Kettler TopStar XL Table Tennis Table Review 2021


The Kettler Top Star XL ping pong table is exactly what you would require, to play table tennis both indoors and outdoors. This is a cost-effective table that comes almost assembled and is good enough to keep your family members engaged in the game all day long. Being designed in Germany, it encompasses all inherent features such as a full-size top, aluminum composite frame, scratch and fade resistant paint on the frame, etc. The Kettler Topstrar XL packs several inherent features and you will be filled with joy and surprise as you use it for your recreational play. It serves as an ideal table for indoor and outdoor recreational games and is of tournament quality to help you enhance your game skills. It strikes the perfect balance between price and performance and performs exceptionally well. 

Kettler TopStar XL Table Review


  • Excellent tabletop with aluminum and patented climate control technology
  • Easy to fold up and deploy with four safety locking points
  • Comes with accessories such as table cover, TT paddles, and balls
  • Weatherproof nets and posts that stay with the table even during storage.
  • Strong and durable frames that render optimal stability
  • Features an aluminum apron that prevents the table from picking up moisture and getting damaged.


  • There are no leg levelers, which is an important accessory for an outdoor ping pong table
  • The table takes a long time to get assembled, it takes at least 2-3 hours with assistance.
  • Being a mid-range outdoor table, its price is a little expensive than the tables of similar qualities.

Key Specifications of the Kettler XL Table

  • Extremely durable with aluminum composite coated with UV scratch and fade resistant paint
  • Table dimensions is 26.25 L x 64.75 W x 72 H inches
  • The weight of the table is 128 lbs.
  • Aluminum and chipboard tabletop surface
  • Patented Alu-Tec climate control technology
  • Safety fold and dual lock mechanism to prevent accidental damage
  • Accessorized with two TT paddles, TT balls, and covers
  • Money-back guarantee

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Tabletop Surface

The Kettler top star comprises an ultra-smooth, anti-reflective, and certified tournament-grade tabletop. This table seems to have the best of everything and is capable of holding up to any weather. This table is reinforced with a 7/8” tabletop that comprises multiple layers of aluminum and chipboard. Thus you can be sure that this table carries the capabilities of an inside table bur concurrently carrying the capacity and durability of an outdoor Ping-Pong table as well. 

With the 7/8” tabletop surface, you never have to worry about the ball bounce. On top of that, this table is also reinforced with a patented weatherproof Alu-Tec top coupled with climate control technology. You can be pretty sure that this table is capable of withstanding any rainstorm and the worst heat waves from the sun. The tabletop is layered with multiple layers of protective coating along with UV finish to prevent fading, even if you leave the table in the sun for many days. On top of all this, this table also has a 1.5” aluminum apron to keep the moisture away and to prevent the table from rusting and warping. 

Frame Design

The table comprises an ultra-strong and clever frame design with steel, coated with synthetic powder, and galvanized exceptionally to prevent rusting and to protect it away from elements. The legs of this table are about 2.5 inches thick and follow an elliptical pattern to render optimum stability. The legs of this ping pong table deploy automatically when it is being unfolded before playing. As we have mentioned before, you can use this Kettler as both an outdoor and indoor table and to aid in moving the table across different terrain it is been equipped with four 5.5-inch caster wheels. It is good that this table is equipped with such large wheels, as it doesn’t split into two halves. Two of these caster wheels can lock for safety both during storage and while playing the game. 

Safety Features

The Kettler TopStar comprises dual safety mechanisms that prevent the table from closing and opening accidentally. With the help of four safety locking buttons, you just need to unlock them and lift or lower the table, so that the legs with deploy or fold back automatically. When you fold the table for storage, it maintains a very low center of gravity to prevent it from falling over. But the table lacks safety corners at its aluminum apron and is thus prone to scratches and damages.  


This is probably the most complicated part of the Kettler Topstar. Its assembly is a little difficult and can be a matter of a few hours. The poor instructions that come with the table, makes the entire process even more difficult. As the table is also heavy to lift, you might probably require assistance from two more people to complete the assembly. 

Net and Posts

You will love the weatherproof net and posts that come with this ping pong table. You need not remove these nets and posts when you are folding it for storage. These two parts are completely independent of the surface of the table and attach themselves with the frame. Thus, they can save a lot of time while setting up the table to play and while packing it down. You also adjust the height and the tension of the net according to your preference. The posts of this table are made up of durable resin and thus it doesn’t get damaged or rusted after getting wet. 


For outdoor ping pong tables, it is always beneficial to invest in a table cover to protect it from elements. Though they are made up of weatherproof and durable materials, it doesn’t mean they can be left to remain outdoors in the rain. It is a good thing to fold up the table when not in use and secure it with a cover. This Kettler Topstar comes with a cover and thus you need not spend additional money on buying a separate cover.

Also, the Kettler comes with three-star balls and two outdoor table tennis paddles from Halo. Though these paddles are slightly smaller, they can still accommodate happy gameplay. 

Moneyback Guarantee

Kettler offers the guarantee for its buyers that the product will reach without any defect and with all the necessary parts for the ping pong game. If any defects are found, they will ship the new replacement parts and even the entire table in that case for free. If the buyers are still not satisfied, they are also ready to give a complete refund. The brand offers a one-year commercial warranty and three years’ residential warranty. All repairs and replacements are available during this warranty period for the buyer on a no-cost basis.  

Final Words

The Kettler is a family-run brand that has been in business since 1949. They are the leading manufacturers of several items such as fitness equipment, bicycles, furniture, etc, and have been in business for more than 60 years. This outdoor ping pong table performs pretty well ahead of its competitors and comes with ambient features and accessories. You will love it for the bounce it offers and the sturdy frame it holds for the price it incurs.



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