JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review 2021


The Joola inside table tennis table is one of the best selling indoor tables of all time. This is an extremely popular TT table in the market and many people use it indoors for their recreational games and play. It can be an inherent part of your indoor game zone, and also serves recreational centers and clubs pretty well. People love this TT table as it serves as an inexpensive option to help them get along the game and to keep themselves entertained.

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JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

Top Specification of Joola Inside TT Table

  • The Joola inside is a beautiful and attractive table that blends perfectly with its surroundings. 
  • It has a nice and deep blue top that is complemented with thick legs and a black iron apron. 
  • It is sturdy and stable and its top comprises of 15 mm wood composite surface.
  • Renders consistent ball bounce, though not the thickest table available.
  • Sits firmly on strong caster legs, presented with stabilizers.
  • The table comes in two halves that join in the middle and blends as one great unit
  • The table comes pre-assembled, and users only have to attach the legs with bolts and clamps and start playing.
  • The adjustable net tension system.

Inherent Features of the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

There are several features why you should love the Joola indoor table and the most important and the interesting of them are discussed here.

1. Dimensions:

The Joola inside table tennis table is of expert quality, competition grade, regular size indoor ping pong table that is perfect for indoor games in home, office, clubs and recreational centers. The unfolded dimensions of the Joola inside table tennis table are 108 x 60 x 30 inches. And you can fold this table into a compact structure to measure 60 x 24.5 x 65.5 inches. After assembling, the weight of this table can be around 140 pounds.

2. Table halves

The table comes in two halves, that can be joined together in the middle easily. as these tables have adjusting levels, the two halves when joined together will stay level, irrespective of the surface they sit on. This TT table features a unique two-halves design where each half of the table can be separated completed and be used individually as multi-use tables. Each half of the table features four caster wheels that can get locked in place. 

3. Sturdily built undercarriage:

Each of the two halves of the Joola inside TT table comprises of a sturdy undercarriage that includes folding 1.5-inch steel legs, and a 3-inch locking caster wheels. The unique design of this table allows the table halves to nest with each other for convenience and compact storage. Its undercarriage adds to the strength of the table and helps in intense and long term play without any hassle.

4. Legs and tournament grade net:

The Joola Inside TT table comes with a heavy-duty net with clamps and tension adjustments, that make it easy to attach and assemble within seconds. The table is supported with 1.5-inch sturdy black powder-coated steel legs with rubber leg levelers that helps in maintaining the integrity of the costly floor work by preventing scratches. The custom height adjustments on the legs help in a completely leveled playing surface. The table is complemented with a tournament-grade net that serves as a perfect match for all the games.

5. Tournament grade tabletop with silkscreen striping:

The Joola table comprises of a 5/8” thickness dark blue tabletop with a silkscreen striping on its top. This table is known to render exceptional bounce for the players and is extremely durable as well. It is also a perfect table for players of all skill sets. The dark blue tabletop also features a silk-screened white striping that gets printed directly on the tabletop. It is also cured with ultra-violet lights to create a durable, smooth, and consistent surface to play the toughest of TT and ping pong games.

6. Safety Systems:

This TT table comprises of a spring loading safety latch system that is present on the underside of the table. This system helps in locking the tabletop in an upright position, thereby rendering additional safety. It also helps in preventing the table from accidental and unexpected unfolding. 

There are also three-inch locking casters that help the wheels to glide easily and to get the movement in the table pretty simple. Each of the two halves of the table comprises of four wheels. Thus you are free to either move the table as a whole or as two separate units. Such a system also comes handy for compact storage after folding the table. 

7. Steel tube aprons:

The table also features 1.5-inch steel tube aprons that help in supporting this table with an even bounce, across the entire surface of the table. These aprons also help with additional support to make sure that the table remains flat and consistent for the years to come. The apron features black matte powder coating and silkscreen logos to enhance the durability of the table and to enhance its aesthetic looks. 

Things that You Would Love About this Table

  • The Joola Inside table tennis table is extremely easy to assemble. You would hardly tale 15 minutes to set up the table and start playing as the major portions of this table are pre-made.
  • As they split into two halves, you can as well separate them into two free-standing tables to helps with personal playing and to store it effectively. 
  • Each half has four self-locking legs at the ends to enhance the portability and stability of the table. 
  • Its strong steel undercarriage features a 1.5-inch steel diameter legs to help with solid stability and additional support for the table. 
  • It also comprises of a powder-coated chassis that helps in preventing rust efficiently. 
  • The frame comprises of protectors at the corners to keep safe from knocks.
  • There are leg levelers to adjust the height of the table and help with an even playing top surface.
  • As the table measures only 140 lbs. it is extremely lightweight and is easy to move around.

Aspects with Scope for Improvement

  • As the thickness of the tabletop is only 5/8” and as the table is also of a standard model, it can be great for recreational use. But it is not recommended for serious games which are better played on ¾” tabletops with better bounce rates.
  • It is an only table and should not be exposed to extreme heat and humidity conditions.
  • There is no manufacturer warranty, but they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Joola – The Brand

Joola is a leading name in table tennis and is a very familiar sports brand. They have been known to manufacture not just recreational tables and rackets but also manufacture equipment for official tournaments including the Olympics. They are known for manufacturing and selling some of the best tables for indoor table tennis and ping pong games and are known for their quality products and expert customer service.

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Final Words

Joola is an excellent indoor table for playing table tennis and ping pong games. Though it doesn’t support intense tournament gameplay, it is ideal for clubs and game centers, and help in satisfactory game action for a majority of players. It has satisfied all of its users and has become popular in the online market space within a short span. In short, this table is worth the investment for indoor game stadiums.



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