JOOLA Midsize Review 2021: Regulation Height Table Tennis Table


The Joola, mid-size regulation grade table for table tennis is an excellent addition for small apartments of table tennis followers. Being a midsize table it is compact and ready to play. To add to the fun, the Joola midsize table is made up of two table halves, that are perfect squares independently, and when joined together they make great table tennis and ping pong playing surface of 72 x 36”. This can be a perfect addition to your kid’s room and to have fun with friends and family as well. Let us discuss the key features of this table tennis table in detail here.

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review


  • Regulation size table with 2/3rd the size of a regular ping pong table
  • Great table for apartments and small spaces
  • Benefits casual players and kids with game training
  • Very lightweight and comes pre-assembled
  • Great playing surface with optimal ball bounce
  • Comes 100% pre-assembled
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Can be used as a multipurpose table easily
  • Comes with net and posts
  • Comfortably priced
  • Backed with a one-year satisfaction guarantee from Joola


  • Not a good table for serious and professional players
  • Some of the users reported missing screws with the table
  • There is no scope for height adjustment and surface leveling

Key Features of JOOLA Midsize Table

  • Table dimensions: 39.3 x 39.2 x 4 inches
  • Ideal for casual games and kids play
  • Suitable for advanced players as well
  • Efficient ball control and placement
  • Divides into two halves
  • Zero assembling time as the table comes 100% pre-assembled
  • Lightweight, weight just 62 pounds
  • Serves as a multi-purpose table
  • Best suits small spaces and apartments
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Joola

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Table Surface

We can say this table to be a miniature version of the standard ping pong table. It is about 2/3rd the size of a standard ping pong table and is of the same height as that of a pool table. The playing surface of this midsize table is about 16 mm, which is 5/8th inch in thickness. This is great for the ping pong game, as it helps in exceptional ball bounce and efficient gameplay. The ultimate aim of this table is to help people and enthusiasts to enjoy the ping pong or table tennis game at their home, despite their small space. This table is ideal for apartments, basements, kid’s rooms, and dorm rooms as it is a regulation size ping pong table. The height of this table is the same as that of the table tennis table and thus it doesn’t come in the way of your game.

Separate Halves

The table can be separated into two halves, which are indeed independent square tables that are free-standing and can be used in different ways. As the table comes as two separate halves, they are easy to store and transport and these two halves also make the table lightweight and easy to carry. The separate halves can be used as a multipurpose table for crafts, to play poker or any board games. Unlike other ping pong tables that fold into two halves and nest into each other, the Joola Midsize table can be separated into two halves for storage. The dimensions of the independent halves are about 36 inches in length x 36 inches in breadth and the thickness is 1.8 inches. You can also fold the legs of these tables to store them securely in the closet or under the bed. 


Both the halves of the table come 100% pre-assembled with folding legs that are also pre-connected with the table halves. You only have to unfold the legs and attach the net, to start playing in seconds. Though it doesn’t require any assembly, it is important to inspect the table thoroughly the moment it arrives. Especially for the screws and clamps that connect the net post. Tables that are delivered defective can be replaced easily with Joola within the warranty period

Net and Posts with the Table

Though the Joola is a midsize table, it still comes with net and posts that attach with the tabletop easily with the help of a classic screw and clamps. The net locks itself into the holes at the top of the table. The trick is to push the net poles down the holes to help the, lock into their place, and keep the net solid and stable. The net and posts are fine for casual games and recreational players. 


The Joola Midsize table can be a real bargain for the money you spend. The table is available at a very reasonable price including the Joola net and post set.

About the Brand: Joola

Joola is a renowned brand in the field of table tennis and has been a trusted brand to be used in world level tournaments for the past sixty years. Joola is known for manufacturing equipment for champions, by champions. The Brand Joola was launched in the year 1952 and has since then been a proud sponsor of some of the biggest Table Tennis tournaments such as World Championships, Olympics, and even the US open and USA table tennis tournaments. One important aspect that makes Joola better than the rest of the brands is that it has designed sports equipment at different levels for the game.

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Joola Midsize Table FAQs

Is this table good for professional training?

The Joola Midsize is a brilliant table for table tennis and ping pong and is perfect for recreational play and for training young players. But if you are a professional player, then this regulation size table will not work for you.

Can this be used as a dinner table?

We do admit that this table for be used for playing board games and for performing crafts but may not be appropriate to be used as a dinner table, as stocking hot food can damage the surface of the table.

Can this be used as an outdoor table?

The Joola Midsize is not an outdoor table and it is meant for indoor use. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the garage or garden, but do not leave it in the rain, as it will destroy the table completely, leaving it to rust and warp beyond use.

Are the two halves of the table nest and fold into each other?

No, the two halves of the table can be separated as two independent units for storage and to be used for other purposes such as playing board games, for doing crafts, etc. It can be used as study tables for kids as well when you have space constrictions.

Final Words

The Joola midsize ping pong and table tennis table can be a great table for you if you have limited space at home and if you are running under a limited budget. Though it is not a full-size table, it is still big enough for fun games and is a great option for children who are starting to learn the game. The table is designed with high-grade material and is capable of withstanding the toughness of the game. Overall a great table for small spaces is affordable by all.



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