JOOLA Rally TL Review 2021: Professional MDF Ping Pong Table


The Joola Rally TL is a professional MDF indoor table tennis table with a lot of interesting features to influence the game and the players. Being a competition-grade and regulation size indoor table, it can be a perfect addition for your home, recreational center, and office. The Joola Rally table tennis table has been approved by the USATT for its exceptional playability. This table is easy and quick to assemble and is safe and mobile with a compact storage. Being an Olympic table tennis brand, the gaming tables from Joola are trusted for more than 60+ years. let us discuss the inherent features and capabilities of this table in detail here.

JOOLA Rally TL Ping Pong Table Review


  • The table has been built strong and sturdy and comprises of a strong and durable frame.
  • The charcoal color of the table surface renders a good finish with the tabletop.
  • Each half of the table is foldable for playback position and easy storage
  • The table is easy to assemble and takes just 15 minutes
  • The ball holders and scoring system are an additional advantage


  • The table is costly than other recreational ping pong tables
  • The tabletop which is just 15mm in thickness does not appeal for professional players.

Key Specifications of the Joola Rally TL

  • Tournament quality 15 mm MDF surface.
  • Competition grade regulation size ping pong table.
  • Approved by the USATT for exceptional playability.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Has two independent table halves.
  • 72” net and post set with a convenient clamp system.
  • The two halves of the table have 3” locking wheels and casters.
  • It can be used as an outdoor table on clear sunny days.
  • Possesses corner ball holders and abacus scorer.
  • Sturdy 1.5” steel legs.
  • Charcoal tabletop for an exceptional bounce.

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Charcoal Table Surface

The Joola Rally TL has an exceptional 5/8” thickness tabletop that is made up of medium density fiberboard that offers them a reasonable bounce despite the thickness of the table being slim. The table also has a charcoal top with a silk-screened striping that is printed on the tabletop in an attempt to create a durable and consistent playing surface. The 15 mm of surface thickness that this table renders is more than enough for fun and recreational play. For those players who are more serious about the game, it is better to invest in a table with a better bounce, such as the Joola Rally Tl that comes with 18mm, and also known as the Rapid Play 180 and the Joola Rally TL 25 mm, which is also known as the Rapid Play 250.

Strong and Durable Frame of the Table

The strong 15 mm surface of the table sits on top of a 1.5” tube apron to support the surface and to help with an even bounce across the entire table. The undercarriage of the table comprises of a 30mm x 30mm steel frame, that stays extremely strong and sturdy. These tables have a thicker and stronger undercarriage to help support the heavyweight of the tabletop. The legs of the table are constructed of a 38 mm thick and durable steel to offer exceptional support. The other end of the steel legs possesses height adjusters to help with a flat playing surface. The ends of the steel legs are also protected with rubber ends to not scratch the floor. 

Independent and Foldable Table Halves

This table tennis table folds into two halves so that they are easy to store and help in solo playback position as well. With the help of its caster wheels, you can also roll and move the table to its storage. The Rally TL is made up of two table halves, that makes moving around very simple and easy. Each half of the table folds up conveniently and nests into easy other, to not take much space during storage. After folding, the safety latch ensures that the two independent halves of the table are kept in their position without collapsing unexpectedly.

Both the halves of this Joola table comprises of four anti-tilting caster wheels to help with enough stability while playing and for rolling the table to another location. You can also lock these wheels in a position to help with a more stable playing position and to help secure their position in storage. This feature also ensures that you move the table easily without damaging it and also without getting hurt by yourself. 

You can transform the table in a personal playback mode, as mentioned earlier where you use one half of the table as wall and play from the other end to hit the ball against it for some serious practice. This also helps in expert solo practice, where there is no opponent to play against it. 

Ball Holders and Magnetic Scoreboard

The Joola Rally TL 300 table tennis table features four corner ball holders and two magnetic abacus scorers so that it is a great table and is also an excellent stylish addition to the home. Each of the four corners of the table has small spaces to hold the ping pong balls. Each of the corners is capable of holding three balls which is indeed a nice touch and it also makes it very convenient to carry on the game before getting a new ball. Yet another thoughtful feature of this rally table is its magnetic scoreboard that is available at the sides of the table. This abacus scoreboard makes it easy and handy to keep the score and helps in settling disputes with the opponent over the score.


The Joola Rally TL is pretty easy and simple to assemble as the table comes almost assembled out of the box. Users can manage it on their own, but it is always recommended to have assistance in arranging the table. Follow assembly instructions given in the manual of the table for easy assembling instantly. 

Net and Post Systems

This Joola Rally table comes with a tournament-grade net and post set which is indeed a clamp-style net with tension adjustments. Such an adjustment is easy to assemble and attach within seconds to start the game.

Safety Features of JOOLA Rally TL

3” locking casters: The three-inch caster wheels glide over any surface easily so that you can transport the table to your preferred location to start the game. The two halves of the table have four wheels each for easy movement. The wheels also help in easy and compact storage when you fold the table. Each of the caster wheels has locking devices to ensure stability while playing and storing.

Safety latch: This safety latch on the underside of the table helps in securing the top of the table when it is kept in an upright position. It helps with additional safety and prevents the table from opening unexpectedly.  

1.5-inch tube aprons: The 1.5-inch aprons that surround the tabletop, helps in rendering an even bounce over the entire table surface.

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Final Words

Finally, the Joola Rally TL is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly and high-end ping pong table. Since its release, it has been attaining tremendous attention and has appealed to a whole lot of recreational ping pong players. Though it is an entry-level table, it packs the quality and the features of some of the highly expensive tables in the market.



  1. Thank you for your honest review. I was looking to buy JOOLA Rally TL for home but was not sure whether it’s a good option as the table is costly and I had mixed suggestions from my friends who Table Tennis professionally. So, I did not want to make the wrong choice, but this review did make my decision easier, although I still not sure whether I should spend this much money on a TT table or not, anyways I am buying.


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