Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet Review – Ideal for Beginners?


The leading tennis racquets producers, Head, recently launched the new version of the Ti S6 series. The brand is known to produce the best tennis racquet in the market. There is always a nice balance of design and technology, for example, Djokovic’s Head Graphene model. The new Ti S6 model is for beginners who are ready to break a sweat on the court.

Installing the latest technologies in the veteran Ti S6 series, Head has created a buzz in the market. Head Ti S6 is one of the most trusted and widely used racquets. It has a classy look and offers ample power and durability. It uses shock stop technology to reduce vibrations and enhance stability. A big head and lightweight makes this racquet a nice fit for rookie and intermediate players.

Here’s a complete review of Head Ti S6 tennis racquet.

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet Review

The well-known veteran racquet is a very promising one, however, there are a few drawbacks too.


  • It has a big head size of 115 sq in. Therefore, it has a large sweet spot.
  • It offers plenty of power in serves and returns.
  • It is lighter in weight compared to most other racquets.
  • It is extremely durable
  • It is well-balanced and lets you play for hours without putting too much stress on wrists, shoulders, and elbows.


  • It does not have sufficient stability. Due to lightweight design, it produces significant vibrations on every hit.
  • It is not made for advanced players.

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Specifications of the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet

It has a big head of 115 square inches. It features 1” head heavy balance frame. It has a thick 28.50 mm beam. Collectively, the big and heavy head offers large sweet spot and power. The racquet is larger than usual with a size of 27¾ inches. This accounts for good manoeuvrability. It is medium-light in weight with 8.9 oz. It features a 16×19 string pattern that offers nice topspin. The racquet comes in multiple grip sizes without a headcover.

More Details about the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet

The racquet is made of a unique composition of Titanium and Graphite. This unique composition accounts for great power while significantly reducing the weight. Usually, racquets weight around 10 oz. However, the Head Ti S6 racquet weighs 8.9 oz, making it one of the best in the market. It has a big head of 115 sq in which accounts for a large sweet spot. It is beneficial, especially for novice players. 

A thick 28.5 mm beam adds to the durability and power of the racquet. Another notable feature of the Head Ti S6 racquet is its size. The racquet is extra-long with a length of 27.75 inches. This enhances the player’s reach to hit a ball. Besides great manoeuvrability, the racquet also generates great power in the strikes.

When it comes to serves and returns, the racquet offers a decent balance of control and power. However, power dominates control in strikes. Therefore, it helps to improve the skills of a player by a great measure. It lets you play for hours with comfort. The only discomfort is the vibrations produced on a hit. Despite using the Shock Stop technology, the racquet lacks stability, and vibration can be felt in elbow and shoulders on hard strikes.

The racquet comes pre-strung with synthetic head guts. This adds more strength to the strings. The 16×19 string pattern offers a great topspin. The racquet is known to produce one of the most comfortable handlings. The alloy frame used in the Head Ti S6 makes it air resistant which complements fast swings. This model is well-known for its durability, lightweight, and power-accuracy balance.

Special Features of Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet

The most notable feature of this model is the use of titanium alloy. The unique frame is air resistant which helps a player hit the ball quickly with ease. The frame is made of a unique composition of Graphite and Titanium. This also reduces the weight significantly making it easier to take a swing while generating plenty of power.

Head uses the Shock Stop technology in Ti S6 series. This is aim to reduce the vibrations that produce when the ball hit the frame of the racquet. Fewer vibrations or reduces shock enhance the stability of the racquet. This technology makes the model what it is as otherwise, the Ti S6 racquet would be quite less stable.

Another notable feature of this model is the use of Softac grip. It provides a better and easy gaming experience by reducing torque. The Softac traction grip is made of soft elastomer which provides great comfort. It has a perforated surface and great cushioning that help to reduce torque.

Which playing style is suitable for using Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet?

This model is one of the best-selling tennis racquets of all time. It has a nice combination of power, control and lightweight. It is used best by players struggle to play quick swings and/or lack power. It has a large sweet spot that helps for the same. It can also be used by a player who loves to play at the net.

Who should use Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet?

The racquet has all the qualities that make it a perfect racquet for novice players. It goes well for the intermediate players too. However, it is not the best option for advanced players. The racquet offers great power, good manoeuvrability, and comfort, making it ideal for beginners.

Head Ti S6 Review: Summary

One of the best-selling racquets ever, Head Ti S6 puts the power, control, and comfort all together in one frame. It is one of the lightest racquets yet offers a good amount of power. This helps a player play for long sessions without feeling tiresome. 

It offers a nice topspin and great manoeuvrability. It is quite durable and features a large sweet spot. However, it produces some vibrations making it not suitable for advanced level players. The racquet is a perfect fit for novice players who wish to learn and master the game.



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