Top 3 Best Ice Hockey Sticks For Defenders 2021


Professional Defenders need specific sticks, so here are best ice hockey sticks for defenders rated by experts based on factors like kick point, blade curve, length, flex, ease of handling, etc..

Product NameEditor RatingPrice
#1. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick9/10Check Price Here
#2. Arsenal Covet Performance Ice Hockey Stick9/10Check Price Here
#3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick8/10Check Price Here

Top 3 Best Ice Hockey Sticks For Defenders

In the game of ice hockey, different players need to use different kinds of gears based on the skills that they need to use in the game. Defenders usually prefer heavier and longer sticks. This is because they can intercept the passes in an easier way. Further, heavier sticks assist in slap shot, poke check and clearing the pucks.

We have done hours of research to provide you this comprehensive guide. This will help you shortlist the best hockey stick available in the market today for the defenders. No two positions and players have the same skills. Different skillsets demand different strengths. Professional defenders usually look into blade curve, kick point, flex, length, and ease of handling while choosing a stick.

Defensemen prefer the blade to be curved at mid-heel or heel. This helps in stopping pucks. A slightly longer stick ensures longer reach. Hockey sticks are usually light. However, a variety of weights is still offered so that defenders can hit harder shots. Hence, opting for the right stick will help a defender in a tremendous way.

Here are the three best ice hockey sticks that defenders can consider.

#1. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

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  • 45-day warranty by the manufacturers
  • Made using high-performance carbon fiber composites
  • Right weight balance and blade-to-shaft ratio
  • A study stick and is a little heavy which makes it perfect for defenders
  • Feels comfortable while using


  • Is heavy and hence not ideal for beginners or forwards

Key Features

  • 75 flex, 60” shaft, and A92 curve
  • Optimized kick point for fast puck release
  • Designed for experienced players
  • Optimum balance of composite materials ensures durability and performance
  • Perfect for pick-up hockey games, beer league hockey, adult leagues, and intramural squads

Arsenal Envy is a one-piece stick designed from carbon-fiber composite material. This stick has been designed for players that require high performance, durable and rough stick during their play. This composite has been designed specifically for intramural squads, rec league hockey, and pick-up games.

The A92 curve blade pattern is being preferred a lot these days. The 85 and 75 flex shafts promise an optimized kick point thereby ensuring fast puck release. This stick has specifically been designed for experienced players who desire an optimum balance in terms of durability and performance.

Arsenal Envy stick has been designed using carbon fiber composites. The quality and manufacturing methods are the same as the top brands. Moreover, this hockey stick comes with a 45-day warranty. The stick feels great in hand owing to its perfectly balanced blade-to-shaft ratio. It is simply perfect for defensive hockey players and for forwards.

#2. Arsenal Covet Performance Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Made from a blend of woven fibers and composites
  • Ideal for use in intramural squads, beer league hockey, competitive adult leagues, and pick-up hockey games
  • Backed with a 45-day warranty by the makers


  • It’s slightly expensive but worth it

Key Features

  • 85 flex and A92 curve
  • Blade designed from woven carbon fiber
  • The blade is responsive and stiffer in comparison to other sticks
  • Optimized kick point ensures fast puck release
  • Designed for experienced hockey players

This stick has been made from carbon-fiber composites and is a one-piece hockey stick. The Covet was specifically designed for experienced ice hockey players. It is durable and light in weight. It delivers exceptional performance.

Covet composite sticks are made for intramural squads, rec league hockey and for pick-up games. The shaft measures 60” long. The blade features 85 flex and A92 curve. High-grade carbon fiber has been used over the blade for improving the stiffness. This also renders it responsive.

Arsenal Covet is light and resilient. It offers more grip to the players. This stick is a great option for players who love a perfect balance of durability, weight, and performance. It is quite easier to manipulate in the game if you opt for this hockey stick.

#3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

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  • Responsive gameplay
  • Increased control over the stick
  • Maximum hand contact points and increased surface area
  • Stiffness in the upper region ensures maximum load capacity
  • Durable and stable structure
  • Lightweight and secure grip


  • Inconsistent slap shots reported by a few users

Key Features

  • Innovative design
  • Ergonomic shade on the shaft underside
  • Re-engineered flex
  • Stiffness in the upper region has been increased
  • New and innovative material injected into the blade of the base for ensuring a durable and stable structure
  • Ultra-high balance point ensures playability and feel of the stick
  • Pure blade design enhances performance
  • Shaft construction from nano-enhanced resin and carbon fiber

STX Surgeon RX2 was launched in the year 2016. However, it still has the best features any defender would want. Inputs from elite players were taken before designing this stick. This is the reason why this stick is one of the most popular offerings available for defensive players.

Surgeon RX3 features an ergonomic shape and innovative design. The underside of the shaft has been carefully designed for increasing the surface area, control over the stick and hand contact points. The lower part of the stick has its flex peak re-engineered for ensuring responsive and quick play.

The stiffness in the upper region of the shaft maximizes load capacity. The structure is more durable as a result. The ultra-high balance point increases the playability and the feel offered to the players in the game. This stick is offered for players with both right and left-handed orientations. You can choose a stick that offers you maximum control.

Surgeon RX3 is available in three different sizes: senior, intermediate and junior. Each size has been offered considering the capabilities of players in different age groups and also based on their skillset. There is also a variation in shaft lengths offered. As a senior player, you can go for either 85 or 100 inches of shaft length. The selection is also dependent on your height.

This ice hockey stick has been coated with special paint. This prevents it from sliding out of the hand during gameplay. Secure grip is assured to the defenders when they choose Surgeon RX3 for their gameplay. The curved blade further offers strength to strike and shoot perfectly.

Overall, the design is highly durable. It assures maneuverability during gameplay. If you are looking for some hard hits, then this is the stick to invest in. The best thing is that it is pretty affordable and suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a defensive player and looking for a great hockey stick for your game, then you can consider the above-mentioned recommendations. You need to look for features that will enhance your performance in the game based on your position. You don’t have to go for the most expensive stick to deliver a stellar performance in the game. All you need to do is get the right balance of features that assists your skillset in the game.


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