JOOLA Nova DX Review 2021: Aluminum Composite Ping Pong Table


Joola is a premium name in the field of table tennis and the sports equipment that has been created by this brand has been used by professionals for years. Durability is the best feature of the tables manufactured by Joola and they are also available with many other surprising features at a very affordable price point. Joola not just implies a professional brand of top quality when it comes to table tennis equipment, but is a brand that has historical relevance to the brand and has been long associated with it. The Joola Nova DX as a premium outdoor table tennis table has been designed with fun play and longevity in mind. It has all capabilities to qualify as an outdoor table and retains its shape and qualities even if left unattended for a long time. let us discuss this table in detail here to learn how best it contributes to the table tennis games. 

JOOLA Nova DX Table Tennis Table Review


  • Easy assembling of the table within ten minutes.
  • Features a safety latch system, locking wheels, adjusting leg levelers and self-opening legs
  • Comprises of two independent table halves with aluminum-plastic composite surface
  • You can fold it into a compact nested storage position
  • Weatherproof net and post set
  • Durable and rust-resistant undercarriage with powder coating to prevent rust and moisture
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • The surface of the tabletop is not very thick
  • Not an ideal table for professional table tennis players
  • The wheels of the tables are not very durable.

Key Features of the Table

  • Blue tabletop with a surface thickness of 6 mm
  • Smooth aluminum and plastic composite tabletop
  • Steel metal undercarriage that is resistant to rust
  • Weatherproof table and net set
  • Comes 95% pre-assembled and thus sets up in 10 minutes
  • Two separate halves for storage and playback mode
  • Four-wheel trolley system for mobility
  • Automatic anti-tilting longs
  • Free shipping and three years’ warranty

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Tabletop with Aluminum and Plastic Composite

Indoor table tennis tables need to have a thickness of between 15 to 25 mm. Outdoor tables are a little different and have a thickness between 5 to 7 mm. And the surface of these outdoor tables is generally built with weather-resistant material and thus they need not be very thick.

Our table tennis table from Nova DX features a firm surface of 6mm which is more than enough to render a decent bounce and speed for casual table tennis players. The tabletop is made up of Aluminum and plastic composite and thus has been made extremely weather resistant. Moisture is generally the worst enemy of the indoor tables and such weather resistance will help in maintaining the shape of the table so that it doesn’t warp out of shape when exposed to the elements. But this table offers a decent and consistent bounce across the entire surface.

Sturdy and Rust-Resistant Undercarriage

One important feature of this outdoor table tennis player is that it comprises a rustproof and a strong undercarriage. The Nova DX comprises of a 30 mm x 30 mm powder coated and rust resistant undercarriage, making it a very durable table tennis table that can withstand external elements.  The ends of each of its legs have levelers to help the table stay flat on any surface. You only have to spin them to increase or decrease the height to help with a flat table surface. This table prevents getting rusted and warping with extended outdoor use, but it is still recommended to use a table cover for the table when it is stored and when it is not in use. 

Folding Halves

The table is made up of two halves that fold up and nest against each other when you want to store it safely. This also helps the players in resuming to a solo play mode by folding one half of the table against the other. Each of the two halves of the table has four wheels so that you can move them separately. These wheels are 3” caster wheels that can move over almost any terrain. You can also choose to lock these wheels in one place so that the table stays sturdy and doesn’t move unwantedly. These are some of the strongest wheels that a table tennis table can possess, but still, it is important to handle them with care, to avoid costly replacements.

Net and Post Set

Its weatherproof 72” net and post set comes as a matching addition to the weather-resistant tabletop. The net and the post system comprises of classic screw design and net tensioning systems. You can assemble the net and start playing within seconds. 

Miscellaneous Features

The table is compact and mobile so that you can move them easily without straining much and injuring yourself. You can store the table even in tight spaces by combining the halves against each other. You can wheel the table to your desired location without having to bother about lifting it. 

The leg levelers of the table help in adjusting its height, which is a mandatory addition while playing on uneven terrain and surfaces. There are three-inch caster wheels on both halves of the table to help them glide easily across multiple surfaces. Each of the caster wheels has a locking system to ensure safety while playing.

There is also an automatic double anti-tilt locking device that automatically locks each half of the table when you are folding them. This locking mechanism is bright red and helps in safe storage and transport. If you want to unlock the latch, you simply have to press the lever and the table begins to unfold automatically

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Joola Nova DX FAQs

How best is the bounce of the table?

Being a firm table with a 6 mm thickness, the table offers a super bounce. Thanks to the laminate table that enhances the quantum of bounce, to please recreational games. Professional players may not consider the bounce of the table very impressive.

How does the net attach with the table?

The table comes with a 15.3 cm net that has two clamps on either side along with screw and clamps that attach the nets to the table. The net is also supported by a cord that is tied down at each side of the table.

What are the accessories that come with the table?

Generally, Joola offers paddles and balls as accessories with its table, but the Joola nova DX does not come with any accessories and you may have to buy them separately.

Final Words

Overall, the Joola Nova DX is an excellent table that helps in honing your table tennis skills. The table looks awesome and attractive with its blue tabletop with silkscreen stripping. The bounce of the table is also appealing for casual and recreational players. Most of all the Joola brand name stands behind the table as proof of its quality and playability. The table also encompasses a series of safety features and comes with rust-resistant and powder-coated undercarriage for durability and sturdiness. It has all the features to qualify as your garage or garden table and is worth the cost and you can choose to use the table for both your indoor and outdoor games.



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