock them.

There is also a provision to keep the paddles. You can stock up to four paddles in the table itself to keep them handy and of course to protect them from dust and to keep them safe from any damage and loss. 

The Outlines of the Table

The exterior apron of this ping pong table comprises of high quality, red premium steel net and post system to add a tinge of boldness to the table and to protect from abrasions and accidental hits.

There used to be white outer lines on the tabletop of this ping pong table that did not make any difference in the gameplay. Newer additions of the My T10 do not have them to leave the table look classy, cleaner, and much more sophisticated. The playing surface comprises of the Repeat roller coating process to enhance and enrich the quality of the gameplay. 


The table comes almost pre-assembled out of the box and it will take just 15 minutes to take the table out of the box and to start playing, you might have to fix some bolts and screws though. The table can be quite heavy and might require two people to put it together in order. With the help of its 4-inch ball bearing wheels, it is quite easy and simple to move around on wood and tile surfaces. You can also adjust the height of this table to adapt to your play positions.

Folding Halves

You can fold the two halves of this table against each other for storage. On the contrary, you can also fold one half of the table for playback position and to practice your game moves. Thus this table appeals for both amateur players and professionals alike.  

The Net

The net of this ping pong table is adjustable and helps to adjust to the perfect tension for the game. It looks beautiful and vibrant and blends with the table, owing to its artistic touch. 

About the Brand

Killerspin is an eminent sports brand that is based in Chicago and specializes in producing premium quality table tennis equipment. The brand serves to bring about innovation in one of the beautiful sports in the world, namely table tennis. These tables were built to serve the players and the homes and offices in the US with eminent TT gear for competition level play class and style.

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Final Thoughts

The Killerspin My T10 is built to be a professional and competition-ready table that helps with excellent game action, though it is priced at the higher end. Most of its players are happy and satisfied with the quality of its playing surface and the sturdiness of its frame. This table is, with no doubt the perfect combination of quality and style and has been built with keen attention to detailing. Its black and black color is very attractive and adds a lot of ambience to the playing arena. You will not regret choosing this to be your TT or ping pong table for your home and office.



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