Head Summit Table Review 2021: Seamless Folding Ping Pong Table


Ping pong tables can add a lot of value to your existing game room or a recreational center. Apart from instilling interest in the players, the game can also render a competitive spirit among them. If you have children at home who are interested in playing the game and if you often get friends and acquaintances to join you in the game, then you should get a ping pong table for your home. Some of the leading brands like Head Summit have got in the business of manufacturing low-cost and high-quality ping pong tables that can add value to your game room without causing a hole in your pocket. 

Head Summit Table Tennis Table Review 2021

Let us discuss the Ping pong table manufactured by Head Summit in detail here and give you a clear picture of why you should choose this brand over others. 


  • The table takes only 10 minutes to assemble as it is 95% assembled out of the box.
  • Its height adjusters help with a completely leveled playing surface.
  • As the table top is 18mm thick, it renders a consistent bounce, helping in better game motion.
  • The sleek design attracts all players and its black color offer it a professional look and feel.
  • Wheel casters help in fixing the position of the table during play and storage.


  • The table can be very heavy as it is solid and requires assistance for assembling.
  • The table is expensive compared with similar models.

Key Specifications

  • 95% preassembled and is thus easy to set up
  • The official size of the table is 9 x 5 feet.
  • Renders consistent bounce with its 18mm or ¾ inch playing surface
  • The size of this Ping pong table is USATT approved
  • Folding halves that nest together easily to save storage space
  • Paddle and ball storage that is convenient to store all accessories. 
  • Its deluxe net is of competition-grade with easy clamp attachment

Features of Head Summit Ping Pong Table in Detail

Before we explain the features of this ping pong table in detail, we wish to add a positive note on the product that indeed has helped thousands of ping pong enthusiasts in the past in choosing the Head Summit tables. These tables are thick enough to render a consistent and professional bounce on the balls. You may think that the table does not have the approval from IITF, but we guarantee you that it has all the excellent features to help you play professional grade ping pong and TT games.

1. The surface of the table:

Ball bounce is one feature that all players, including amateurs, will expect from the board. This ping pong table from Head Summit is about 18 mm thick and thus offers excellent bounce. You can use this table to play both the ping pong and the table tennis games. Its 18 mm thickness ensures that you can use it for casual and recreational games. Even professional players can use the table to practice their serves.

2. Ease of use:

Another key feature of this table is that it is extremely easy to set up as it is more than 95% preassembled. It will take very little time for you to set up the table and to start playing. You may have to fix the wheels at the end of the legs of the table, to get it game-ready. It will not take more than 15 minutes to assemble the unit out of the box to start playing the first game. But the table can be quite heavy and thus is to good that you take assistance from another person is setting it up.

3. Easy to fold and store:

The Summit Ships folded and you can separate it into two halves anytime to store or to move it around. As they fold up against each other into a compact structure, you can store them in a narrow space. While folding or unfolding the table, its legs deploy automatically, which is indeed a nice feature, it gets the table a lot safer. You can also fold the table in its playback position to practice alone when you don’t have your partner to accompany you. When you fold up the table, the table locks block this position and prevents the other half from coming down unexpectedly, which is again an inherent safety feature of the table.

4. Strong and sturdy frame:

The table is backed up with a strong and sturdy frame that is made up of steel with powder coating. These frames are capable of withstanding the test of time and will not rust or corrode in any weather. They comprise eight caster wheels that help the table to stay in its position by locking it in its position. Such a sturdy locking system is also important for the game, as it prevents the table from moving during hard and tough gameplay. The locking casters also ensure that the table doesn’t move or flip-down on its own when it is in storage. 

5. Leg height adjuster:

Both halves of this table feature leg adjusters that ensure that the playing surface is leveled perfectly. Thus you can use the table anywhere you wish to play and adjust the leg according to the surface, by raising or lowering the height. 

6. Accessories with the table:

The Head Summit ping pong table comes with several accessories such as competition great net and easy to set up a clamp styled post. You can adjust the tension of the net according to your preference.

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Head Summit: About the Brand

Head is a UK based company, which is a leading global manufacturer of premium sports apparel and equipment. The sports division of this brand is divided into five major divisions and racquet sports is one among them. The key products from the brand have attained international recognition and hold leading positions in the market. They are also proud sponsors of international tournaments. The Head Summit ping pong table is their flagship product that suits recreational and casual players in their indoor ping pong game needs.

Head Summit Table FAQs

How good is the table top of this table?

The table offers an exceptional table top with adequate bounce. It renders a thicker top and offers the same features as that of some of the bring brands. In fact, most of its users love this table for its color, its metal legs and for the smoothness of the tabletop.

Is the table easy to assemble?

This is an excellent table with a very high professional quality. Its construction is similar to some of the highly-rated tables. People love it because its assembly is easy (less than 20 minutes) and is playable almost out of the box.

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Final Words

Though the Head Summit indoor ping pong and a table tennis table are not approved by the ITTF, it has all the qualities of an efficient game table. It efficiently catches up for casual games and training at home and is also comfortably priced to yield to the needs of its players. It has the same features and qualities of competition-grade tables and its color is rewinding and refreshing as it not the typical blue or green colors.



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