Hathaway Augusta Pool Table Review 2021


The Augusta 8-foot long billiard table offers the best gaming experience, though it features a non-slate surface. This table is an excellent assortment of fine and superior craftsmanship, interior designing, superior craftsmanship, traditional style, and ambience. The cabinet of this table is been crated with one-inch-thick MDF material that is engineered and covered in a Maple Veneer. 

This table also features finger-jointed interlocking interior support beams and perimeter anchor blocks to deliver rigid and rock-solid table stability. The table features a 4.5-inch solid maple top rails that feature ambient and beautiful inlaid diamond sights. The tournament-grade table features an exclusive turbo-speed, K-66 profile gum rubber cushions, thus featuring an active table play. 

The table is also enhanced with polyurethane and features color blend deluxe shield pockets, that are intricately detailed with ball and claw legs. The one-inch-thick MDF slate-Tronic playing surface and the durable multi-step furniture that is rich in Mahogany is sure to enhance the aesthetics of the gaming room and the ambience of the game. To add more sugar to the juice, the tablet also comes with a 180-day limited warranty.

Hathaway Augusta Pool Table Review

Key Features of the Table

  • The playing surface of the table features solid wood
  • The frame material of the table is manufactured wood.
  • The size of the table is about 8.38’
  • The table includes a 16-precision engineered regulation size balls
  • High performance and impact-resistant rail anchoring system
  • Rigid and interlocking center and cross support beams
  • Durable multi-step fine furniture finish
  • Two in one adjusting leg levelers
  • Stylish frame cabinet

The Dimensions of the Table in Detail

  • Table height: 32.5 inches
  • Table length: 100.5 inches
  • Table width: 55 inches
  • Table weight: 352.5 lbs.
  • The thickness of the playing surface: 1 inch
  • Height of the drop pocket: 10 inches
  • Dimensions of the playing surface: 88” length x 44 “ width

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Table Cabinet

The Augusta Pool table features a stylish and an arched frame cabinet that includes decorative routing, engineered with one-inch MDF that is again covered in a beautiful maple veneer. Its intricately designed ball and claw legs add to its ambience and stylish exteriors. The table cabinet legs also feature adjusting leg levelers so that it is possible to set the table over any surface and start playing the game. We can thus place the table on any surface, be it in the gaming room, recreational room, office room, etc. 

The table also features a one-inch-thick and 4.5-inch-wide solid maple hardwood top rails. These are inlaid with diamond sites, that also features an exclusive turbo-speed tournament-tested profile gum rubber cushions. These rails protect the gaming surface expediently and help the players to enjoy the game and the table for years to come.

Also, the bolt through and impact-resistant rail anchoring systems fuse the playfield and the rails as one unit enhancing the ambience and looks of the table.

Playing Surface

The Augusta Pool table features a top grade and camel colored, and blended nylon and wool cloth, along with color-matched shield pockets. The playing surface is in bright red, just like the bed of roses that are spread over the table. The side rails of the table also feature a UV-cured and durable multi-step fine furniture along with an antique walnut finish. 

Accessories That Come With the Table

The Augusta Pool table is accessorized with about 16 precision-engineered regulation size 2-1/4 inch balls

  • Two 57-inches, two-piece cue sticks
  • Aluminum bridgehead
  • Two-piece bridge stick
  • Racking triangle
  • Rail brush
  • Felt-matching cue chalk

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Assembly Instructions

It is important to find a clean and leveled surface to start the assembly of this game table. It is important to have assistance and find two people to work together and assemble this table. One smart way is to cut the four corners of the package box so that its bottom could be used as a work surface.

After receiving the package, it is mandatory to check the contents of the box and verify that all the parts are received as shown on the parts assembly, before starting the assembly. Also, check for pre-assembled parts, as some of them can come pre-assembled or pre-installed. Hand tightens all the bolts or screws in place, before using the screwdriver or the wrench for final tightening.

If using electric screwdrivers, make sure to set low torque value, and use it with extreme caution as the screws can get stripped or damaged with over-tightening and with high torque range.

Assembling the Augusta Pool Table

The separate parts of this pool table are as follows,

  • Table cabinet
  • Side apron
  • End apron
  • Legs
  • Corner post
  • Leg support brace
  • Triangle woodblock
  • Cue sticks
  • Bridge stick
  • Rail brush
  • Bridgehead
  • Cue chalk
  • Triangle
  • Billiard ball set

The assembling instructions of this table are as follows:

  • The hardware pack of the Augusta pool table includes Allen’s head bolt, flat washer, spring washer, Allen wrench, head bolt, flat washer, spring washer, wrench, leg lever, and nuts.
  • The P5 corner posts are denoted with an arrow that is pointed down. The first step is to install P2 side aprons with grooves that fit the P1 pool table playfield support braces.
  • The next step is to place the wooden blocks between the table support framed and the end aprons, that are denoted as P2 and P3.

Augusta Pool Table Warranty

This product is warranted to be free from defects on the material and workmanship from the original purchaser, for about 180 days from the date of the original retail purchase. 

The warranty however doesn’t cover defect or damage owing to improper installation, accident, alteration, or other events that are beyond the control of the manufacturer. Defects and damage from the abuse, misuse, and negligence of the table will void its warranty. 


  • The frame material is made up of manufactured wood and its frame finish is maple with a glossy finish
  • The cloth and felt material at the surface of the table is made up of Nylon and wool. 
  • The material on the drop pocket is of leather and plastic.
  • Pool cues and pool balls are included and there are two clue sticks included as well.
  • This pool table comes with a top rail, rail cap, and racking triangle.
  • Table brush and bumpers are included as well in this regulation size table.
  • The highly attractive table that enhances the ambience of the playroom
  • Comes with a limited warranty for 180 days.


  • There is no ball return system.
  • This table is meant only for indoor use.
  • The users should not drag the table while moving it, as it can damage the legs.

Final Words

The Hathaway Augusta Pool table combines the best of old-world craftsmanship in its modern innovation and is one of the high-quality game room tables for the entire family to play and enjoy this fun sport. The table comes neatly packed and consumes a very less assembling time. It is also UV cured, durable, and undergoes a multi-step fine finishing, that adds to the ambience of the table.



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