Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review 2021


The Hathaway Fairmont pool table is a sleek and professional-grade table that has been built for small spaces. This table features a sturdy design and features steel legs that are easy to fold, thus creating a compact table that silently adds to the elegance of the game room. The table has been designed and engineered in America with quality control in place. The table also comes with a complete set of accessories and the best feature that you would love about this table is its portability.

The legs of this table fold up and are thus made easy to pack away and store when it is not in use. Thus, you can enjoy a game of billiards, right at the comfort of your home, even if you lack space to dedicate for a permanent game table. Apart from these exceptional features, this table is also available at an incredible price. 

Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review

Key Features of the Fairmont Pool Table

  • The table dimensions are 76” Length x 43.25” Weight x 32” height.
  • The dimensions of the playing surface are 66” L x 33” W
  • 1.25 inches’ diameter easy folding legs
  • 1.5-inch stabilizing leg levelers
  • Features a compact 6-foot frame to learn the game
  • The table comes completely assembled
  • The table comes with 180 days’ manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to fold steel legs
  • The playing surface is lined with high quality blended wool felt
  • The table features an L-profile rubber cushion with 5” top rail
  • Comes with chrome-plated corner caps and integrated leg levelers.

Fairmont Pool Table Looks and Ambience

The Fairmont pool table packs into a premium and compact 6 feet frame and features an elegant design starting from blended felt to chrome. This folding table in its beautiful blue looks is sure enough to dazzle the friends and the family exceptionally. The table comes with durable steel legs and includes a nylon carry bag that is rip-resistant. Thus, this covers keeps the table safe and secure when it is not put to use.

The table is perfect for kids who are learning the game. And even adults will also find this table to have high-quality construction along with a simple space-saving design. Thus, it can be a perfect table for any game room, for the office, and even for the gym. The dimensions of the table are already explained and the accessories that come with the table are 2.25 inches’ standard billiard balls. The accessories also include two 48-in two-piece pool cues, two pieces of chalk, a racking triangle, and a table brush. 

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Table Design

The best feature of this table is that it is foldable and portable and its strong metal legs support its functions. The table can be quite heavy to handle by self, but its strong metal legs and its stabilizing levelers render great support for the table. Its legs also fold for a quick set up and convenient storage, which can be space-saving. But as the table can be quite heavy, not many people will consider moving it quite often.

This table comes with a regular size 2.24” balls and two cues that are about 48” in length. This table is perfect for even the kids and all members of the family. Purchasing the table will also leave the player with two pieces of cue chalk, a racking triangle, a table brush, and polyester storage and carry bag.

The Sturdiness of the Table

The frame of this table is made from a high quality manufactured wood and it is thus pretty sturdy. It might require two people to lift and handle the table. The playing surface of this table is made from MDF poly sealing that is about half an inch in thickness. The playing surface of the table is certified by the CARB.

The weight of this table is about 190 pounds, and it can be quite heavy. Players need not worry about the built of the table and leaning over it while aiming at their targets. The wool felt and the blue blended polyester of this table is great. The frame is also great and ambient. The table feels good and also allows the ball to roll around smoothly. This pool table is not hard wearing and thus we can say that the quality of this table co-insides with its price. 

Leg Leveler

The Fairmont pool table comes with leg levelers, which can be a great addition to this well-constructed table. The 1.5-inch integrated leg levelers help in rendering an even playing surface. By making use of its adjusting legs, you can use the table when you wish to play, and when it is time for storage, it can be tucked easily under the king or a queen-size bed.

The table requires zero assemblies and the table is ready to play as soon as it is shipped. Players can assemble it easily with the help of its folding legs. The legs can fold out when it is ready to play, and such easy assembly features make its table user-friendly. 


  • Folding legs of this sturdy table are advantageous, as it requires less space to fold and store
  • Integrated leg levelers are a useful addition that helps in rendering an even playing surface.
  • The L-profile cushion of the table helps with quality and expert rebound action
  • The top of this pool table is sturdy, and the table can last longer with good maintenance.
  • The table has been designed and engineered under the close observation of a quality control team from America.
  • The table comes with a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty. Free replacement is promised when the table is shipped broken.
  • The table can be used for training children in the pool game.
  • It is durable and portable, despite its heavyweight.


  • The table is very heavy, and it requires assistance for setting up.
  • Though it is portable, carrying around the table by a single person is not feasible.
  • Leveling the table at particular places can be an issue
  • Outdoor use of this table is not recommended.

Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table FAQs

Does the table have wheels?

No, this table doesn’t have wheels

How long does this table take to assemble?

Assembling this table is easy, and it should take a few minutes. Users only have to unpack the table, unfold the legs, level the table with the help of screws at the bottom of the leg.

Does this table have a ball return?

No, this table doesn’t have a ball return.

Should there be any minimum space around the table?

Yes, a space of 4 feet on each side of the table is enough. Players can allot more space if they prefer to use longer cues.

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Final Words

The Hathaway Fairmont table is an elegant looking mini-pool table that is durable and is made from high-quality materials. Though this pool table doesn’t have the best accessories most of the players would look forward to buying them separately. The table is perfect for rendering an entertaining experience, and of course, is an ambient table for a competitive gaming experience. The table is available at a great price, making this a wise choice among pool game lovers.



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