Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review 2021


The Hathaway Maverick Pool table comes as a small package, loaded with tremendous fun. It serves as a competitive pool that exists in a simple and space-saving design. The Maverick pool table is ideal for small spaces and is a perfect table for a bachelor’s pad, lobby, and even in the apartment. This table serves as an elegant addition to the game room and is sure enough to entertain the players for hours.

The best part of this game table is that it offers double the fun and combines two awesome games in one beautiful package. This compact and premium pool table converts easily into a fast-paced table tennis table in two simple steps.

When it converts into a Table tennis table, playing top offers a fast and accurate bounceback. On the other hand, the pool table features high quality and blended wool and polyester felt. The table also features a durable and silver laminate top rail with chrome-plated corner caps.

Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review

Unique Features of the Maverick Pool Table

  • Two-in-one classic billiards and table tennis table
  • A 7-foot pool table that features a sturdy and a removable table tennis top
  • Easy installation in just six steps
  • Switches to table tennis table in a snap
  • Quality blended felt on the surface of the able
  • Features K-66 rubber cushions and chrome-plated corner caps
  • The table has silver laminate top rails
  • It is indeed a quality engineered wooden table
  • Comes with independent leg levelers
  • The table comes with 180- days manufacturer’s warranty

Dimensions of the Table

  • Overall dimensions: 84 x 46 x 31 inches
  • Playfield dimensions of the pool table: 74.75” L x 36.75” W
  • Playfield dimensions of the table tennis table: 84” L x 46” W
  • Length of the pool cues: 57”
  • Size of the billiard balls: 2.5” balls.
  • The overall weight of the table: 252 lbs.

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Design and Specifications of the Table

The Hathaway Maverick Pool table measures 7 feet and is thus smaller than any regulation pool table size. The playfield of the gaming table is covered with ¾” thick MDF and is again overlapped with the help of red felt. The balls roll in a bit slow on this table, and still appeals for recreational level games, though tournament players would not feel this appealing. Though the table features rubber cushions, it balls still doesn’t rebound quickly.

The Top surface of this table tennis table is about 1/2” thick and it comes in two blue pieces along with black edge trim. Thus it is possible to reverse the table for a quick game change. It will be a great idea to fix this table in one permanent position, and not to move it around frequently, as it weighs about 200 pounds, and could be seriously heavy to lift by two people. 

This pool table comes with the complete set of accessories for both the games and these accessories includes,

  • Two cues
  • Two ¼” pool balls
  • One plastic triangle and chalk
  • Table tennis net and posts
  • Two paddles
  • And two table tennis balls.

If players wish, they can also opt to but better quality cues and rackets, to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. 

Multi-Game Table

The Hathaway Maverick table is indeed a two-in-one gaming table that saves a lot of useful space to play two games at home. It eliminates the need to buy two tables to enjoy the billiards and TT games, thus saving ample office space, home space, and space in the garage. Conversion between both these games is also easy and simple and can be performed at the snap of a finger. 

This multi-game table appeals to every single member of the family. Kids would love this table and adults will be pleased by its premium features and its stylish design.

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Quality and Sturdy Construction

The Maverick pool table is sturdy and has been constructed with the best of materials. Its frame and undercarriage are made from solid and sturdy wood and thus this table is capable of standing up to the toughest of competitions. It is also heavy and thus accidental lifting and tripping over by children is also eliminated exceptionally. Its poly-sealed billiard surface features a much beautifully blended felt and K-66 rubber cushions. The table also features a durable resin molded drop pocket.

Most of all these, the gaming unit comes completely packed with all the accessories for playing both the games and the list of accessories includes TT balls, net post, and paddles and cues, and chalk and brush for the billiard game.

Adjusting Legs for Leveling the Table

The table enjoys a leveled platform to play the game effectively with the help of its leg levelers. The legs can be leveled and adjusted easily and thus it can be extremely easy to set up this table on practically any surface. Its pedestal legs with integrated leg levelers add more stability to the table and get leveling made very simple and easy.

Apart from adjusting legs, the table also carries other beauty features such as the silver laminated top rail, beautiful felt, chrome-plated corner cap, and a pedestal style legs, that enhance the elegance and beauty of the table too many folds.

About the Brand

Hathaway is a leading name in the field of branded sports items. They have a strong commitment to quality. Being a US-based company, it ensures quality construction and quality compliance in every single step of its manufacturing. At Hathaway, they coming to offer a complete line of fun and entertainment for their customers, so that their gaming table brings together family and friends for good times. The table enjoys the perfect combination of classic craftsmanship and modern design to achieve superior quality construction, fit, and finish.

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  • The table has a solid frame that is essential to enjoy both the games
  • The table rests over large pedestal legs and its stability is thus beyond doubt.
  • The surface of the table tennis table is made from environment-friendly CARB certified Medium density fiberboard.
  • It features white inlay sights for lining up bumper shots
  • Table enjoy a stable and durable construction
  • Its outer matte black melamine surface is made sturdier with molded ABS corner connections
  • The table is easy to assemble and takes less time to assemble, with assistance
  • The legs and the side apron of the table enjoy a nice arching detailing and the corners of the table have chrome-plated caps.
  • Comes with leg-levelers to render a smooth and an even playing surface.


  • The table is small and is not of the regulation size.
  • Its rubber gum bumpers lack their accuracy to rebound shots and thus the pool shots might lose their speed.
  • The felt on the table is thin and thus demands additional care while changing the tabletops for the two different games.

Final Words

Overall, this is an excellent table, that offers the players the freedom to enjoy two games in one piece of furniture. Though it might not appeal to tournament grade games and competition level players, it is still a decent table for recreational games and to have ample fun with friends and family. We can conclude that this table belongs to the “get what you pay for” category.



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