Head Microgel Radical Racket Review


Looking for a tennis racket that benefits your style of play and skill level? Here it is! The Head Microgel Radical tennis racket from the sports house of Radical speaks a volume about its quality and make that every player would want to own. This review is intended at helping tennis enthusiasts make a comprehensive choice on how and why they should consider purchasing this racket. 

FeatureEditor Score


  • A perfect racket for advanced players
  • Head Microgel Radical racket allows better control on the ball’s delivery depth
  • The racket evenly distributes shock throughout its frame
  • The increased spin enables more width


  • Not suitable for beginners at tennis
  • Offers a smaller sweet spot
  • With its focus on feel and control, you might feel a loss of power.

About Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

Head Microgel Radical tennis racket seamlessly blends comfort and style into one piece. It is designed to absorb the shock received from the tennis ball. As a racket with a sturdy frame, you can feel the shock evenly distributed throughout the racket. This racket provides better control and is worth your attention!

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, you will swear by the Head Microgel Radical tennis racket. The closely-knit string pattern and the standard size of the racket make sure that it doesn’t produce much power. That’s one reason why it wouldn’t fit the beginners well. The racket demands the player to hit long, fast and dominant strokes to enjoy a powerful play. Yes, so as you can make out, the racket offers a smaller sweet spot as compared to its counterparts that offer more power. 

Anyone from the intermediate level of players to expert players will enjoy using the Head Microgel Radical racket. And if you were to ask why the let’s attribute it to the versatility that the racket offers. It delivers fast strokes and full ones at the baseline. Players who know the technique can expect the racket to respond to their shots quite accurately. 

If you are confused that whether or not this racket is a powerful one, with the pop that it offers on your shots, the spin and form cannot be underplayed. Head Microgel racket is designed with a technology that can absorb shock and enhance your playing comfort. It extends more control and excellent manoeuvrability.

If you are a fan of Andre Agassi, it might just excite you to know that this was his racket of choice. 

Features of the Head Microgel Radical racket

This racket from Microgel is a rendition of its previous models. You’ll find the silicone material throughout the racket’s frame. This is uniformly distributed and allows optimal durability to the racket. The extra stability provides a satisfying experience to the players. Both experienced and middle-level players will rejoice this balance. 

What’s better is the head size of the racket. It measures 98 square inches which qualify it to be categorized under the mid-plus size category offering more control to the players. It’s a versatile racket but unfavourable for the beginner level of player.

Experienced players can enjoy longer sessions of aggressive play as Head Microgel Radical racket is designed to offer more comfort and reduce stress. The sweet spots are smaller although the control it provides is remarkable.

This Microgel model is 27” long. It is the size of the racket that confers it the amazing balance which makes it possible for the player to adjust it to his preferred strikes. This also contributes to its manoeuvrability. 

One of the selling points of this racket is the silicone-make. This offers low density to the racket and makes sure that it is uniformly distributed along the entire length of its frame. The stiff carbon fibres and the Microgel technology together offer the racket its durability. And yes, no matter how aggressive a game you play, the microgel allows the racket to compress as and when it comes in contact with the ball. This encourages shocks and vibrations to get distributed evenly along with the racket’s frame thereby reducing the discomfort and allowing the player to increased control over the ball. 

With an increased head width, you can expect the racket to generate topspin with almost every shot. This means that the ball can travel farther and bounce better. The microgel technology is player-friendly as it puts lesser stress on their arms and shoulders thereby offering a more powerful yet comfortable play. 

The string pattern of the racket offers an unparalleled advantage to the player. A player who is adept and experienced can play masterstrokes with the grand control and the optimum accuracy that this closed and concentrated string pattern provides. The string pattern measures 18X20.

Weighing 10.4 ounces, this racket has a heavier handle that weighs more than its head. However, it is this feature that lends more precision and faster swing to the player’s shots.

The accuracy and balance of the racket make it a superior quality of tennis racket chosen by expert players.

The 21mm straight beam width and the 10.4 ounces strung weight promises more power and control in every shot without the player having to compromise on the stability and comfort.

For novice players, this racket isn’t the best choice to make. If you are looking for higher power and more control, this racket is worth a buy. 

Concluding Thoughts

One of the best rackets you can indeed lay your hands on, the Head Microgel Radical racket delivers more than you can imagine. If you are prepared to take your tennis skills to the next level, you can be assured of the comfort this technology extends as you ring in a perfect game.

The faster swings it provides, the manoeuvring ability it grants and the strong pop it guarantees are enough reasons to fall in love with this racket. Regardless of how aggressive you want your shots to be and how long you want to play, the Head Microgel Radical racket can boost your comfort in every little way.



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